35+ Best Hot Tub Deck Ideas and Designs On A Budget (Photos)

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Having a hot tub in the home where one can relax and spend time after a tiring and stressful day is every homeowner’s dream. It is ideal to be put at a deck where you can have a high level of relaxation, feel warmth and enjoy the scenic background.

Aside from this, incorporating it in a deck is also very visually pleasing so you get all the perks, all at once. 

In this post, we shall look into some of the most notable hot tub deck ideas which you could take inspiration from. From the most practical to sleek and high-end, this list comes up with everything you can think of. 

best hot tub deck ideas designs

35+ Awesome Hot Tub Deck Ideas and Designs On A Budget (Photos)

Hot tubs come in different types, models, and sizes. Installing it in one corner is fine but incorporating it in the deck is something else. Beauty and function in one, here are some hot tub deck ideas for you to get inspiration from. 

1. Sunken hot tub

1 hot tub ideas on a budget
Source: Houzz

This deck idea is all about levels. The location of the sunken hot tub is very visible to people visiting the area.

The levels and the stairs created sophistication to this look while the wooden flooring makes it traditional looking. Nonetheless, all the elements make all the features, especially the embedded hot tub, modern looking when combined. 

The presence of the shade also makes it a cozy nook especially during days when sunbathing and soaking are imperative. This hot tub idea is so much fun to look at plus it has a cover that looks like a shaped, large cooler under the sun on a deck. 

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2. Hot tub under a pergola

2 hot tub ideas on a budget

It is always good to have a hot tub on your decks but with an added pergola for shade makes it stylish and good to look at. Though the pergola does not fully give shade, it acts as a decorative item on the side.

In this hot tub design, it seems like a little pool in a wooden frame and a stair to make it more whimsical.

In a large deck area like this, a cornered hot tub under a pergola would be a good choice. Though the deck looked all plain and woody, the hot tub added a scene. 

3. A hot tub with a pond across

3 hot tub ideas on a budget

A top view of this deck area is definitely a beautiful view but it is much different when seen up-close. The hot tub placed on a higher-level flooring is the main highlight of this scene.

What was added to the overall visual impact of the look are the dining space with retractable cover and the pond across. Though the tub is looking simple, the surrounding elements elevate, making all corners of this deck a must-see. 

3 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

4. Small hot tub deck

4 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

This stairway corner is especially made for this small hot tub. Though small, it is very charming and cute to look at.

When planning to have a tub on your decks, it is not so wrong to have just the right space for movement and all the little things that go in between. Having this tub idea would be one of the best choices, quality and area wise. 

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5. Contemporary relaxation deck

5 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

When wanting to have a deck with a relaxing view and a space to spend your day with, having this kind of a total package gives an ideal treat to every homeowner.

A stylish tub in level with the flooring plus a swing attached to the tree, and a free space allows you to have more deck activities aside from just soaking in the hot tub.

Going for this idea creates a fun and exciting view, not just for the homeowner alone but for the guests to enjoy.

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6. Stone-wrapped hot tub

6 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

It is good to have a stylish and modern looking hot tub design. However, having a classic stone surround the tub shape is timeless.

For any season, for whatever weather or motif, the stone design would be a great choice and it easily adapts to any theme since it is classic and timeless.

Though a little simple, and can be very open for a supposed private space, it is still better preferred because it is highly universal. 

7. Hot tub on a round deck

7 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

Having a half open and a half-shaded part on a deck is also a nice idea. While having to enjoy yourself under the sun, it is also beautiful to feel the air and enjoy the scenic background while trying out the tub in an open shade.

When choosing this design, it is but natural to give in some features to remember about the layout and all the added elements to experience a total satisfaction on the whole deck hot tub idea.

7 hot tub ideas on a budget 2

8. Contemporary Japanese hot tub on a deck

8 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

When you want it to be unique and stylish, having a contemporary Japanese hot tub would be a great choice.

Unlike other types, this one is tall and enclosed which makes you easily submerged while sitting up. Visually, this looks astonishing especially in a backdrop of urban view. 

As for the corner enclosures and minimal steps, they function as benches where people could stay and can also serve as a display area. Whatever may be, this is a good choice, quality and design wise. 

8 hot tub ideas on a budget 2

9. Tiled hot tub

9 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

In level with the flooring, this tiled hot tub is looking so modern and cool with the blue tiles installed inside. It is also considered modern since it has a sliding cover that you would not mistake for a hot tub when closed.

