20+ Beautiful Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas

Last Updated on November 1, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

The wreath is an iconic holiday traditional decoration. It’s versatile, there are multiple ways to use and decorate them and they look good pretty much anywhere with minimum effort! In this article, we’ll be sharing twenty best Thanksgiving wreath decoration ideas to inspire you to hang at least one this Thanksgiving.

1. Burlap Wreath

1 thanksgiving wreath ideas

This non-traditional burlap wreath design proves that burlap doesn’t have to be plain and boring. This wreath features a festive warm orange chevron design with a hanging wooden “thankful” sign and some fall-worth embellishments.


2. Tulle Turkey Wreath DIY

2 thanksgiving wreath ideas

This festive and quirky wreath DIY features the iconic turkey and is a big hit with the kids. This DIY is quite easy and is a great hanging on bedroom doors.


3. Scented Wreath

3 thanksgiving wreath ideas

This scented wreath is perfect for a little touch of adult sophistication to your home. It smells incredible and is a beautiful decorative piece as well.

4. Hydrangea Wreath DIY

4 thanksgiving wreath ideas

This wreath is the perfect floral addition to your home. This DIY is quick and easy to follow and you can go crazy with your creativity.


5. Harvest Half-Wreath

5 thanksgiving wreath ideas

Depending on your taste, you might not want a fully dressed wreath and would like something simpler. This half-wreath inspired by harvest elements and fall colors.


6. Corn Husk Wreath DIY

6 thanksgiving wreath ideas

This simple and homey wreath made out of corn husks is a great addition to the outside of your home. It has a ton of charm and personality and is a great farmhouse staple. Try out this quick and easy DIY to save some money and show off your harvest!


7. Rustic Monogram Wreath

7 thanksgiving wreath ideas

This rustic monogram wreath is simple and elegant is a beautiful piece that you definitely need in your home for thanksgiving. The monogram is also customizable to any letter you need.


8. Sparkly Leaf Wreath DIY

8 thanksgiving wreath ideas

This fun and easy DIY is easily customizable to mat h any color palette you’d like and is perfect for adding a touch of glam to your wall or door hangings. Who doesn’t need a little sparkle in their life right?


9. Grapevine Pumpkin Wreath

9 thanksgiving wreath ideas

This minimalistic grapevine pumpkin wreath is a perfect multi-tiered addition to your Thanksgiving decor.


10. Burlap Grapevine Wreath

10 thanksgiving wreath ideas

This highly decorative wreath is not only adorable but it also enforces the purpose of Thanksgiving by reminding you to give thanks once again proving that burlap isn’t boring.


11. Football Wreath

11 thanksgiving wreath ideas

Football is perhaps as age-old to Thanksgiving as turkey is. And this wreath celebrates the love for the sport and Thanksgiving alike!

12. Cheerful Turkey Wreath

12 thanksgiving wreath ideas

You can never have enough turkey wreaths! This cheerful turkey wreath is an adorable little adornment that the kids will love and the adults will giggle at.


13. Fall Acorn Wreath DIY

13 thanksgiving wreath ideas

This “tried and true” DIY is an elegant and adorable addition to your home decor this Thanksgiving. This wreath adds a monochromatic touch with an elegant flair to your home without looking shabby and plain.


14. DIY Embroidery Hoop Wreath

14 thanksgiving wreath ideas

This adorable and feminine embroidery hoop wreath is the perfect blend of DIY, wood, foliage and floral accents that are sure to be an amazing show stopping piece at your home this Thanksgiving.


15. Pheasant Feather Natural Wreath

15 thanksgiving wreath ideas

This unique and festive wreath is made out of real pheasant feathers and is an amazing hand-made wreath to add to your home this Thanksgiving.


16. Colorful Paper Wreath DIY

16 thanksgiving wreath ideas

This fiery wreath reminds us of our favorite little turkeys and fall weather! It’s a perfect and easy DIY to try your hand at if you want something low cost yet eye-catching.


17. Colorful Burlap Wreath

17 thanksgiving wreath ideas

This colorful and quirky wreath is adorned with mini-pumpkins proving once again that burlap is not boring!


18. Heartwarming Large Wreath

18 thanksgiving wreath ideas

This large wreath is an incredibly heartwarming sight especially with the humble adornments. It certainly looks like a piece after our hearts.


19. Little Pumpkin Wreath

19 thanksgiving wreath ideas

This little pumpkin wreath looks like it came straight out of a children’s story book and it looks absolutely amazing, quaint and adorable.



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Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for the things we have, don’t have, and experience. The best way to celebrate doesn’t mean that you need multiple decorative pieces to adorn your home but it certainly is pleasing to the eyes and heartwarming when you have at least a wreath to commemora