45 Two-color Combinations For Bedroom Walls

Last Updated on December 3, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

When it comes to home improvements, remodeling and total makeover in the rooms of the home, color plays a huge role in evoking the right style, pattern, and mood that would elevate the look and feel of a room.

While solid color blocks are already amazing in their conventionality, two-color combinations for bedroom walls offer a whole set of upscaled beauty to your bedroom. 

If you are looking for the best two-color combinations that would work for your bedroom, here are some ideas that you can consider.

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45 two-color combinations for bedroom walls

best two color combinations for bedroom walls

Without much ado, let us dive straight into some of the most remarkable ideas for two-color combinations for bedroom walls.

We sifted through different color combos that are versatile enough to work with any bedroom aesthetics for you to have an array of choices on what to go for in your bedrooms. 

Indigo and white

Indigo has always been a fascinating color. It gets the cool, ambient tone of blue and the soothing touch of purple.

In this contemporary studio type home, the headboard wall is painted with indigo to give it a relaxing and moody feel. But before everything becomes dark and brooding, you are first welcomed with lots of natural light thanks to the contrast of bright white walls from the living room up to the stairs. 

1 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

White and coral

Coral is the baby color of red and orange. It is an enlivening color that works well with neutrals but the brightness of white seems to give it a more upbeat look especially in a bedroom.

The cheery impact of white and coral are perfect for beach houses or in coastal, chic, and boho looks. 

2 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

If you want a funkier look for coral and white fit for a child’s bedroom, going for stripes can give the bedroom a lot of cheery, cottage look like this one here.

Complementing it with white and coral accent pieces also give it a cleaner, more uniform look. 

3 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

White and teal

Teal is a color of elegance. If you want the balance of cool tones, going for white and deep teal is a good idea for a bedroom.

The lightness and airiness of this room is owed to the bright white walls and bronze details but the teal bed wall offsets the crisp white tones into a more daring, standout look…and it works!

Teal is not always made for bolder looks. Sometimes, a softer teal color could offer a lot of modern vibes to a room like this one here.

Although teal is used in one corner only, the effect of bright lighting and the play of neutrals on the cabinetry and small desk make it the focal point of this bedroom. 

5 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

Sage green and white

There are a lot of reasons why sage green has become a popular 2021 color. Aside from giving a cool tone, it is really calming to look at, neat to combine with neutrals and fits a lot of contemporary designs.

In this idea, the bottom half of the walls are painted with sage green while the top half is painted with white. If you love the flush of lots of natural light, this is a combo to go for. 


Dark brown and white

If you want a bold, rustic look with a crisp, organic look, the rich tones of dark brown and the contrast of bright white is a fitting combination.

The dark brown details of this bedroom offer a cozy, inviting look and the white tones keep it grounded, light and airy.

The carefully chosen accent pieces and furniture in this room give emphasis to this brown and white contrast.

6 two color combinations for bedroom walls

Pastel on pastel

Whoever said that pastel cannot work with another pastel color have never tried this idea here.

It is another way of keeping the natural light in the room with minimal window treatment and accent decors.

Plus, orange and blue are known complementary colors, only this one notched them up in brighter hues. 

7 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

Green and pink

This is another pastel-on-pastel idea which truly radiates a playful tone in any bedroom. It is an okay choice if you are working on a shared bedroom for girls or if you are just into a funky design scheme.

Pink is a timeless vibe and green is calming. Seeing them in one room gives your bedroom an aura of lustered elegance. 

8 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

But if you want a more sophisticated look for a green and pink combo, here is something that would make you reconsider wall paints.

Using mint green and baby pink, this accent wall is enough to give this small bedroom a lot of chic looks. Extending the pink accent overhead and touching on the white ceiling is another plus.

Brown and cream

For a subdued, farmhouse look, the dainty combination of brown and cream is a fine choice. This one here looks rustic, yet contemporary and has a subtle urban flair.

The rich tone of dark brown on one corner and the opposite cream walls give you a warm and comfy aesthetic fitting for a bedroom retreat. 

10 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

Here is another brown and cream combo which you can draw inspiration from. Instead of glass windows, it goes for a multi-paned one with thick white trims. The addition of warm lighting gives it a romantic charm. 

11 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

Gray and white

There are a lot of things you can do with a white and gray combination. If you want to veer away from solid wall colors opposite each other, you can always opt for half wall painting.

This one is clearly going for a minimalist, contemporary chic look and the overlapping of gray and white paint on the walls also offer crisp lines and minimalist touches. 

12 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

For a more sophisticated, chic tone, the use of stenciled grey walls and white is another bedroom wall painting to consider. This idea speaks for itself but no one can deny the impact of that textured effect by the headboard wall. 

13 two color combinations for bedroom walls

For a more angled look of gray and white, going for these well-curated, diagonal layers of gray and white in one accent wall might be the visual surprise you need for an otherwise plain looking bedroom wall. 