Having this modern design and color is already complementing each other and putting your hot tub in the corner makes it more naturally beautiful.

When choosing the best idea, make sure that it goes with all the elements present on the deck so as not to damage the total view.

9 hot tub ideas on a budget 2

10. Round hot tub on a deck

10 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

Having a rooftop hot tub is very much everyone’s dream. It looks perfectly beautiful having to stay in for a deep conversation or a drink while being in hot waters and enjoy the scenic background that goes with it would be memorable. 

This one is a hit among homeowners who stay in a penthouse or on top of the building as this may be their top idea on choosing their home location. This round hot tub, though small, is creating so much view in the whole deck scene. 

10 hot tub ideas on a budget 2

11. Multi-functional hot tub bed on a deck

11 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

This hot tub idea is popular among homeowners who like its usefulness. In this, the bottom part or the bed part of the hot tub did not only serve as the foundation but is also a storage area where you can put outdoor items that you need. 

This is made for your convenience since you will not stand and walk inside your homes to get what you need. This deck is so simple looking but has sophisticated features such as a multi-functional hot tub bed which makes it classic. 

11 hot tub ideas on a budget 2

12. Slightly sunken Japanese tub

12 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

This hot tub design is very elegant to look at judging from the shape, the color, and the added drama of the light present on the sides of the hot tub frame. Also, the cherry wood color of the flooring is so intense that it added impact to the overall look of this hot tub idea.

The hot tub is slightly sunken to the surrounding deck making it easier to go to the tub to enjoy the water and the privacy this whole deck idea brings is organic. Being surrounded with all the greens makes it more refreshing and all natural that you would love to stay. 

13. Modern jacuzzi on a deck

13 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

On this modern home and deck, a modern Jacuzzi and hot tub is a good choice. It has both a Jacuzzi and hot tub which is very ideal for a deck.

With all the surrounding greens, the elevated look and the upscale, rustic vacation home, there is no doubt that you would want to spend most of your time here especially for times that you would want some privacy and a little alone time.  

14. Contemporary jacuzzi deck

14 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

To have a little space that is meant for a hot tub like this idea is popular among homeowners.

In an all-wood flat flooring, a hot tub with a levelled frame makes the tub standout. It has a large surrounding space which makes it easy to go in and out or have a drink at the corner and have your meals. Though simple, this is one of the better choices talking about the best hot tub idea. 

15. Small deck with round spa

15 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

You can always make the most out of your large outdoor space by adding not just a deck but an embedded hot tub too. The blooming flowers and simple benches where you can have a space to chat and have drinks at are also phenomenal decorative elements. 

This white, hot tub is just small where 2 or 3 persons can only go at the same time. Whenever you need some space and privacy, always give it a try to have a simple design like this hot tub deck idea. The orchard vibe of this hot tub deck is stunning. 

15 hot tub ideas on a budget 2

16. Simple curved ground level spa

16 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

This idea is very much ideal that can be marked as a secret place of the home since it is not noticeable for a hot tub whenever covered.

With a half curved and all-natural color leveled platform, it creates a very nice view and it is very unique especially for small areas.

Overall, this upscale seclusion is just very relaxing and therapeutic against a natural backdrop.

16 hot tub ideas on a budget 2

17. Stepped hot tub deck

17 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

This architectural design of the hot tub deck frame is very unique and has levels that are incomparable to others.

The use of wood material truly added to the organic and natural theme of this deck hot tub. Instead of using stairs, they used tiers to give it an impact. Also, the big tree, which acts as a natural shade, is making this view more natural and just so good to see.

18. Traditional hot tub deck

18 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

In this large area, going for traditional design is never a bad idea. The hot tub looks just like the ordinary having a cover and stairs but what makes it a standout is the vibrant color of the cover that gives a little dynamics to the whole wooden design.

If you are looking for a design where the hot tub is not the focal point of the area then this is probably the best idea for you. 

18 hot tub ideas on a budget 2

19. Natural cedar hot tub deck

19 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

Complementing colors between the flooring and the body of the hot tub is very much a good idea. Aside from looking beautiful together, the cedar material makes an impact on the whole hot tub, creating it the focal point of this entire design. 

In here, you can see that the stairs are put slightly away from the hot tub unlike traditional designs. The space beside the hot tub serves as an open walkway or a needed space for a needed element to be put in when having guests or a party. Small, yes, but it feels cozy and private. 

