Spa Style Zen Bathroom Offers Retreat in Home: How to Design a Spa Bathroom

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Spa Style bathrooms, with their clean lines and contemporary feel are becoming increasingly popular. Learning the elements of their design will help achieve this look.

Spa bathroom, Asian bathroom, Japanese bathroom, Zen bathroom; whatever the label applied, there is no doubt that the spa style can give a bathroom contemporary looks and feel while providing a place to relax for the homeowner. Achieving this look is fairly simple and can be accomplished in even a small bathroom.

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Japanese Soaking Tubs, Vessel Sinks and Other Fixtur

One of the most popular parts of the spa style bathroom is the Japanese soaking tub. Usually square in size, no more than 48”x48”, and extremely deep, the Japanese soaking tub allows the user to sit upright and submerse themselves in hot water. Americh offers several styles of this tub in their Beverly series, complete with airbath models or jets. These compact tubs will fit into the smallest of bathrooms, and will leave plenty of room for a separate shower.

With their clean lines, and elegant appearance, vessel sinks add dramatic flair to the spa style bath. Look for sinks made of bronze, bamboo, stone or ceramic, with square or rectangular shapes. Install them on a dark wood open vanity table to create an airy open space.

Utilize Toto’s Washlet toilet seats to complete the experience of the spa. Stick to simple one piece toilet designs to avoid a jarring contrast in style.

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Natural Materials and River Rocks add a Tranquil Element

Rock gardens, waterfalls, the great outdoors; these are all tranquil images that can be recreated in the bathroom. River rocks come sheeted on interlocking nets and can be a relaxing massage for the feet. They can be installed throughout the bathroom floor, or, for a more dramatic look, try installing them on the shower ceiling, one wall and the shower floor. A border of river rocks can also be added to the entire bathroom to carry the look throughout.

Slates, tumbled marbles, bamboo and other natural materials will help to give the same look. It’s perfectly alright to mix and match materials as well, if trying to cut down on cost or maintenance. Try using a large format porcelain tile, mixed with river stones, or use bamboo as a deck and surround for the tub while using an ungauged slate for the floor and walls.

Try not to use too many elements in one bathroom; if combining materials, stick to two or three at the most, with one being the dominate style. Using the same material on the floor and walls will help draw the eye upward, enlarging the space and allowing the eye to rest.

Utilize a Soothing Color Scheme

Pull colors from nature, and try to create a harmonious look with color. Blues, grays, greens and soft whites are all extremely popular colors for bathrooms right now. These colors recede from the eye, making the space seem larger than it really is. This will help to create an atmosphere of space, air and light.

Remember to keep the entire scheme as simple and uncluttered as possible. Use niches built into the walls to hold things rather than shelves or baskets. Keep the color scheme fluid and tranquil, keeping one or two colors in different shades throughout. Most importantly, enjoy the space and allow its relaxing atmosphere to do its work.

21+ Best Spa Bathroom Ideas

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