Scary Halloween Decorations: Freakish and Eerie Ways to Bring Your Halloween Display to Life

Last Updated on August 27, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

Use these great ideas to effectively transform your home and give it a Haunted House atmosphere, in a matter of minutes.

There are a number of people who aren’t satisfied by a kid-friendly Halloween display and want no part of a Mother Nature Harvest Display.

This type of person craves the spook, gore and freak factor found in the Friday the 13th movies, and counts Freddie Krueger and Michael Meyer as his/her inspiration.

For these rare, and slightly demented individuals, the only appropriate Halloween decor would have to be a Disturbingly Haunted House Halloween Display. Following are some great ideas for your own implementation.

scary halloween decoration ideas


This style of decorating is reminiscent of a great Haunted House set up or the set design of a terrifying movie. The ideal implementation will incorporate sounds in addition to visual scares, and can even utilize live performers to maximize the fright factor for visitors on Halloween night.


This is the one time when your walkway and front porch should be unswept and even messy. Let the fallen leaves gather in the corners of your porch, and encourage as many spiders as possible to inhabit the crevices of the ceiling.

Add to the arachnids’ handiwork by stretching artificial cobwebs from your local craft store across the porch, any porch swings or furniture and even the foundation plantings.

Lay some plastic spiders and bugs in and amongst the cobwebs to make the display look more realistic. Once you’ve addressed the front porch, it’s time to move your attention on to the really creepy decorations!

Turn your house into a freaky asylum. Create a sign using white spray paint on a black or navy blue bed sheet that says “Lowood Home for the Criminally Insane” (in a nod to the Daphne Du Maurier noir classic “Rebecca”).

Hang the sheet across the front porch or the front of the house. Fill large glass jars or a glass aquarium with water dyed with blue food coloring.

Drop some rubber or plastic body parts into the containers and submerge them in the faux formaldehyde. Use fake eyeballs, hands, and feet purchased from your local Halloween store.

If you’re really demented, stuff a naked newborn baby doll into one of the jars and screw the lid back on. Place the filled containers on a black-skirted table that’s been placed on the front porch or along the front sidewalk.

Ramp up the scare factor by casting some neighborhood kids in the following roles: psychotic mental hospital patient (several needed), sadistic doctor or nurse, and escaped mental patient.

Scary Halloween Decoration Ideas


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