25 Incredible ideas that will inspire you to decorate your bedroom

best bedroom ideas for girls

Last Updated on June 17, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

The bedroom is the area of ​​the house where we spend the most time. Whether you live still in your parents’ house or not, that is the only space you can feel your own. It is your space, there you go to sleep, you go to watch television, you will have long conversations by phone, you will spend hours deciding what to wear the next day and you will be sleepless nights studying. That is why it is important that this place be as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Decorating a room is not easy. You must take into account aspects such as size, your interests, and your tastes, style, colors, among many other things. If you have not yet decided how to decorate your bedroom to be perfect for you, here we present 25 incredible ideas that you can inspire.

best bedroom ideas for girls

1. Urban style

Urban style room

2. For girls who love music

Gray room with orange and musical design

3. Black and pink, the perfect balance

Black room with rose

4. A colorful mat will bring your space to life

Room with a colorful carpet

5. A pixelated wall will color your room

Bedroom with pixelated wall


6. You can try different themes, the Hindu for example

Hindu style room

7. A slightly more sophisticated style

Gray room with cherry

8. A textured wall can make a difference

Room with textured wall

9. The stripes will always be perfect

Room with colored stripes

10. A room inspired by zebras

Zebra style room

11. This design is perfect for a female room where you want to save space

Room with a wall decorated with pink semicircles

12. The ideal place to read

Reading room

13. Perfect space distribution

Room with well-distributed spaces

14. A simple painting that decorates your wall can make a big difference

Minimalist room with Marilyn Monroe painting

15. Bedroom and office, all in the same place

Bedroom with office included

16. Pastel colors on the furniture will make your room unique

Room with pastel furniture

17. Who said that age prevents us from being princesses?

Princess style room

18. Simple and cozy

Room with lots of lighting

19. Light colors will make the room look brighter

Room with light colors

20. Small details make big differences

Strong pink room with butterflies and Chinese lamps

21. The perfect style for minimalists

Blue room minimalist style

22. Neutral colors also make your room look cozy

Room with neutral colors

23. For those who carry a rocker inside

Rock style room

24. Dandelions will give a very feminine style to a small room. A neutral tone is key.

Gray room with yellow and a dandelion drawn on the wall

25. The blue will always transmit peace to your space

Turquoise blue room