14 two color combinations for bedroom walls

Pink and gray

For a sophisticated, feminine room, using pastel pink in a contrast of light gray is a fine touch to your bedroom.

Designating pastel pink as the focal point of this room and the minimal accent pieces made this idea radiate simplicity and modernity in one bedroom. 

15 two color combinations for bedroom walls

Grey and yellow

Yellow and grey offer a very compelling combo even for bedrooms. On walls, they provide a striking balance of the cool, broody tone of grey and the bright, eye-catching hue of yellow.

The right placement of these colors in this bedroom gives it a tranquil, laidback look beyond compare. 

16 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

But if you want a softer take on grey and yellow, you can take after this bedroom wall idea featuring predominantly light grey walls with a mustard yellow headboard accent.

The overhead extension of the mustard yellow gives this room a lot of edge and intriguing looks. 

17 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

And if you never imagined yellow to be incorporated in modern designs and minimalism, you have to think again because this boxed color contrast of grey and yellow shall prove you otherwise. The tranquil effect of this combination strikes again in this upscale, modern bedroom. 

18 two color combinations for bedroom walls

Navy blue and royal red

This is another bold tone combination that you might think would not work but strikingly can. What better way is there to incorporate one’s deep admiration to a sports team than to use their colors right?

In this idea, it is obvious that the use of navy blue and royal red in the bedroom walls pay homage to the New York Yankees. 

19 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

Red and Yellow

And just as you thought that two warm colors could not be good on a bedroom wall, this light yellow and bold red bedroom comes in to prove you wrong.

Sometimes, it just takes the right subdued color to complement a bolder tone like this ruby red wall here. The warm and intimate charm of this bedroom does not disappoint. 

20 two color combinations for bedroom walls

Brown and orange

This combination is an underrated industrial color but at any chance, best know that they give a lot of sophistication to any room.

Take this masculine pad for instance. There is just something very warm and compelling about the look of burnt orange. And the brown tones of this faux brick wall keep the bedroom edgy and moody at the same time. 

21 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

Green on green

If you are a real green lover and you want a layered, all-green look for your bedroom, this lime green and apple green bedroom wall is something to consider.

Beyond the trendy, playful look of this bedroom, all of the green tones around make it a rejuvenating retreat overall. And like white and yellow, expect green to allow a lot of natural light in the room. 

22 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1
23 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

Speaking of green on green, how about the use of bolder sage green and mint green in your bedroom?

It may not be as cheery as the first one but it sure gives a lot of energizing, earthy, and organic feel too. This idea here proves that mint green can also work as a neutral contrast in a two-color bedroom. 

Shades of purple

Using the same idea, you can also transform your bedroom into a tranquil yet opulent retreat by painting it with two shades of purple.

In here, the contrast of dark purple gives it an elegant flair but the subdued lighter purple hue softens it into a calming retreat.

The canopied bed and plush carpet and the crisp white tones make this bedroom an overall elegant space. 

24 two color combinations for bedroom walls

Green and white

Using army green and bright white, this small bedroom here is given a moody effect. The use of complementing natural tones for the furniture and decorative pieces also gives this one an earthy, tropical vibe.

The wood details also give it a very organic look. Everything just makes sense in this bedroom and that makes it serene looking. 

25 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

For a more playful look, you can use green and white on a bedroom but in a diagonal splash like this one here.

It is simple and very laid back but still gives a statement view for anyone who wants to have a calm refuge for a bedroom. 

26 two color combinations for bedroom walls

Orange and white

Thinking of summers and ice cream? If you want that light and easy look, orange and white is a fine touch to incorporate in your trendy bedroom.

And instead of settling for the usual solid wall paints, you can adopt this geometric half wall painting of this color combination. 

27 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

If you have a spacious bedroom, the sultry effect of burnt orange and white is a color combo that you should prioritize. This minimalist bedroom takes a lot of Scandinavian style looks. The geometric accent décor by the headboard gives it a textured look. 

28 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

White and pink

This color combo for the bedroom wall is beyond ordinary not only because it uses old rose and white and not brighter pink hues but also because the curvy separation between the two colors give this bedroom a more interesting look.

Well, it takes a lot of precision to paint those curves but the result is worth it. 

29 two color combinations for bedroom walls

But if you want a more cheery, brighter look, using bright pink and white are the power combo that you are looking for.

Stylish yet uplifting, the dominance of bright pink here gives the bedroom a unique personality and a bolder look. The white and pink opposition on the side walls also give it an intriguing vibe. 

30 two color combinations for bedroom walls

Blue and white

This match is also a popular one and for good reasons. From nautical, to rustic, to contemporary, blue and white in a bedroom never fails to deliver lots of aesthetic value.

And if you want something unconventional, blue and white stripes on your bedroom walls can offer a lot of coastal, vintage feel like this one here. 

