28+ Best Concrete Backyard Patio Ideas

Best concrete patio ideas for your backyard

Stamped concrete is also known as imprinted and patterned. Used on patios, pool decks, walkways, and even driveways, it’s a durable substitute for wood, flagstones, more.

Many different types of surfaces may be built out of concrete; it’s easy enough to take the extra step of dressing the surface up to resemble a multitude of more expensive finish surfaces.

When the concrete is stained, the resemblance of the end product to natural wood, cobblestones, clay brick pavers, bricks, or flagstones is uncanny.

Advantages of Stamped Concrete

Speed of installation. Concrete can be rapidly poured or pumped into place and finished after the concrete form is built. For example, compare that process to installing clay brick pavers.

With pavers, it’s necessary not only to do the prep work of trenching, compacting the soil, and spreading sand, but then each paver must by hand placed individually, carefully following the pattern, be it herringbone, basketweave, or stretcher bond.

Seasonal maintenance considerations. Unlike asphalt driveways or sidewalks that need an annual seal coating, concrete only requires periodic cleaning and sealing, every few years or so. Natural stone and pavers require weeding but concrete joints don’t have that disadvantage.

Number of colors and patterns. The number of colors and patterns with a custom imprinted concrete surface are limited only by the imagination. Custom logos or mosaics are available when working with a construction or installation designer.

Re-Surfacing Existing Concrete Surfaces

If an existing concrete patio, driveway, walkway, or swimming pool deck is cracked or just bland-looking, it can easily be resurfaced at a fraction of the cost of removing the old and starting from scratch.

Although each situation is different and unique, the process is fairly straightforward. The first step is to thoroughly clean the existing surface.

Next, the cracks are repaired. This involves priming, reinforcing with a special repair fabric, applying an elastomeric base coat, and the coating with a polymer concrete mixture. Finally, the entire surface is refinished with a polymer coat, textured or stamped to order, and sealed.

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Concrete is a Green, Sustainable Building Material

Concrete is green. Why? First, it usually only needs to be built once. There is no demolition and rebuilding because of termite damage or fires. Because of its thermal mass, it is very energy efficient with respect to heating and cooling. This makes it an excellent choice for interior floors.

For interior floor applications, it can be patterned and colored to resemble ceramic tile, natural stone like marble or granite, or even hardwood or laminate flooring planks. Maintenance on these floors is much less than it is on the materials they mimic.

In the long run, concrete might be the most durable, cost-effective surface available.

Here are 28+ best concrete patio ideas that will make your backyard pretty.

1. Concrete Cobble Stone Garden Path

Concrete Cobble Stone Garden PathSource

2. Concrete Stepping Stone With a Cake Pan

Concrete Stepping Stone With a Cake PanSource

3. Concrete and Redwood Bench

Concrete and Redwood BenchSource

4. Modern Concrete Wood Planter

Modern Concrete Wood PlanterSource

5. Concrete Bubbling Garden Fountain

Concrete Bubbling Garden FountainSource

6. Concrete House Number

Concrete House NumberSource

7. Embossed Stepping Stone

Embossed Stepping StoneSource

8. Concrete Slab Flower Window Stand

Concrete Slab Flower Window StandSource

9. Concrete Mushrooms in Stained Glass

Concrete Mushrooms in Stained GlassSource

10. Concrete Bowls

Concrete BowlsSource

11. Concrete Candlestick

Concrete Candlestick

12. Concrete Flower Planter

Concrete Flower PlanterSource

13. Concrete Garden Pots

Concrete Garden PotsSource

14. Concrete Fire bowl

Concrete Fire bowlSource

15. Concrete Pumpkin

Concrete PumpkinSource

16. Concrete Light Stand

Concrete Light StandSource

17. Concrete Plant Stand

Concrete Plant StandSource

18. Concrete Vase from bottle

Concrete Vase from bottleSource

19. Concrete Garden Bench

Concrete Garden BenchSource

20. Large Concrete Planters

Large Concrete PlantersSource

21. Concrete Garden Balls

Concrete Garden BallsSource

22. Concrete Beverage Cooler

Concrete Beverage CoolerSource

23. X-Brace Side Table Concrete Top Under $30

X-Brace Side Table Concrete Top Under $30Source

24. Concrete Fire pit

Concrete Fire pitSource

25-28. More Concrete Patio Ideas

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