20. Modern multi-level hot tub deck

20 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

When you want it extra beautiful, go for this modern hot tub design. The matte colors are the ones recognized at a glance plus the benches add a nice accent to the whole hot tub deck idea.

Just like the latter, the stairs are also slightly away from the hot tub, however, the leveling serves as a separation from the hot tub part to the dining area. If you are looking for a picturesque design, this is the place you just want to be at. 

21. Stylish curved hot tub

21 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

The more it feels private and homie, the more you would want to spend your time in it. This hot tub deck idea is giving the feel of a cool, healthy, and fresh environment where you can just be at any time of the day.

The design is also modern given the special shapes combined plus the presence of the creative elements in the deck area. Having enough space for movement and having all the greens as its surrounds gives a natural and beautiful look. 

22. Minimalist Japanese hot tub

22 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

Compared to others, this could be the most unique deck and hot tub to go for. Aside from the deck structure, the way the hot tub is put in this small area is also different where the circle frame is almost touching the concrete ground.

While the presence of a stair in here gives off the traditional look, it is one of the ideas that deviates from the usual hot tub deck design, thus, making it a better choice. 

22 hot tub ideas on a budget 2

23. Modern background hot tub deck

23 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

This is another version of the Japanese hot tub which brings out a lot of modern sleekness that one cannot miss.

In this deck area, a circular and small hot tub is placed on the center part of the area along the stairs and the lights which gives a more dramatic picture to this deck area. 

Having a small deck and hot tub doesn’t really matter as long as they are serving their purpose. This one is super cozy and perfect for those who want to spend time alone or just want to relax after having a tiring day.

24. Large hot tub deck

24 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

If you have a large deck area, it is not bad to incorporate not just a pool but also a corner hot tub. Although this whole deck is looking plain, the background serves as the focal point which makes the hot tub area more inviting and relaxing.

Compared to some, this one is totally meant for a large group of people meant to be used for other recreational activities that could be perfect while having to experience the hot tub.

When having this big area, go for a simple design where it gives a soothing and refreshing feeling for the homeowner and guests.

25. Hot tub made of cedar

25 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

Cedar is a popular material used for a hot tub and this proves just why. While it has the natural walls and all the greens, it looks adorable because of the compact space.

It evokes intimacy since the entire area is just enough for two to three people to stay, relax and soak in.

Choosing this hot tub deck idea would be a wise idea since it is enclosed with a natural wall so you can stay and enjoy the hot water without worrying about an open area. Small areas are most preferred especially when it is looking cozy and refreshing.

25 hot tub ideas on a budget 2

26. Urban hot tub deck design

26 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

Giving a classic feel in an urban hot tub design is one of the best ideas you could possibly choose. It might be plain for some but the rich color of the hot tub frame and the stark green effect of the hot tub flooring are just creative and therapeutic.

Just like the traditional designs, this too has the presence of the stairs inside the tub for easier going in and out.

The little space provided for walking is also just enough to have your towels and drinks at reach. Choosing this design would be a hit among modern homeowners since it is looking smooth and fine.

27. Grand deck with a hot tub

27 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

Looking so elegant and expensive, this grand deck with a hot tub is just warm, intimate and cozy, all at once.

It is looking complete with all the deck must-haves like the couch, proper lighting, enough space to move, fire pit deck, plants, stairs plus the hot tub that seems to be the focal point of the area. 

Though the stairs serve as a separation between the fireplace and the hot tub area, they are still looking one and are looking good together though they do not have the same function for a homeowner or guest. Having this kind of a deck area is very much ideal for a large group of people.

28. A brick deck on a wood hut tub

28 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

Matching the wood color to the brick is one of the nicest ideas which you should definitely go for. They complement each other and look natural together.

The highlight, which is the hot tub area, is very stunning. It is basically the first thing you will see as you enter this nook. Having a fireplace also gives the area a special vibe for people to gather around and convene closely. When going for a classic design, choose this one.

29. Hot tub deck on a stone surround

29 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

If looking for a place where you can find solace, this could probably be it. It is very cohesive with the concrete and stone elements surrounding the area.

The area provided for a place to sit and relax is large, plain and simple but gives warmth and comfort everybody would adore. This is the total cabin home which you could totally soak up in during chilly nights.

30. Hot tub deck with a remarkable view

30 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

While looking at a remarkable lake view, it is not a bad idea to be sitting and feeling the hot waters on a tub.

