23 Best Concrete Driveway Ideas and Designs

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You might think that there is no need to upscale the look of your driveway because they are just there to harbor your car. But note that like your lawn, they are in front of your home, and they have an effect on the overall look of your house. Some of the most common driveways would be concrete driveways. 

Concrete driveways are practical and low maintenance. They can be infused in any home design while enhancing your curb appeal. In this post, we will roundup some concrete driveway ideas to help you in enhancing yours or if you are thinking of having one. 

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23 concrete driveway ideas

best concrete driveway ideas on a budget

To narrow down your choices, here are 23 concrete driveway ideas which you can pattern your driveway designs on. 

1. European fan design

1 european fan design concrete driveway ideas

This one is made of cobblestone which is a standout design in its own right because of its added angles and dynamics.

The fan design is imprinted inside the square frame of longer cobblestones. To add more aesthetics to the look, finely angled stained cobblestones can be used. 

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2. The horseshoe driveway

2 horseshoe concrete driveway ideas

Whether you have an upscale house or a modest bungalow, you can always give your driveway an interesting look with the horseshoe shape.

It starts from the main door, twisted on the sides, and then rounds up on the central point. On that central point, you can put some greens or a flower bed for color.

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3. Slatted concrete paver driveway

3 slatted concrete paver driveway ideas

The irregular shape of a slatted concrete paver driveway is a real standout especially on a contrast of contemporary designed houses. It also works perfectly on neutral tones and is enhanced by a spread of turf grass on the side. Wood fences and more concrete are also good complements for this kind of driveway. 

3 slatted concrete paver driveway ideas turf 2

And speaking of slatted concrete paver, you can also install it like a car grid on a field of lush, green turf. Aside from really brightening even the smallest house, it also makes everything look eco-friendly like this one. 

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4. Large concrete slabs

4 large concrete slabs driveway ideas

Compared to smaller concrete blocks, large concrete slabs create an illusion of spaciousness. To create a softer contrast, you can either put trimmed grass or pea gravel in between.

You can choose to install stained concrete slabs or reinforce it to make it slip resistant. This design is outstanding for sloping driveways like this one. 

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5. Stained bricks

5 stained bricks concrete driveway ideas

Do you want a Hispanic vibe or a modern Mediterranean feel? Stained brick driveways can give that to you and more. This one leads to the garage complete with flat concrete edging and plants and flowers that really enliven the place and build a beautiful contrast.

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6. Polished concrete driveway

6 concrete driveway ideas

For a shiny, sophisticated look to any home, you can opt for a polished concrete driveway.

It has become a popular option for reinforcing driveways not only for its sleek look but also because it adds UV resistance to the driveway floor and extreme durability. 

7. Stamped concrete driveway

8 stamped concrete driveway ideas

Not only is stamped concrete an impeccable material for patios, courtyards or pool decks, it is also outstanding for driveways. It gives a high-end tone to any driveway. It is a go-to material because of its extreme weather resistance and known durability. 

8. Exposed aggregate concrete driveway

8 exposed aggregate concrete driveway ideas

Aside from its durability, it is also a low maintenance choice. It is also skid resistant, making your driveway safer for everyone. While it is more expensive than standard aggregate, it is totally worth the shot especially if you use concrete or brick joints to act as frame. 

9. Plain concrete driveway

9 plain concrete driveway ideas

The cheapest concrete driveway of all would be sticking to just poured, plain concrete. You do not need angled joints for this. You can just imprint its own line joint while the concrete is drying up. It can become just as beautiful if you have healthy lawn grasses on the sides. 

10. Geometric stamped lines

10 geometric stamped line concrete driveway ideas

Sometimes, you can use the stamped joints to form geometric patterns on long concrete driveways. You may opt not to polish it for a more rustic feel. It would benefit more with natural edgings like raised soil beds, some greens, and flowers on the side. 

11. Broom finish concrete driveway

11 broom finish concrete driveway ideas

You can notch up your plain concrete through the broom finish technique. It makes the surface rougher but more beautiful. It is done by brushing the concrete surface with a stiff broom before it could completely dry. Adding concrete joints and edging gives a more sophisticated appeal to the concrete driveway like this one. 

12. Stencil concrete driveway

12 stencil concrete driveway ideas

This could be done for new concrete driveways but also in refurbishing old ones. So instead of installing a new concrete driveway entirely, you can just stencil it. You can create brick patterns, slab joint patterns or geometrical shapes and other emblems. 

13. Block concrete driveway with grass

13 block concrete driveway with grass

For more curb appeal, you can lay down irregular shaped concrete blocks in your driveway. It should be slightly raised and with a considerable spacing in between. To make it look enlivened, you must put fine thickets of grass in between. 

