Thanksgiving Gifts Kids Can Make

Thanksgiving gifts kids can make

Last Updated on October 11, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Wondering how to keep young children busy while preparing the Thanksgiving Day feast? Here are a few Thanksgiving gifts kids can make for family and guests.

With seasonal items such as craft leaves, berries, and flowers, children can get creative for Thanksgiving and make some great gifts for guests.

Start with an old favorite and adapt it so that kids can construct beautiful and thoughtful gifts at home. The result will be a keepsake for that special guest or family member. Here are a few Thanksgiving gift ideas that are easy for children to make.

thanksgiving gifts kids can make

Autumn Floral, Jar, and Basket Gifts

Try these great Thanksgiving gifts kids can make easily with just a little bit of adult supervision:

1. Wreath

Wreath | Thanksgiving Gifts Kids Can Make -

Tutorial from theglamlifehousewifeeventstocelebrate

Thanksgiving Wreath | Thanksgiving Gifts Kids Can Make -


Make a wreath by cutting out stiff cardboard into a small ring. Using glue, paste dried or craft flowers and berries onto the cardboard to cover it.

Once the glue is set, glitter may be sprinkled to add a sparkling touch. Attach a loop of ribbon to the back for hanging and use as guest favors by placing on a piece of square tissue paper on dinner plates in a beautiful table setting.

2. Decorative Jars

Decorative Jars | Thanksgiving Gifts Kids Can Make -

Tutorial from bloglovinrealsimple, and buzzfeed

Small glass or clear plastic containers of unique shapes and sizes may be used for this simple project. Simply fill the containers with dried or craft flowers, berries, and greens and tie with a decorative bow.

3. Floral Arrangements/Baskets

Floral Arrangements/Baskets | Thanksgiving Gifts Kids Can Make -

Children can help make some great autumn floral arrangements or baskets.

Beautiful Place Cards With Fall Leaves

1. Place card buntings

Place card buntings | Thanksgiving Gifts Kids Can Make -


2. Turkey place card holders

Turkey place card holders | Thanksgiving Gifts Kids Can Make -


3. Fallen dried leaves

Fallen dried leaves | Thanksgiving Gifts Kids Can Make -


4. Rosemary Sprigs

Rosemary Sprigs


Place card for thanksgiving | Thanksgiving Gifts Kids Can Make -

To make place cards for the holiday table, cut standard size cardstock sheets in half. Then fold the smaller rectangles in half like a tent. Have kids write names of guests on the front of each and glue small craft leaves or fall-colored construction paper cut to look like leaves around the edges of the card. Leave the inside blank.

When company arrives, encourage the children to ask each guest what he or she is thankful for. Put the answers inside the cards. Arrange them at the table before dinner, or stack them up at a serving table and let guests find theirs before they sit down.

Handprint Centerpiece

Handprint Centerpiece | Thanksgiving Gifts Kids Can Make -


For this craft, choose a candleholder and candle to place at the center of the table. A nice idea would be a thick cylindrical candle and glass dome. Then cut a wreath-shaped ring out of sturdy construction paper. The inside circle of the ring should be about the size of the candleholder bottom.

Have kids trace their hands on colored construction paper and cut them out with blunt scissors. Paste the handprints onto the ring so the fingers face outward. Children can write their names on the handprints, if desired. Lay the ring in the center of the table with the candleholder and candle on top. Place a special marker at one table setting and whoever sits there wins the centerpiece.

Add a personalized touch to the holidays by creating beautiful handmade Thanksgiving gifts for guests. The crafts are easy for children to do and will keep them entertained while the host prepares dinner. Furthermore, giving gifts at Thanksgiving is a wonderful way to remind kids what the holiday is truly all about: being thankful for family and friends.

Kids still looking for something to do on Thanksgiving Day morning? Have them help put together some simple no-cook Thanksgiving Day appetizers. Interested in getting the kids to work and play nicely together this November holiday? Try some Thanksgiving Team Building Activites for Kids.