58+ Cool Storage Shed Ideas for your Garden

58+ cool storage shed ideas

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A storage shed is a place to store those things that are not used frequently. One can also keep unclean household material in a storage shed.

Depending on the number of things and purpose, deciding on the right kind of shed lets you make use of its advantages and save later disappointment. There are different types of the storage shed one can make for household purposes. Though timber sheds are mainstream, metal sheds are equally popular due to its cost-effectiveness and availability.

Types of shed vary from Single garage, double garage, triple garage, American barn, Dutch barn, farm sheds, open bay sheds, industrial sheds, and carports.

What material is best for a shed?

The best material for making a storage shed are wood, steel, aluminum, and plastic. A combination of these materials will also save money and makes the shed more durable.

How do I build a small shed?

Time, energy and dedication are needed for making storage shed. The first thing one needs is a plan, before starting, to make a storage shed. While making the plan, determine the size and budget as well.

While deciding on the size of your shed, one has to also think long-term. Such as the size of your shed that is needed now and the size that would be needed after a couple of years.

Next, decide on the material, and purpose of your shed. Make sure that you have all the necessary tools for making a shed.

Level the ground well before erecting any structure. Cut and machine the material used to appropriate dimensions. You can also hire a carpenter or a professional to get the job done.

How do you prepare a storage shed?

If you are planning to store multiple items and tools in your shed, it is best to compartmentalize the shed space. For example, farm manure and pesticides could be kept in a separate section.

Household tools and lawn-mower could go in another section. If you are planning to keep your car, bike, or tractor inside the shed, you need to consider the spacing of your shed.

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How big of a shed do I need?

Depending on your requirements, one has to make the plan by himself/herself or hire a professional to do it. Some of the following points have to be cleared to determine the size of the shed.

  • What are you going to use the shed for?
  • Is it for storing manures, pesticides and farm equipment?
  • Is your primary use going to be automotive repairs?
  • Will your children and loved ones frequently visit the shed?
  • Do you foresee requiring a larger shed in a couple of years?

3 best garden shed plans

Providing a magnetic bar to hold tools, provisions for open shelves, using hanging jars for keeping nails, providing rakes, place chemicals, paints, oils, and pesticides in separate storage compartments. These are some of the plans for an efficient storage shed. Use the shed’s exterior for holding garden tools.

What to do with the old shed?

Old sheds can be retrofitted or reinforced with steel and wood, without demolishing it. However, if you want to build a new shed in the place of your old shed, you can use the existing material from your old shed, thereby reducing the overall material needed.

How much would it cost to build a 12×12-storage shed?

To build strong and efficient storage shed, it would cost anywhere between $2,500 and $3,500. Item wise break-up includes cost for site preparation, walls, roofs, floors and logistics charges.

How much does a 12×20 shed cost?

Pre-built storage sheds would cost anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000 in the current market. Cheaper options may be available, however, the aforementioned sheds would offer better value for the money spent.

Do I need a permit to build a shed in my backyard?

Answering this question comes down to the size of your shed. In most areas, structures up to 8 X 10 might not require permissions.

However, any structure or shed above this size would elicit local zoning permits. Unless you are installing electrical, heating, plumbing, or gas, you might not require permissions.

One should contact their local authority before proceeding to build the shed. Technically, the size of the shed, electricity consumption, purpose, and placement need to be clarified in case permissions are required.

Looking for a storage shed idea for your garden? In this post, I will show you 58+ cool storage shed ideas that you can make your own. #storageshed #gardenideas #farmfoodfamily

Storage Shed Ideas For Your Backyard

Small garden shed ideas

Wooden sheds with 6-7 compartments are an easy and quick option for a small garden shed.

Garden shed with porch

This option would require a stronger foundation and larger area, owing to the purpose of the porch.

Rustic garden shed

To give a garden shed a rustic look, the additional painting would be required. Also, growing plants and flowery shrubs are a great way to create a rustic looking garden shed.

Garden shed greenhouse

For converting your garden shed into a part-greenhouse, shave off the wooden panels and include glazing glass panels to allow solar rays inside the shed. Some space inside the shed can be used for growing plants throughout the year, thereby using the shed space efficiently.

Cottage garden shed

Most of the cottage style garden sheds come with triangle-shaped roofing. In front of such sheds, a home-styled garden can also be grown.

Farmhouse garden shed

Light and bright painted sheds add an element of creativity and contemporary design. Using a sprayer, drapes, screwdriver, tape, and cleaning equipment, one can convert an ordinary farmhouse shed into a beautifully themed shed.

Stone garden shed

Instead of using timber, plastic or steel, one can build a garden shed using locally available stones and bricks. Major wall areas of the shed can be fitted with stones, on to the steel or wooden frame.

Before attaching or cementing the stones, make sure that the stones are polished. Additionally, the pathway to a stone shed can be decorated using small pebbles, to complement the design of the shed. Growing trees and shrubs outside a stone garden shed will also add to the unique look.

Shabby chic garden shed

To give your garden shed a chic look, colors such as white, baby-pink, olive green, and sky-blue may be used. The front door to such a shed can be window-pane. Matching drapes can also be placed inside the garden shed to complete the chic look.

Metal garden shed

Metallic garden sheds can either be built or procured from the market. This is easy to build as compared to other varieties of sheds. Metal garden sheds take less time to build. The walls can be made from either steel or Aluminum. The paints used could be dark green, silver, olive green or brown.

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Sheds add great usability to a household. They can be used to keep seemingly unwanted household material, tools, equipment, machines, chemicals, and garden-ware.