18+ Best Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas

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Stamped concrete patios easily became one of the most sought-after architectural trends at the moment because, finally, we can add character to our usual grey slab patio.

Aside from the added aesthetics that it provides, stamped concrete patios are also more functional since no weed can grow from it, cheaper and easier to install because you can actually do it on your own. And if you’re looking for installers, Stamped Concrete Houston is ready to help.

And it does not stop here. Stamped concrete patios are also customizable so you can design it any way you want it. But speaking of designs, do you know the trendiest stamped concrete patio ideas right now? If not and is looking for exactly this, this post is for you. 

best stamped concrete patio

How much does a stamped concrete patio cost?

According to Home Advisor, stamped concrete patios range from $8 to $20 per square foot depending on the design.

Basic designs with single pattern and color range from $8-10 while intermediate designs range from $11-18 because these designs usually have two to three colors and with borders.

The high-end stamped concrete patio designs cost $18-20 per square foot because it has more intricate or elaborate designs stamped on the slabs.

High-end stamped concrete are also more costly because one slab can have various stones used in it.

Basically, when talking about the cost, we are talking about the design and the space that you need to pave. Pools and garden pathways usually use intermediate stamped concrete while lanais, entrance walkways and backyard greeneries usually use high-end types.

How do you clean a stamped concrete patio?

Investing in stamped concrete patios will require you specific maintenance drills. Because they are made of stones, the most basic maintenance requirement is to sweep and dust dry the patio every three days and to mop them weekly.

According to Concrete Works, hard stains usually develop in patios because they are exposed directly to changing weather. When visible stains are not that severe, you can map it off using mild detergent.

When visible stains are clearly due to grease or oil perhaps from parked cars, you must use alkaline degreaser to take them off.

For rust-like stains, oxalic acid must be used to tidy your stamped concrete off. To maintain their shine, they need to be resealed every 2-3 years.

For areas with high traffic, applying high traffic floor polish every two months may become necessary.  

For visuals, you may watch this video from Solomon Colors

Stamped concrete patios pros and cons

Like all things, stamped concrete patios also have their own share of pros and cons. Let us start with its benefits first. Do It Yourself and ICS50 both note that stamped concrete patios are cheaper than traditional pavers.

Other than that, because it uses materials that highly resembles the ones used in pavers, stamped concrete can be more versatile to design and thus, has more aesthetic value. Moreover, you will not fear weeding in between the slabs of stamped concrete. 

At the other end, installation of stamped concrete may take longer especially for large areas because it will require special equipment for this process.

Furthermore, maintenance of stamped concrete patios can be more time-consuming as time passes because of hard stains that will require you certain compounds to be used. Aside from this, it needs constant sweeping and mapping to maintain its elegance and shine. 

Stamped concrete patio vs. pavers

Stamped concrete patio alongside pavers have one stark difference: stamped concrete certainly has the wow factor because of the variety of materials used like flagstones, brick stones and others while pavers have more unique and classic look because of its distinct stone finishes and designs. In terms of safety measures, stamped concrete patio is more slippery than pavers.

Although pavers are not an exemption, its materials are said to be more skid resistant according to Great Day Improvements.

As for usability, stamped concrete patios are longer to install and harder to maintain compared to the paver that is good to go after short installation. Lastly, in terms of cost, stamped concrete patios are cheaper than pavers. 

Wood stamped concrete patio

Wood stamped concrete is a distinct technique in stamped concrete which involves staining the concrete with wood-like compound.

The finished product will look like a legit wood plank feel after. But of course, the process of installing the stamped concrete and staining will take a lot of time and shall require specific equipment.

The staining is very tedious because this is the part where the knot or strain designs in the wood stamped concrete shall come out. Wood stamped concrete is usually used in pool patios, backyard and floor finishing. 

Types of stamped concrete patio

There are more than 100 types of stamped concrete patio using specific designs but in a nutshell, these could be clustered into three: the basic, intermediate and high-end types. The basic type is composed of stamped concrete patio with only one color and pattern. Designs under this type would include the Brown Travertine, Herringbone and the Slate Skin Patio.

Intermediate stamped concrete patio types are distinguishable two to three color combination designs with borders and overlays.

These type would include designs like the Shading Stamped Concrete, London Cobblestone, Ashlar Slate and Flagstone Stamped. High-end types include more than three color overlays, more angled or multi-angled borders and elaborate etches.

Designs considered as high-end would be Large Ashlar Slate Stamped, Blue Stone Stamped Concrete and Brick Multi-Tone Cobblestone. Wood stained or wood stamped concrete patio are clustered in-between intermediate and high-end stamped concrete patio type. This depends on the design of wood stamped concrete as well as the colors and borders it will use. 

