26+ Beautiful Types of Kitchen Curtains and Valances (Modern, Luxury, and More)

beautiful types of kitchen curtains

Last Updated on July 19, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Whether you are an interior designer or a meticulous homeowner, you would understand that kitchen curtains are important in expressing the overall aesthetics of your home.

The kitchen is a vital space as hearty meals are prepared there and food is shared among friends and family members.

Kitchen curtains make or break the whole kitchen experience through the amount of light it lets in, the fabric, the color, and the ease of putting and pulling it up, down, or sideways. With these, it is but fitting to present the types of kitchen curtains available for setting up your kitchen interior. 

Valance curtains

They are the opposite of café curtains as they could only cover the top of the window. They are usually made of scrap fabric/cloth during the Renaissance and became a trend during the Victorian era.

They are beneficial for kitchens with limited floor space. They are also good complements of sheer or lightweight material curtains. 

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Swag valance

Swag valance curtains for kitchen

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If you want a more sophisticated look, this is the curtain type for you. Swag is a modern kitchen curtain design. Swag valances are made from hanging drapes over the window top. This causes curtain tails hanging on the sides.

Balloon valance

Balloon valance curtains for kitchen
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Also called as the pouf valance, it gets its name from its balloon shape by sewing double fabrics together and ruching them along the top hem. Polyester or cotton balloon valances are the most common materials used for this type. They will look beautiful in formal set-ups, full-length curtains, and in classic kitchen styles. 

Box pleat valance

Box pleat valance curtains for kitchen

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When your valance has a straight edge, you can go for a notch up and try the box pleat valance. All you have to do is to divide the valance in equal halves for them to be divided into pleated sections. Box pleat valances are also good additions to sophisticated, formal kitchen set-ups and in full-length curtains. 

Shade curtains

They are generally pulled up and down through a curtain cord and are mainly made with lace and polyethylene materials. They are very good kitchen insulators for varying temperatures. They can be opened wide to let the air in or closed to keep you warm on cold winters. 

Bamboo shades

Bamboo shades for kitchen window

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This one filters the light but at the same time letting small light in entering the room. It is easy to maintain and is very environment-friendly. Its only downside is that it could be fragile. Nonetheless, it gives off the right tropical feel. 

Sheers curtains

Sheer curtains for kitchen window

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While they are slightly transparent, they also give enough privacy to the kitchen. They typically have light colors, made from lightweight materials and delicate fabrics.

The only downside is that sheer curtains are bad insulators. They are the most popular curtains for a reason. They can be used as drapes, mid-accent curtain panel, valance, half-window, or full-length curtain. 

Roman shades

TWOPAGES Faux Linen Roman Shade

Roman shades for kitchen window

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They are used in keeping too much light out of the room. When pulled up, they gather in pleats. Some are made of wood but mostly of polyethylene and other hard materials. They could match any kitchen interior with their neutral colors. 

Full-length curtain panels

Floor length kitchen curtain

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These floor-length curtain panels have a length ranging from 65-145 inches. This kitchen curtain is best for kitchens with large floor spaces. It is a good insulator for kitchens and elegant looking at the same time. 

Cafe curtains

They are considered as one of the most common types of kitchen curtains. They often come in linen, sheer, or polyester material hanging from curtain rings with rods halfway through the window. They get their name from the traditional roadside café curtains of the 80s because they look like them. 

Full-window cafe curtains

full-window cafe curtains for kitchen windows

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This one typically hung to the top or close to the top. They are usually used for privacy purposes as they reach a typical length of 45 inches. They come in handy in kitchens where sunlight could directly penetrate. 

Half-window cafe curtains

Half window cafe curtains for kitchen curtains

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They are loved because they could easily blend with any kitchen interior as they only cover half the window. It gives the kitchen a natural glow for the sunlight it allows in. However, they could have privacy issues and may require you to put valances. 

Kitchen curtain designs

Kitchen curtains are not generic when it comes to designs. Like all other types of curtains, they follow certain designs. But whatever you choose, kitchen curtains are quite versatile. Here is a rundown of some kitchen curtain designs that you can consider. 


Tailored kitchen curtains

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As the term implies, tailored curtains are well-fitted curtains. They are measured accurately. Valances are usually tailored along with full-length curtain panels. 


Ellis Curtain Brissac Lined Scallop Valance

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It is a popular curtain design developed in France in the mid-18th century. They are usually made with lightweight materials or sheer fabric. They are used as drapes or toppers for full-length curtain panels and half-window curtains. 


Swag kitchen valance

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They are usually window toppers. It comes as the last piece in a three-piece set. The swag comes with a rod pocket, a curved shape inside, and straight inside. They are good for classy, colonial homes. 


Ruffled kitchen valance

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They are modern curtain designs and as the name implies, they are ruffled either at the top or at full-length. They are often used as drapes, head toppers, or as full-length or window-length curtains. They are made of sheer, satin, and another medium to lightweight materials. 


Tied up kitchen curtain

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They invoke the classy Victorian era of floral parlors and leather furniture. Modern designs however are perfect for minimalist and boho interior designs. They are typically opened by pulling the curtain up instead of sideways. This is done by attaching decorative cords, strings, and pins to the curtain panels. 


