30 Bathrooms You Have To Use at Least Once in Your Life

best bathrooms you have to use at least once in your life

Last Updated on June 16, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

Definitely, the bathroom, besides being the place that we all visit daily, is one in which we stay for a long time. And I’m talking about a conventional one. Imagine if it were one so luxurious that it was covered with crystals, or was made up of ice cubes.

Well, this and more is possible, and in the world, there are bathrooms that you would definitely want to visit.

1. The stone age

bathroom with stone designs and wooden walls

If you ever wondered how our ancestors felt when they went to the bathroom, this might give you an idea.

2. Cube of mirrors in the middle of the street

man reading a newspaper sitting in a bathroom

People cannot see if you are inside, although it is still uncomfortable.

3. Garden bath

bathroom attached to a wall with plants

Ideal for when you have a call of nature

4. The fourth bubble


bathroom with walls with linings that look like bubbles

Its padded walls that will make you feel comfortable and safe.

5. The egg capsule

bath in the form of the egg capsule

These futuristic designs have been applied in some London restaurants.

6. The meeting of the comics

bathroom with comics designs on the walls

7. The gamers’ paradise

men sitting in the toilet and on the floor a screen with controls to play video games

There will be no excuses to separate you from your favorite video game

8. View to the sky

bathroom with a view of the sky

A bath to feel the sun and see the sky while doing your thing.

9. Bathroom with a glass floor where you see the empty

1 unique bathroom ideas

If you are a person with a fear of heights, inside this bathroom you will feel that you fall into the void.

10. Sensation of freedom

outdoor bathroom in the middle of the forest

Luxury disguised as rusticity in contact with nature.

11. Under the sea

bathroom surrounded by glass walls where you can see fish

There is nothing that gives you more peace than feeling that you are under the ocean, or at least that’s what the designers of this bathroom believed.

12. Exposed pipe

copper bath with the pipe outside

This type of designs, steampunk style, may be the ideal one for you if you like to observe pipes.

13. The ice throne

bath made with ice

Maybe you conge, but you have to try it at least once in a lifetime.

14. Yellow Submarine

bathroom drew like the cover of the yellow submarine disc of the Beatles

Fans of The Beatles were never happier to take a relaxing bath in the tub.

15. The underground bathroom

3 unique bathroom ideas

A new method to save space: when it is not being used, this public bathroom is hidden so as not to disturb the street

16. The bathroom of the future

the bathroom where the sink and the cup are the same with an egg shape

The most exciting thing about a futuristic bathroom is confusion.

17. A fantasy

a bathroom covered with diamonds

Can you imagine having a bath covered with Swarovski crystals, with a value of 75 thousand dollars? It would probably be a good idea if you are a millionaire.

18. The surreal bath

a bathroom that looks like sea waves

It is something completely disorienting, but fascinating.

19. The guillotine

a bathroom that is designed as if it were a guillotine

For a tortuous spirit.

20. Skiing in the bathroom

a bathroom that has walls as if they were mountains

If you include a video game, maybe you can give it more realism

21. The challenge of feng shui

bathroom design where everything is connected by paths of earthenware

Everything in this room is perfectly connected.

22. The skull

Skull Bath

Crazy and scary (imagine it at night).

23. The Observatory

bathroom with painted walls as if it were a building

With this design, you will surely feel the center of attention.

24. The room of the mirrors

man taking a picture in a bathroom that is made of mirrors

The safest space to reflect.

25. Crystals

the bathroom made entirely of pieces of crystals

26. The bathroom all in one

bathroom with integrated clothes dryer

To remind you that cleaning is serious.

27. Velvet

velvet lined bathroom cone a wine glass and a magazine next door

Pink and sensual

28. The Zen garden

bathroom designed as a zen garden

Relaxation and serenity while you watch some fish swim.

29. Toilet for two

bathrooms for a couple in pink

Because there is nothing better to share.

30. The gold bath

Gold bath with a man sitting in the tub

Luxury to the last corner.

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