23 Different Types Of Ovens and Brands (Buying Guide)

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An oven plays a very important role in the kitchen. Different types of ovens have different features that suit different needs. There is no one perfect type of oven, and what fits your needs perfectly might not work for someone else.

It is important to understand the different types of ovens that are available in the market. This article will discuss the different types including their features, installation mechanism, size, heating method, and brands. Let’s get started.

types of ovens brands

Common Types Of Ovens

1. Conventional Ovens

conventional oven

Most of the conventional ovens have heat sources at the bottom and the top. The bottom heat comes from a gas burner, usually infra-red and the top heat comes from an electric element.

With a conventional oven, the cooking distance flexibility is not the same. However, you can get four or even five inches from the heat.

With the burners both at the top and bottom, you can broil your element within the main oven compartment. A conventional oven is reliable for heavy-duty use, although the roasting result is not even. This heavy-duty nature makes it heat very quickly. It also comes with a temperature fluctuation and less overall heating. 

This oven takes a lot of time, especially if you want brown or crispy food. This is because the gas combustion releases moisture into the air, making it more humid.

2. Convection Oven

convection oven

Convection ovens work by circulating hot gas throughout the chamber. The heat is then distributed evenly throughout the product. This type of oven is common in commercial use for baking, frying, and roasting food products.

They’re used more than 50% of the time in a restaurant. Therefore, you can be assured that it’s effective in performing its task and meets health standards.

This type of oven offers advantages such as precise temperature control, small cabinet size, the capability of cooking through food quickly, and more consistent results than a conventional oven. There is no preheating needed, meaning less energy used and more savings for the consumer.

On the downside, convection ovens have shorter life spans due to the constant heat they are exposed to. Their motors tend to wear out faster than regular ovens since they are constantly working at high temperatures. The parts also get hotter and can be easily damaged from a power surge or short circuit.

3. Bench-top Convection Ovens

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This is a small convection oven that you can place on a kitchen bench-top. It has fewer features than the built-in version but does its job by cooking food evenly and fast. Unlike built-in models, bench-top convection ovens require some space but work well for smaller kitchens.

The ovens use the same technology as commercial kitchens but in a smaller package. However, they do not have all the fancy features as commercial units.

You can expect no dual-element heating, rotating turntable, and infrared broiler. But you can still expect excellent cooking results, especially when baking cakes, roasting meats, or cooking dishes that need even heat distribution.

4. Toaster Ovens

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Whole-home convection ovens are a bit more expensive and bigger than bench-top units. They usually come loaded with features that make them perfect for commercial use.

They come with multiple heating elements, rotating turntable, and infrared broiler. But they’re still available in the market aimed at home users who seek the benefits of baked food.

They are more affordable than their conventional counterparts. This makes them a great choice for people who want to upgrade from the usual oven.

They are easy to use, and most models come with temperature controls, timers, and other features that make cooking more convenient. Because of the size of these toaster ovens, the amount of food you cook is also limited. Unfortunately, they don’t offer the same bake quality as their biggest oven models.

5. Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens are one of the most important inventions in the world. They made cooking so much easier by speeding up the process and making it convenient.

Cooking can be done anywhere, anytime you want to eat a meal without a hassle. But when it comes to cooking, microwaves cannot brown or crisp food. They also don’t cook evenly. Food on the edges will usually be cooked more than the inside, making it tough and rubbery.

 Microwave ovens are good at heating food rapidly since they have a rotating table and a waveguide. Food will be heated and cooked 10% of the time required to cook food by other conventional ovens.

This makes it best for reheating or cooking fast food meals, as well as thawing frozen foods. They can also make some dishes like scrambled eggs, instant soups, and anything that is fast-cooked.

6. Roaster Oven

81DvpX+o0ML. AC SL1500

Roaster ovens can cook at high heat; hence, cooking food well from the inside. Meats and vegetables will be evenly roasted even if they are in uneven shapes or sizes.

The ovens have a fan that constantly moves the air around during cooking. The fan ensures your dishes are cooked evenly inside and out.