Having just the right amount of place where you can sit, walk, and laugh while waiting for your time to be in the tub is worth it. Feel the sea breeze, enjoy the night, and make it a special place where you can release all your problems and just relax and be consoled.

31. Hot tub in winter weather

31 hot tub ideas on a budget 1
Photo: Watson

When the cold season begins, it is but natural to want a hot bath amidst the cold. Looking at the deck surround, this winter night is very much feeling icy but a perfect match of this would be the presence of a hot tub on your deck areas. 

This arrangement is just simple yet creates a romantic vibe given the candle light and the couch that serves as a place where you can sit with your companion while enjoying a perfect cold night. Having hot water would ease the cold but having the presence of a loved one in this deck area is very much to your liking. 

32. Beach style hot tub deck

32 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

It is always a good idea to have a hot tub deck area even on a beach. Though the beach is wider and gives more view, having to bathe in a hot tub will remove all your stress and worries especially when having short talks, and small drinks in between.

 Having the perfect place to put on your hot tub is also advisable so when planning to have one on a beach, give it a try and have it looking natural—placed in the other corner where it can be noticed and enjoyed by many aside from the beach.

33. Hot tub on a colorful accented deck

33 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

In this deck area where everything is looking so busy, the vibrant color orange is the one that is giving it fun and excitement.

In the corner where the hot tub lies, there is a small space provided for you to be able to move and a couch where you can sit and watch the view after the relaxing period inside the tub. 

A small area with so many elements going on around can be a chance for you to have just the ordinary hot tub but a special moment it provides.

34. Large and expensive stone designed hot tub on a deck

34 hot tub ideas on a budget 1

A large hot tub like this can be ideal for most homeowners especially that it can accommodate a group of people where you can spend time and talk about anything while having to relax your bodies on hot waters, while enjoying the open view. 

This hot tub space could be very expensive given the stone material used in the bottom as the foundation and an added decorative factor to the whole area.

Going for the big and grand would entail a long and thorough cleaning also so when planning to have one, go with the idea that matches your budget and your capability and effort to clean and maintain.

35. Hot tub deck with a natural setting

Wrapping around your hot tubs with the different natural elements like plants and the stones makes it unique in a way.

Small but is creating an impact, decorative wise. Going for this small, natural and looking cozy and classy is a choice you would never regret having. Remember that size does not matter as long as it provides comfort and makes you feel relaxed. 

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Aside from the ideas that we have listed, it is also vital that you know some pointers in installing your hot tub decks. In this section, we shall have a rundown of some FAQs about hot tub decking to serve as reference once you have finalized your design. 

Is it safe to put a hot tub on a deck?

Putting a hot tub on a deck can be a good idea but always make sure that you give a lot of caution when installing one. Keep in mind that unlike other elements in your homes, you cannot just bring it in and out because this might damage not only the object but the view and the whole hot tub idea.

So, when planning to install a hot tub on your deck areas, call professionals that could best help you regarding this one.

What is the minimum deck requirement for hot tubs? 

One of the most important considerations to observe would be to make sure that your deck could hold any type of hot tub. On average, decks that are made to hold more than 100lbs per square foot are the standard in installing deck hot tubs. 

Where should a hot tub be installed in a deck?

There is no rule of thumb when it comes to the location where a hot tub should be installed in the deck. The only general rule is that the hot tub should be installed that is 17-24-inches above the edge of the deck. 

Must a hot tub sit on concrete even if embedded in a deck? 

Usually, if it is a free-standing hot tub, a stable platform where it could sit is needed. As such, concrete and other flat and stable surfaces should be installed first before the hot tub. But when it comes to hot tubs in decks, this one is entirely optional. 

How much does it cost to build a deck with a hot tub?

One of the least expensive hot tubs costs approximately $700 but it differs on the size, material used for the frame and other decorative items that are used.

Aside from these, installation fees vary and the labor costs are not yet added in that base range too. Hence, a large sum of money is needed when you want to have one. But with all its features and therapeutic benefits, it is always worth the shot. 


When choosing the right design and size of your hot tubs, always keep in mind the available space in the deck to make sure to have the layout black and white for a better planning process.

Though it may take a lot of time to plan and install hot tubs in the deck, the right size, design, decorative elements and especially the location would be the most important factors to consider. 

A hot tub on a deck is very ideal for every homeowner because aside from providing an escape and refuge inside the home, it also gives a beautiful sight that guests would love to sit and have private conversations while having the best bonding of their lives.