Pointed kitchen valance

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They are also called triangle curtains because as the name implies, they have a pointed edge. Pointed designs are usually seen in southern interiors as head toppers. If you have angled windows, this type of curtain design is also a good choice. 


Balloon kitchen curtain

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They are usually mounted outside the window casing. They are called as such because their scalloped edges give a fullness to the fabric. They are good toppers because they give a sophisticated effect to the kitchen. They are also beautiful valances for small kitchen floors. 

Header types

They are also called curtain toppers. They are where the rods are slipped in to assemble the curtain ensemble. For each kitchen curtain design, there is a suitable header type that you should follow.

Pinch Pleat

Pinkch pleat kitchen curtain

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This is the most common pleated curtain type. It is called as such because the pleats are stitched together and pinched at the top forming elegant folds. Three-finger pinch pleats are the most common for this header type.  

Rod Pocket

Rod pocket kitchen curtain

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They are casual looking and essentially easy to assemble. You just have to slip the curtain piece into the rods and everything is set. They are attractive pairs to blackout curtains and any tight-fit, thin curtain rods. 

Grommet and Eyelet

Grommet kitchen curtain

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They are categorized as modern curtain designs. Grommets are eye rings made to support the curtain panels. Other than the kitchen, grommet and eyelet headers are perfect for bedrooms because of the ease that they provide in opening and closing the curtains. 

Tab Top

Tab top kitchen curtain

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They are distinguishable for their top loops that are created to support the curtain rods. Like the eyelet and rod pocket, tab tops are easy to install. They are perfect for patterned fabrics or in rustic, southern kitchens or homes. 

Kitchen curtain styles

At this point, you now know the most basic kitchen curtain designs and the types of header that can be used. Here, we will talk about the most frequent kitchen curtain styles that you can consider. 

Patterned kitchen curtain


81K 8LsU1TL. AC SL1500

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Be it floral, geometrical, fleur-de-lis, patterned curtain designs never go out of style. Floral patterns go well with a sheer curtain or half-window curtains. Geometrical could be full-length. The ethereal fleur-de-lis can be used as a valance, balloon-type or full-length. 

Embroidered kitchen curtain

Embroidered kitchen curtain

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They are considered as budget type yet elegant kitchen curtain styles. They are often sheer curtains or polyester. Modern designs like boho-inspired or geometric patterns are often used in minimalist homes. 

Checkered kitchen curtain

Checked kitchen curtain

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The buffalo checkered design is the most common type and it is perfect in southern kitchens. It provides enough light and privacy and it does not fall short of new styles. 

Clasped style

This style is usually done for sheer or other lightweight kitchen curtains. The panels will be clasped using a decorative clamp giving off some beach vibes for any kitchen. 

Royal style

This makes use of either the balloon design or the scalloped design. Draping it with shades of velvet or gold will surely transform your kitchen into a royal haven. This is good for kitchens with large floor spaces. 

Mixed patterns

You can go all out and creative with your kitchen curtain style. As long as it goes well with every angle or space, you can have a floral kitchen curtain on one spot and a striped or checkered one on the other. 

How to choose a kitchen curtain

The basics of choosing a kitchen curtain is to first know the type of vibe you want to pull off. When it comes to the how, all you need to consider would be the colors, the designs, and the headers that will best complement your kitchen. 

To top off the kitchen curtain design, here are some pointers that you need to bear in mind.  

Classic kitchen

If you don’t want to play around with vibrant colors and patterns, you can stay simple and classy with white, cream, or chrome tones. For this, the best type of curtains would be sheer curtains. You can also explore lace or embroidered styles to keep it classy. 

Modern and minimalist

If you are eyeing for a modern, industrial or minimalist vibe, you have to choose curtains with darker, deeper tones. The pull-down, tied-up, or shades could be used for a kitchen project like this. 

Country vibe

Complete with the butcher block and the spices deck, geometric or checkered curtains will be the best compliment for a country vibe kitchen. 

Classic kitchens love the balloon, scalloped or pleated designs. Modern and minimalist would rather go café kitchen curtain-type or full length, three-piece set. Country vibe loves it plain and simple using rod pockets or tab tops as headers along with the classic country checkered print. 

Other than this, you must also be wary of the materials used. Softer curtain materials should be in kitchens where kids do not casually run around. Tied-up, half-window curtains, and valances are easy alternatives for homes with small kids. For more formal setups, choose the pleated, balloon, or sheer ones.  

How long do kitchen curtains last?

It kind of depends on the material used and of course, the kind of treatment used to sustain them. On average, well-kept kitchen curtains could last for 5-7 years.

Full-length curtains are more vulnerable to wear especially if they puddle at the base due to extended lengths.

Sheer types and other lightweight fabrics could be vulnerable to accidental cuts and tears too. Given these, it is quite important to know the upsides and downsides of each curtain material, design, and style. 


To conclude, the type of curtain that you will choose is a detailed job. You must first know the types of curtains available and from there choose the right toppers that will provide the most ease in installation and in pulling it out.

Aside from these, there are yet again varied styles to choose from and this one is dependent on the overall kitchen aesthetics that you wish to pull off.

At the end of the day, kitchen curtains are important pieces because they contribute not only to the vibe of the kitchen but also in light and air circulation. As such, there is no excuse for being meticulous with the types of kitchen curtains.