31 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

For an urban look in a shiplap backsplash wall, this royal blue and white bedroom gives you a lot of conventional style but in a beachy, nautical mood.

The play of other blue and white accent pieces, the wicker light and the tropical pillow shams give it a firmer, coastal vibe. 

32 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

Two-color grunge effect

And if you just want to give your bedroom an unstructured, personalized look, perhaps a grunge watercolor style using white and blue is the best fit for you.

Using acrylic paint, just express yourself through your bedroom walls with this fading effect. 

33 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

This is another grunge effect bedroom wall color using red and white. If the previous idea is calming and offers serene touches, this one offers a more cheery, vivacious effect to your bedroom. 

34 two color combinations for bedroom walls

Red and white

Another timeless color combination would be red and white. With the many hues of red, you would not think that choosing matte red as the opposite of bright white would give a lot of visual impact. This bedroom here proves that the regal, vintage look can be done with red and white too. 

35 two color combinations for bedroom walls

For a softer, more feminine look, you can always go for the very underrated cranberry red as an accent wall over walls of white.

Some take cranberry red as bold while others take it as an elegant, soft tone. Whatever you conceive it to be, using it in your bedroom would never disappoint. 

36 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

Gradient look

If you want a more accented look, mixing two colors in a gradient look is the paint design that you should go for.

In this idea, pink and blue are mixed to form a bright ombre take for this bedroom wall. It may take a lot of painting expertise to come up with this but it truly is gorgeous in all ways. 

37 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

If you are a true lover of turquoise and would want to have a gradient look of this green and blue crossover in a contrast of white, here is what you should do to get that look.  The coastal chic design is so strong in this turquoise ombre look of this bedroom. 

38 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

Black and white

And for the ultimate yin and yang of all color combos, we have black and white. While it is a popular contrast among modern and industrial styles, this farmhouse style bedroom proves that black and white could also offer a lot of opulent vibes to shiplap walls. Add some minimal gold accents and you are all set to go. 

39 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

And if you want your bedroom to just scream with elegance, this out of the box black and white combo is something to consider.

The solid black walls radiate a dramatic mood but the white accent wall with stenciled black lines soften the entire room and give it an illusion of space.

The hardwood floors also add to the classy, neutral look of this bedroom. 

40 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

White and beige

With the right arrangement, the combination of soft neutrals like white and beige can give you a lot of summer afternoons or autumn feels.

Here is a bedroom wall idea using off-white and beige that would give you immediate warmth and comfort.

Earthy and natural looking, this is also an idea to go for if you want a subtle boho theme. 

41 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

Blue and blue

Here is another layered look to go for if you are working on a masculine bedroom or on a beach vibe room.

Again, there are a lot of blue colors to choose from but this bedroom got the vibe right by using midnight blue on the top half and royal blue on the bottom half.

Accenting the bedroom with neutrals also proved to be the best choice in making the walls pop. 

42 two color combinations for bedroom walls 1

Brown and maroon

There are just some colors that are so wrong together that they end up being right. These brown and maroon bedroom walls prove that in this idea.

The bold and murky effect of these two colors strikingly offer this room a lot of refined and subdued look that you would not forget. 

43 two color combinations for bedroom walls

Blush pink and olive green

This is a more outlandish take on the cheery combo of pink and green but it works. Although considered as two deep tones, they actually offer an atmospheric effect to a compact room like this one.

Not only does it look cozy, it is also very romantic, inviting, and a look to go for in spring decorating. 

44 two color combinations for bedroom walls

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have two-color bedroom walls?

Depending on the idea you are going for, the average computation for the cost of two-color bedroom walls would be at $2-6 per square foot. Costs also vary depending on the floor area of the bedroom and the type of paint to be used. 

What are the best two-color combinations for 2021?

According to Tailor Brands, be it for painting jobs at home or for business purposes such as building logos, the following surfaced as the best two-color combinations for this year. 

  • Yellow and blue
  • Navy blue and teal
  • Orange and black/white
  • Peach and maroon
  • Blue and dark purple
  • Orange and navy blue
  • Beige and brown
  • Yellow and green
  • Beige and blue
  • Navy blue and bright red
  • Pink and maroon

When painting a room two colors, which wall should be darker?

As per rule of thumb, the darker wall colors should be painted opposite to the windows or along the window walls for them to absorb more natural light. 


As has been said, the colors that we choose for the rooms in the home are essential in creating your own sense of style and in exuding your personality.

Alongside these, the overall vibe of your room can also be elevated or dramatically changed depending on what tone you apply in those walls.

Going for two-color combinations for bedroom walls definitely satisfies these remodeling benefits. 

With everything that we have covered here, it is clear that there is no limit or rules of thumb to what two-color combinations you can go for. If it works for you personally and aesthetically, stick with it.