8 Easy DIY Lawnmower Shed Ideas

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Are you looking for easy and budget-friendly ideas to store your lawnmower in your yard? Here we will be sharing 8 easy to build shed plans that you can build in your yard. These lawnmower Shed ideas are in a variety of styles that can even store your other yard tools so that you can get some extra room apart from your garage. 

You can design your yard shed in plenty of styles depending on the storage space. The easiest ones are ranging from simple lean designs to larger style buildings.

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1. A modest 6 ft. X 8 ft. Garden Shed

1 8 Easy DIY Lawnmower Shed Ideas

This is a simple 6 ft. by 8 ft. design which will not occupy a huge space in your yard. It is a do it yourself expandable design which can be modified up to 8 ft. by 12 ft. as per your needs. The design is using standard framing techniques by using ½ inch of C/D plywood and 1 X 6 cedar boards for the sides. 

The size of the shed is ideal for resting the structure on -1/2 inch x 12-inch x 16-inch concrete blocks in the corner. One can easily install a window in the shed to bring in more light. 

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2. Budget-friendly shed

2 8 Easy DIY Lawnmower Shed Ideas

Design a budget-friendly lawn mower shed ideas that require research for the ideal material. This shed is designed using fence pickets which according to Ana cost $255. A material list is mentioned below while you can browse through more step by step instructions and tools list on her blog.

Material used: 

  • 1 – (2×4) sized and 8 feet or stud length
  • 1 – 4×8 sheet of plywood 
  • 18 – (2×2) sized and 8 feet long
  • 30 square feet roofing shingles
  • 4 – (1×3) sized 8 feet long
  • 44 – Cedar fence pickets each with a width of 5 ½ inch 
  • 8 – (1×4) sized 8 feet long
  • Heavy-duty hinges for gates, Handles, and a Lock    
  • Glue or Roofing nails 

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3. A gable shed sized 10 ft. X 10 ft. 

3 8 Easy DIY Lawnmower Shed Ideas

If you are a beginner looking forward to designing your Lawnmower shed in your yard, this 10 ft. by 10 ft. gable shed design is ideal for you. They have easy to follow illustrations which will help you in carefully planning out each step. The gable shed would a 6 ft. 6 in. high door with a frame for its foundation. 

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4. Arched window Shed

4 8 Easy DIY Lawnmower Shed Ideas

An easy to build and affordable shed with arched window can easily be made while using inexpensive raw material. The design will be using a wood foundation and strand board for the paneling of the sides in place of concrete foundation and plywood to save material cost. The structural panels would even be saving you from putting another layer of sheathing. The Modular construction of this shed incorporates arched windows however, the windows will be self-made costing 60$ each. You can finish the shed by installing shingles after priming and painting the doors and windows. 

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5. 10 ft. by 10 ft. double door Shed

5 8 Easy DIY Lawnmower Shed Ideas

This is an ideal design for bigger storage needs. The do it yourself Shed idea has double doors to gain more access to the shed while using the fiber-cement to reduce the maintenance cost. The design uses a very conventional frame design of 2×6 rafters and 2×4 stud walls. It would be an easy design for you if you have some help or carpentry experience. This double door design will surely give you ample room to organize your garage.  

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6. Compact Shed idea

6 8 Easy DIY Lawnmower Shed Ideas

If you have a small yard or garden and do not want the shed to occupy unnecessary space, this compact Shed idea is the most suitable design. Although just occupying only 7 ft. by 4 ft. ground space, this shed would still give you ample space to store up. This strong shed with double doors is constructed by using 2 X 4 lumber frames and plywood flooring.

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7. Tudor-Styled 8 ft. by 7 ft. Shed

7 8 Easy DIY Lawnmower Shed Ideas

A spacious Shed to fuel your bigger store needs can be designed using this comprehensive plan. Sheds are usually designed with the purpose of storing garden tools. However, this Tudor-styled Shed can be a best-fit garden feature due to its curved braces and ideally sloping sidewalls. The shed primary uses wood for framing purpose boards for designing the roofs and plywood for wall cladding and flooring. 

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8. Georgia-Pacific Shed for Garden

8 8 Easy DIY Lawnmower Shed Ideas

The Georgia-Pacific is one of the lawnmowers shed ideas which is a sturdy compact and yet beautiful addition to your garden. The shed needs a carpentry experience so it is ideal for experienced designers. You would be constructing a platform on 4X4 posts that are submerged in concrete. The design would give you are 40 square feet of ground space where you can store your lawnmowers, cycles and other additional tools.

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The lawnmowers can take up half of your garage space and you often end up stuffing your garage in an unorganized manner with your garden tools. The easy and inexpensive way to organize your tools is to DIY a shed in your yard.

There are plenty of lawnmowers shed ideas however, before selecting anyone should read them carefully and analyze the cost for each design. It is best to check with permission before starting the construction of any plan.

8 Easy DIY Lawnmower Shed Ideas