A roaster oven works for roasting, steaming, and slow cooking. People mainly use it during holidays when the main oven space is limited. The installation is affordable although it doesn’t offer the same bake quality as bigger ones.

Roaster ovens are very versatile and you can use them to cook a wide variety of dishes. They come in various sizes.

The smallest ones hold only 1 or 2 chickens while larger ones can hold up to 100 pounds of turkey. This makes them perfect for cooking huge meals, as you do not have to use your stovetop or a large oven.

Types of Ovens Based on Heating Method

When it comes to the heating method, every oven uses a different source of heat. Some use gas, while others use electricity to provide the energy needed for cooking.

Others even use steam and traditional mode of heating. Let’s see how the different heating methods work:

7. Electric Ovens

electric oven

A lot of people prefer electric ovens, as gas may be too hot for them. If the heat is uneven, it can cause some parts to boil while others remain raw.

That problem doesn’t exist in an electric oven. This type of oven also cooks a little faster than gas ones and are generally more efficient. They also cost a little more than their counterparts.

Electric ovens are usually composed of two components which include the heating element and the fan. They help distribute heat evenly throughout the entire cooking chamber so that no section of it gets too hot.

The heating element is made up of coils filled with electrically conductive material. When current passes through this material, it becomes very hot. The fan is then used to blow air through the coils and distribute heat throughout the cooking chamber. This ensures that everything gets an equal amount of heat.

8. Gas Ovens

gas oven

Gas ovens are a great alternative to electric appliances. This is because they offer the best of both worlds. They harness the power of electricity and convert it into heat distributed by natural gas. Your food cooks evenly without burning or undercooking anything.

A gas oven is one of the most popular ovens for baking. It allows for even heat distribution and is quite easy to use.

They are also good for retaining moisture, making them better equipped for roasting meat. Many apartments do not use it since getting the gas line fitted to the oven can be challenging to handle.

9. Steam Oven

steam oven

Steam ovens are good for cooking different types of food. If you want to cook your food at very high temperatures, then a steam oven is the best option.

Food cooked in this oven does not get dried out, or undercooked, so steamed dishes have great flavor and texture.

The steam oven is a dishwasher that uses water to generate steam. The heat from the water then cooks the food.

This oven does not require any oil for preparing or seasoning food, unlike conventional ovens. Steam doesn’t let air escape, so it traps healthy nutrients while infusing the food with steam.

10. Traditional Ovens [pizza]

714uy4MsG4S. AC SL1500

You may not use a traditional oven for steamed dishes, but you can use it for baking your pizza. Pizza dough made from rice flour is delicious, especially if brushed with garlic oil and seasoned with herbs.

You can cook a few pizzas in the clay oven at the same time. I would say that this method tastes, smells, and looks so much better than baking in an electric oven.

These types of ovens are very large and are fueled by heat from the bricks. They may not look practical at home but can be useful when you need them for commercial use.

Types of Ovens Based on Sizes

When choosing an oven to buy, you must understand and consider different sizes. Here are different oven sizes in the market.

11. Single Oven

single oven

This is the simplest size of ovens. It is built with a single partition, and it is used to fit only one tray or pan. A small family that does not want to cook for too many people may need this kind of oven since they can prepare food as fast as possible.

Single ovens are portable and easy to use. This oven may also come as a single and individual appliance. You can place the oven under a stovetop.

It is convenient and small, and you carry it anywhere you go as it does not occupy much space. Although this type of oven comes in a compact size, its quality and performance are just as good as bigger ovens.

12. Double Oven

61FEuXAj+aS. AC SL1500

Double ovens that have the same heating capacity are interchangeable with single-ovens. This is a good feature as it allows you to cook food in different ways at the same time.

Do not worry about the cooking space since you can easily swap between ovens. You can also use the top oven for bigger dishes and desserts. Use the lower one for smaller pieces of food like snacks, vegetables, steaks, or baked potatoes.

13.Triple Oven

triple oven

Finding a triple oven has been difficult, but that’s now in the past. Nowadays, it is very much available in the market. Samsung released it in the year 2016.

It was a double oven that was improvised to become a triple oven. It has two spaces at the top, which are used for cooking two flat foods, leaving extra space at the bottom for roasting food.

