Designing a Bathroom With Beach House Décor

best beach and nautical bathroom ideas

Bathroom design should reflect the homeowner’s tastes and choices. In homes by the sea, the bathroom can also reflect the home’s surroundings.

Homeowners designing a bathroom within a beach house may want to capitalize on the built in theme the home’s location provides. From sea glass tiles to river rocks, there are countless ways to bring the beach indoors.

Reflect the Colors

One way to design a bathroom that fits in with beach house décor and location is to pull from the natural colors outdoors. Sea greens, grays, blues and golds are all popular colors for beach house bathrooms, and are widely available in a range of materials.

Look for beach glass tiles in blues and greens, porcelain tiles which shift from gold to blue/gray within their color pallet and marbles such as Ming Green, Pacific Pewter and Oasis Blue which reflect the outdoors.

Recreate the Texture

The feeling of sand beneath the toes, rocks smoothed by the waves, beach grass pressed flat under foot; these are all textures which can be brought into the beach house bathroom. Textured porcelain tiles and Durango limestone can produce a sandy texture underfoot; ideal for providing a non-skid surface as well.

Try using textured porcelain under foot, with a border of beach glass at chairrail height on the walls. Finish the design with a wall paper in a woven, mat like finish. The result brings in the beach, without being over the top.

River rocks make a great shower or bathroom floor. Not only do they frequently bring natural colors indoors, but in many beaches, these rocks are plentiful; bringing them helps capture the feeling of the beach.

Try using river rocks on the shower floor, with a border of the same stones at eye level. Pair them with a complimentary colored, large format tile, for a tranquil, spa like effect.

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Add Whimsical Design

For children’s bathrooms, guest bathrooms or for homeowners who enjoy decorative tiles, look for stone and ceramic tiles in the shapes of sea creatures. Sea stars, fish, sea horses, shells and waves are all available in both handpainted ceramic tiles, and in water jet stone designs. Place them anywhere in the bathroom to bring some fun to the space.

Run a border at chairrail height around the room, interspersing decorative tiles with field tiles. Pick up the colors in the decorative tiles in a mosaic floor that blends these colors together in a marine blend pallet.

Design a beach house bathroom to bring the tranquility of the sea to the home. Reflect the casual, comfortable feeling of beach house décor in the bathrooms as well, and know that family and guests will enjoy their beach stay in style and comfort.

19+ Best Nautical Bathroom Ideas

#1. A Nautical Bathroom Retreat


#2. Hang Towels with Paddles


#3. A lot of starfishes

#4. Vintage Beachy Bath Tray


#5. A collection of starfishes

#6. Starfish, corals, and a wood sign


#7. Starfish sign


#8. Wood crate with dahlias vases, mason jars, few starfish


#9. A Hanging Lantern with Starfish and sand inside


#10. Wooden Wall Sconces with Starfish

#11. Beach bottle

#12. Beach Theme Bathroom Reveal


#13. Driftwood fish photo holder and floating shelves


#14. Beachy candleholders


#15. Nautical Floating Shelf

#16. Nautical Towel Holder


#17. Beach Dresser


#18. Rustic Seahorse

#19. Relax Nautical Sign



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