14. Concrete panels

14 concrete panel driveway ideas

If it is a segmented yet clean look that you want to get for your driveway, you can go for a concrete panel design with brick or flagstone joints and edging. Make sure that there is enough contrast between those edging, joints, and concrete panels to give your driveway a contemporary look. 

15. Irregular imprints

15 irregular imprint concrete driveway ideas

Most of the time, stamping follows symmetry and finite lines but there is something outstanding about irregular imprints on your concrete driveway. It can go without edging but having one gives it a more seamless look. Stained concrete driveways with irregular imprints are also a top-notch choice. 

16. Rock salt finish concrete driveway

16 rock salt finish concrete driveway ideas

You can usually find rock salt finishes in concrete driveways among classic style and rustic homes. This is done by scattering rock salt in the freshly poured concrete in the driveway. After the concrete is finally dry, it is power washed so that the rock salt is diluted. You can also do this for the edging for some neat symmetry. 

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17. Slick trowel concrete driveway finish

17 slick trowel concrete driveway finish ideas

This one is a well-loved finish for concrete driveways because it is easy to clean. The method requires accuracy and great timing as it needs a limited window time before the slick trowel stamp could be placed.

You might also need to reinforce it because it might get slippery during the rainy season and in winters. But overall, it is a beautiful concrete driveway idea. 

18-22. Decorative concrete driveway

18 decorative concrete driveway ideas

There is no limit to what you can do with your concrete driveway. You can have it stained with different colors. Neutral tones are always the best contrasts but adding tinges of emerald green, red or orange are also a good touch. 

19 concrete driveway ideas

It could also be as compact but sleek as this one, one, weighing on more blues using flagstones and edging of white concrete pavers. The overall twisted shape gives it more texture and angle, keeping a well-coordinated, polished look for the home and the concrete driveway. 

20 concrete driveway ideas

For an embossed geometric style, with deeper etchings and angled joints, you can try this cubist decorative design. 

21 decorative concrete driveway ideas

Irregularly spaced brick pavers could also be a thing of beauty for concrete driveways especially on long ones. You can edge it with stone, gravel or just a long mound of grass beds or flower beds on the side. 

22 decorative concrete driveway ideas

You can also infuse it with more texture, a more delicate stain and stamping. For instance, the standard color of concrete driveways is gray, but staining it with charcoal black polishing is just everything you need to make a driveway statement. 

23. Sawn concrete driveway finish

23 sawn concrete driveway finish ideas

There are more wonders to sawn concrete than just the regular saw pattern etched in it before it dries.

The more professional ones could have different patterns sawn in a polished concrete and could even create symbols for a more colored curb like this one. 

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FAQs on Concrete Driveway Ideas

For more handy information that you can refer to later, here are some FAQs about concrete driveways for you. 

How can I make my concrete driveway look better?

In the world of concrete paving and driveways, there are six undoubted ways to make them look better. 

  • Etching
  • Staining
  • Weeding
  • Stamping
  • Setting up pavers
  • Reinforcing with sealant or using resin

How thick should a concrete driveway be?

As per rule of thumb, passenger car driveways that are not reinforced should have a thickness of at least 4-inches. Those housing heavier cars should have at least 5-inches of thickness. To prevent water puddling, a 0.25-inch per foot sloping towards the street is also recommended. 

How much should a concrete driveway cost?

The national average cost of installing a concrete driveway is in between $7-13. The total cost for a budget concrete driveway is at $700-1000. Mid-tier concrete driveways are at $1250-1300. High-end concrete driveways start at $2250-3000. 

Is rebar needed in a concrete driveway?

There are two main reasons why a rebar is needed in a concrete driveway. One is when the soil where it is installed has poor retention and loose. Two, you need this for design issues such as slabs being too large or incidental cracking. But since a rebar reinforces the strength and durability of concrete driveways, might as well add some to yours if you have an extra budget. 

Does adding a concrete driveway add value to home?

Yes and with significant value. According to Property Price Advice, depending on the curb appeal and overall design of the concrete driveway, it could add 5-10% to your home’s value. This is enough to cover the cost of installing the driveway overall. 

Can I paint my concrete driveway?

Yes. As a matter of fact, it does not only give your concrete driveway a much-needed facelift, but it also adds weather resistance to your driveway. Painting your concrete driveway lessens chances of flaking and chipping. The best paint to use for concrete driveways must be epoxy paint.  

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Concrete driveways are always worth the shot and for many reasons. Aside from being weather-proof, they are also durable and versatile to many types of home designs.

Concrete driveways can be expensive but if you are not gearing up to having an over-the-top design, it could be cost-efficient. Fortunately, you have these concrete driveway ideas here to start on.