You can roast your whole chicken and even bake a cake at the bottom of this type of oven. If you ever need this oven, all you have to do is go to Amazon and buy it.

It is a high-quality product that will last for years since many families have already tried and tested it.

Oven Types Based on Installation Method

When you don’t have that much space in your kitchen, consider the standard of your oven based on installation methods. Here are the options available:

14. Freestanding Oven

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This is a versatile type of oven because it can be installed in open areas or underground spaces.

This oven will free your kitchen counter space and is also very easy to operate using the knobs available on both sides of the unit. If you want to look for this kind of oven, then head to Amazon and get one.

15. Wall Mounted Oven

This is another popular type of oven that can be easily installed just by mounting it on the wall. If you’re not planning to use this in one spot, this may be a perfect match for you because its installation is very easy and requires very little space.

The best thing about this oven is that it is cordless and corded, which means you can either wire or unwire the entire unit, depending on your need.

A wall-mounted oven fits well in a kitchen that doesn’t have enough floor space. Unfortunately, it is among the expensive types of oven because the model is based on installation.

16. Slide-in Ovens

81wr 4Sg2KL. AC SL1500

An electric slide-in oven can be easily installed by moving the old one and then sliding in the new model. This kind of installation is very easy, especially if you’re not planning to remodel your kitchen.

Generally speaking, this electric oven doesn’t have a fancy display, but it’s very functional and practical as it can be easily cleaned. A slide-in electric oven is also ideal for small kitchens because of its smaller size.

Even though it’s more expensive than the freestanding model, it’s quite cheaper than the wall-mounted oven. It reduces the gap between the oven and cabinets, allowing crumbs to fall in.

17. Drop-in Oven

drop in oven

This is the most expensive type of oven and the hardest to install. The drop-in electric oven needs a custom panel cut out for it and then installed in the place where you want your new kitchen appliance to be. For you to install it, you have to lift and then lower it into a specifically-built cabinet.

Other than difficulty in installation, it provides a smooth result and an integrated look, bringing a more luxurious look to your kitchen.

Types of Ovens Based on their Features

Improved technology has been ovens having more specific features. These modern features allow them to offer a wider range of functions, not only cooking and roasting. The modern features include:

18. Self-cleaning Ovens


It bakes, broils, and toasts foods, and heats liquids. You can set the time and temperature depending on the type of food you would like to cook.  You can also adjust its size to fit your needs.

It has a special self-cleaning feature that allows you to clean inside it quickly without scrubbing it manually.

The self-cleaning feature prevents smoke and fire from burning the oven, making it healthier for people to cook in.

It is versatile as you can use its top or bottom for baking features depending on your needs. It also has convection features that help the airflow inside it, making it possible for freshly cooked foods not to dry out.

19. Oven with Wi-Fi

wifi oven

There’re also ovens with Wi-Fi capability inside them. This feature allows you to control the temperature and cooking features using your iPhone or Android phones, making it easy for you to cook without lifting a finger.

You can now connect this oven to other home appliances such as rice cookers, steamers, microwaves which makes it very convenient for the job.

So if you’re busy around your home and still want to make your favorite cake, try out this oven option. With your home appliances, you can control the oven function from any of your rooms.

20. Multifunction Oven

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A multifunction oven will be the best choice for you if you plan to cook lots of dishes in a single day.

This kind of appliance can be used as both an oven and a microwave at the same time. It is the ultimate cooking maker with an awesome range of features integrated into it so that your cooking experience can become enjoyable.

You can use it for grilling, roasting, and defrosting. You can also find one with a special feature for baking. It comes with a feature that proofs dough until it is perfect.

21. Oven with Delay Feature

oven with delay feature

A delay feature allows you to program your cooking time up until 24 hours in advance. It is a great facility, especially if you tend to forget about your meal while working or busy at work.

This way, you can continue doing what you are engaged in without having the worry of burning or overcooking your food. So if you don’t like focusing on your kitchen while doing other things, this oven option is your best bet.

22. Delayed Feature Oven

Delayed feature oven contains automatic roasting and baking controls that help in delaying the cooking time until it meets the set time.