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Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas

#1. Stamped Concrete Patio With Fire pit

Stamped Concrete Patio With Fire pit

Stamped Concrete Patio With Fire pit

Stamped Concrete Patio With Fire pit

Stamped Concrete Patio With Fire pit

#2. Bluestone stamped concrete patio

Bluestone stamped concrete patio

Bluestone stamped concrete patio

#3. Stamped Concrete Patio With Pergola

Stamped Concrete Patio With Pergola

Stamped Concrete Patio With Pergola

#4. Wood stamped concrete patio

Wood stamped concrete patio

Wood stamped concrete patio

#5. Stamped concrete patio with pool

Stamped concrete patio with pool

#6. Stamped concrete patio with border

Stamped concrete patio with border

Stamped concrete patio with border

#7. Stamped concrete patio with deck

Stamped concrete patio with deck

#8. Stamped concrete patio with hot tub

Stamped concrete patio with hot tub

#9. Flagstone stamped concrete patio

Flagstone stamped concrete patio

Flagstone stamped concrete patio

#10. Stamped concrete patio steps

Stamped concrete patio steps

11. Transitional stamped concrete patio

transitional stamped concrete patio

Transitional stamped concrete patios are perfect for temperate locations and practical for one-storey pads or houses. This particular design features a seamless transition from an indoor to an outdoor setting.

It made use of smoothened acid-wash concrete slabs to accentuate the soft colors of the home’s interior. Transitional stamped concrete patios are perfect for temperate locations and practical for one-storey pads or houses.

This particular design features a seamless transition from an indoor to an outdoor setting. It made use of smoothened acid-wash concrete slabs to accentuate the soft colors of the home’s interior. Using slide doors or French windows are good additions in making the transition all the more seamless.

12. White sheet metal concrete patio

white sheet metal concrete patio

This backyard patio design complements well with an all-concrete, one-storey home. It is an eye-catcher and practical for sunny locations thanks to its mid-century modern vibe. It made use of white sheet metal concrete and accented each with artificial grass.

To make the ultimate summer patio, it incorporated a small pool, beach chairs and ground fire pit. Adding a small outdoor bar or a dining table by the firepit would be good additions too. 

13. Travertine stamped concrete patio

travertine stamped concrete patio

Laying travertine on concrete has become a modern trend in backyard or outdoor designing because not only because of its aesthetics but also for its function. In this design, wood textured concrete is used for a non-slip back deck.

It is adorned with rock inlays and some greens to evoke an Asian back deck. Travertine is also perfect for the pool area. Adding travertine in the patio concrete could also minimize heat and are inexpensive to maintain in the long run since they could be sealed to avoid deterioration. 

14. Wood plank stamped concrete patio

wood plank stamped concrete patio

This one is a patio deck made of wood planked concrete using boardwalk panels. Wood planked concrete is the perfect material for a modern rustic vibe.

Adding shade like pergola or large outdoor umbrellas are perfect for this back patio. A fire pit table or extended dining area also perfect accents for this type of design. Wood plank concrete provides a non-slip function thanks to its wood texture. 

15. Cobble stamped concrete patio

cobble stamped concrete patio

Cobblestones never go out of style. This remodeled patio incorporates London cobblestones stamped on old concrete.

This material is perfect for colder, wetter locations as the cobblestones prevent sliding and absorbs water easily. Mini bar, some light work and dining tables will work well with cobblestone designed patios. 

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16. Random flagstone stamped concrete

random flagstone stamped concrete patio

This design is inspired by its hilltop location. Refurbished to have a modern look, they made use of random shaped flagstones in-laid over concrete. You can use pea gravel or grass as dividers for the flagstones if you want more accent.

Adding a lagoon-type pool or any water feature will enhance the flagstone effect. An extended outdoor kitchen is also good for this type of design. 

17. European fan stamped concrete

european fan stamped concrete

The European fan is basically a decorative stamped concrete design and it never disappoints. It is common in suburban colonial design homes both as patio covers or as pavers.

In this design, the stair treads and the decked patio are covered with European fan stamped concrete. A concrete bench with ground fire pit is incorporated to achieve a wide-spaced patio overlooking a large grassy space. 

18. Herringbone stamped concrete patio

Herringbone stamped concrete patio

Like the European fan, the Herringbone is also a decorative concrete pattern which can be used as in-lay for concrete pavers and patios.

This Hispanic-Mediterranean patio has an extended dirty kitchen for some family weekend cooking. It also has a tall brick firepit and beautiful light accents that provide a more Hispanic feel. The soft tones of the entire patio is perfect for coastal homes. 

19. Rustic stamped concrete patio

rustic stamped concrete patio

You will easily be taken a mile’s trip to the rustic vineyards of Italy or California or in the farmlands of the South with this rustic stamped concrete patio.

For this design, large ashlar slabs were used. But you can always use other materials like cobblestone or flagstones. You can use pea or fine gravel as a divider.

This one used a wood and climber pergola for a more organic, rustic vibe but just a wooden pergola or shade will still pull it off. Wood benches and tables along with wooden bars as extensions are also perfect for this one. 

20. Ashlar slate stamped concrete patio

ashlar slate stamped concrete patio

Ashlar slates are usually used as boarder accent for larger ashlar slabs or flagstones but in this design, ashlar slates were used for the entire patio.

A lagoon-style pool is added in the middle of the patio and some palleted English fence to complement the concrete tone of the patio.

Adding some extended space covered with artificial grass for barbeque, additional dining tables or beach chairs and a small pergola or shade in the middle are also recommended add-ons for this design. 


To conclude, coming up with stamped concrete patio ideas would involve a great deal of information background.

Variables such as cost, type, maintenance tips (and costs too) as well as stamped concrete alternatives and available designs must be considered before finalizing your decision to actually install stamped concrete patio.

Being well-versed with the hype surrounding stamped concrete patio will save you time, money and effort.