Best 8 Tips On How To Promote Your Interior Design Blog On Instagram

Last Updated on February 20, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

It is hard to imagine a blog today that won’t have profiles on popular social media like Instagram or Twitter. Some creators do all the content solely on these social platforms.

However, classic blogs still have a significant impact on the industry and remain one of the best methods to express yourself and show your knowledge and skills. Social media, in this case, serves as a promotion trampoline that helps to redirect traffic back to your site.

For interior designers, using social networks is also required in order to find a job and communicate with other enthusiasts of the niche. Here are eight super-useful tips that will enhance your performance and promote your blog on Instagram.

A Note About Paid Promotion

There are different ways to improve your progress on Instagram. And using third-party services like when want to buy Instagram live views, likes, or comments is quite a common practice that allows you to reach your goals quickly. But, many users misunderstand the usage of paid services.

Thus they either don’t get the desired result and may end up with a ban. To make social media boosts work in your favor, you must set the right goal and realize why you need this or that stat to be pushed.

The critical statement to remember when you decide to boost your account is: purchased stats are not a substitute for the organic audience. They are only a tool on your way to winning the attention of the real public.

Tip 1: Make A Plan

make plan

To wield Instagram for promotion successfully, you have to develop a thorough strategy that will help you to structure your work, set up the priorities, and build content making according to your possibilities and goals.

Planning makes running Instagram and any other social media much easier and faster as well. Besides, having a schedule for online activity gives you free time for other essential things in your life.

You have to find a perfect frequency and workflow that will not hurt your blog and prevent you from overloading. Luckily, there are many additional tools that make this task easier.

Tip 2: Research

Fruitful promotion on Instagram requires a deep dive into trends of the platform in general and your industry in particular, as well as examining the behavior and interests of users. Knowing what is going on and what your target group wants to see will bring you to popularity and promote your blog.

  • Discover what trends are relevant for your niche and use them to attract people – it’s common for users to follow many accounts from the same industry.
  • Watch what your competitors are doing – to develop a distinct strategy and collect some valuable insights.
  • Examine your audience – how old they are, where they live, when they are primarily active on Instagram, what content they prefer, etc.
  • Find powerful influencers with who you can co-work, and see how they communicate with their audience.

Tip 3: Use Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing

Instagram is the ultimate distributor of influencer marketing strategy. This is a method of collaboration between influencers, creators, and brands in which popular bloggers use the trust of their audience to promote a product or service.

This tactic is relevant for cross-promotion as well. Nowadays, this technique is considered one of the most effective for all industries and individuals. However, this method requires investments – influencers take royalty for promoting your blog or ask for a swap if you have something to offer.

The key task will be to find the most relevant influencer whose audience is eager to discover what they offer to make this strategy work. Ask for statistics before you sign up for any contracts. Still, it is also highly recommended to watch the influencer’s behavior incognito to see their genuine relationships with the followers.

Tip 4: Create Original Content

To promote your blog successfully, it is not enough to repost your recent blog uploads. To attract new audiences to your blog and redirect them there, you have to provide some valuable information on your Instagram.

This way, you can gain new followers and nurture a community on ig using your loyal readers. Also, posting something different on Instagram will create diversity and motivate users to follow your blog site and Instagram too.

Tip 5: Work On Visuals

Instagram is based on pictures! To impress your potential viewers the most, you must provide interesting and esthetic content. Take inspiration from other blogs and use your interior works to show your taste.

People like a combination of studio content with live impressions from it, so you can develop skills for creating high-quality content with your phone and collaborating with photographers and videographers to collect some professional materials.

Tip 6: Provide Active Communication

Another vital factor that will help you to promote your blog is making Instagram a place for free communication with your audience. Use this network as an instrument for making conversations and getting closer to your readers.

With Stories stickers, Instagram Live, and a simple comment section, you can develop a strong connection with your audience and become a known author beyond Instagram, as well as a nice person. Such a reputation is vital because Instagram is a social media, so people want to meet other people here.

Tip 7: Encourage User-generated Content

This practice helps to develop a relationship with your audience. Offer some tutorials, tips for decorating and organizing a home, and ask your followers to share their results. Such posts help you prove your qualification as a professional. It is an excellent addition to your content plan that allows you to accumulate more original ideas for later, diluting your feed with various content.

Another interesting example to use is to help your followers to improve their homes according to your recommendations and ask them for a review of their experience a bit later – this can be good proof of your service quality and interesting content for your viewers.

Tip 8: Infuse Your Profile With Personal Flair

People want to meet other people on social media, so to gain success on Instagram, your profile has to reflect your personality, so users feel like they are familiar with you. Don’t concentrate solely on showing off your designs and tips for home decor and interior.

Share something personal, as much as you think is relevant for you, and users will appreciate your sincerity and work. After all, your inspiration and tastes are what make you an interior designer and enthusiast, so why not share them with your fans?