When it reaches the pre-set time and set level of cooking, the oven turns off. This is the best to use when you’re cooking, and you’ve diverted your attention to somewhere else instead of your kitchen.

Top Oven Brands

1. Bosch Oven

41oScmOkFnL. AC

Bosch is one of the well-known brands that provide home appliances to homes. One of their product offerings is the Bosch oven.

If you are looking for an oven with advanced features, this might be your best option. However, it does have a steep price and uses expensive electricity compared to other types of ovens.

2. KitchenAid Oven

61FXAcKA5fL. AC SL1280

Another brand that you can consider when buying an oven is KitchenAid. They specialize in offering kitchen appliances to households.

The new ovens they offer will no doubt meet your needs. However, their products are big and bulky compared to other brands. If you have a spacious kitchen, this type of oven should fit right into your room.

3. General Electric Ovens [GE]

71TpCTP2UKS. AC SL1500

GE is a reputable brand in the industry of oven manufacturing. You’ll find them affordable and energy-efficient among all other brands.

Some of their best models include the GE JGBP76-JPSO Wall Pro Range. This range is made of stainless steel and has a reversible glass-ceramic top. This, along with other features, is a little more expensive than most ovens in the market.

4. Whirlpool Ovens

whirlpool oven

Whirlpool is a brand under the company name of Whirlpool Corporation. The corporation was founded in 1911 and had been producing ovens ever since.

One of their best models is the WFGTD7100S Range (Stainless Steel). This is a high-quality product that comes with many features. It has four burners which are also high-performing and can heat up very fast. 

5. LG Ovens

51H2nRvPnWL. AC SL1000

LG Corporation is one of the biggest companies in electronics. They deal with everything electronic, including ovens. The LHS30670WD Range (Stainless Steel) is quite affordable and offers many features that can help you prepare your meals.

It comes with a convection mode which will help cook any dish evenly at all times. The temperature can be adjusted from 100 to 450 degrees, and you can use the variable broil, which is also great for cooking meat dishes.

6. Frigidaire Ovens

51+cnK0vUwL. AC SL1000

Frigidaire is a well-known brand in many appliances. The FGHB2866PF Range (Stainless Steel) has two convection ovens, and the upper one is a microwave, making it feature-rich. It includes four burners on the main, and there are also two more that are high-performing.

It has three shelves that allow you to cook all sorts of foods simultaneously. It has digital controls that you can use to adjust the temperature using the dials at the back of the cooktop. This type of oven brand is electric and proves to be notorious for cleaning. It also has a warming cook burner that keeps the food fresh once it is cooked.

Features To Consider When Buying an Oven

This appliance is quite affordable, and it comes with an array of features that will make your life easier. It cooks faster, but it does not heat up as much.

Some things you should look into when buying a gas oven are: what type of gas it uses, how long the burners can be used for, and how far apart the burners are. Also, consider the design of the cooktop. Some gas ovens come with knobs you can turn to adjust the flame, while those with digital controls do so.

FAQS on the Types of Ovens

What type of oven do professional chefs use?

Professionals love convection ovens because they are the best for baking. They have even heating and air circulation that lets the food cook evenly at all times.

What type of oven is best for baking and grilling?

If you’re getting an oven for baking or grilling, go for a digital conventional one. The oven offers great temperature control and even cooking.

What is a class 2 or 4 oven?

Class 2 and class 4 ratings are both certifications from the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). They tell you whether or not the oven can reheat foods at low temperatures.

Class 2 oven shows basic features that help the oven to reach modern efficiency expectations. On the other hand, a class 4 oven saves you more money and time because it is built with added features and enhanced energy ratings and performance.


There, you have it. Modern ovens are not just for cooking and roasting. As you can see, many of these ovens come with unique features, installation models, heat sources, and brands to choose from. Therefore, choosing the right oven depends on your cooking needs and frequency.

Purchase the oven that matches your needs and interests. Always consider your budget too. If you want to save money, choose an economic model. If not, be prepared to spend a little more for better performance. Moreover, check out several options when searching for the best appliance brands in the market before making your final decision.