Guide to Find the Best Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Last Updated on March 11, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

Friends’, actually getting the best walking foot sewing machine is a tricky task as so many models in the market will confuse you badly. So how the right one can be picked?? Here the guide to find the best walking foot sewing machine will help you a lot in exploring the market.

The walking foot is also known as a quilting foot. It consists of an inbuilt feed dog for guiding two or additional fabric layers by the means of your sewing machine. The walking foot sewing machine helps in quilting applications and smooth sewing process when a tough or spongy fabric is in hand.

best tips to find walking foot sewing machine

Guide to Find the Best Walking Foot Sewing Machine

1. Speed

When buying a walking foot sewing machine then considering its speed is a must. The quality and standard walking foot sewing machine from 1,000-5,000 SPM (Stitches per minute).

 If your walking foot sewing machine has a high SPM rate then it assures the perfect and fast completion of heavy-duty assignments.

2. Power classification

On the basis of the powering of the needling process, the walking foot sewing machine is evaluated in 2 categories:

  • First is mechanical walking foot sewing machine models that are powered manually.
  • Second is electric walking foot sewing machine models that are powered electrically. Now electric models also offer 2 options: computerized models and non-computerized models.

3. Portable design

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Some models of the walking foot sewing machine are designed with a heavy frame of metal which makes easy carriage obstructed.

The walking foot sewing machine of metal is quite heavy so choosing a walking foot sewing machine of plastic is quite light in weight and assures enhanced portability. Also for better portability, you can look for inbuilt handles and also a carry case.

4. Presser foot system

The presser foot system needs to be favorable. The substantiating presser feet is essential for steady rotations and also layering. The presser feet also avoid the slipping of the material that you are working on and results in perfect work done on time.  

5. Accessories and storage space

The reasonable supply of required accessories is very vital. There should be enough storage space for storing the essential and immediately needed accessories. Also, the pack of accessories is a must to support every application.

6. Drop & needle feed

The drop & needle feed should be operated perfectly. Also, the up and down movement of the needle must also ensure easy monitoring. When operating sewing machine the up and down motion of the needle attached with the thread is very significant.

This process is known as the needle cycle. It is known for formulating the work piece stitches. The movement of the work piece should be assisted with feeding mechanism as the next part that needs stitching can be easily stitched.

7. Free arm

 The areas which are little hard to access can be reached easily with free arm feature. The free arm gives easy access to areas like cuffs, collar, hem, etc.

8. Digital control

Easy usage is a must for beginners. So here I will instruct the computerized sewing machine with a digital operating system for all professionals and beginners which is highly comfortable in comparison to the old models.

Digital control helps in easy, quick, and convenient work. On another side, the sewing machine with manual switches and lever reduces the comfort level.

9. Suitable for various fabrics

The walking foot sewing machine should be capable enough to tackle with different variety of fabrics. Your machine should tackle with variety of fabrics and extended fabric thickness as well.

10. Foot stroke

The foot stroke of a walking foot sewing machine figure out the climbing capability of the sewing machine. This factor is crucial for sewing the cross or the wide point seams like stitching the intersected niches of the car seat or sofa covers.

11. Inbuilt speed reducer

The inbuilt speed reducer in the walking foot sewing machine help the mechanism with additional torque to enable the high power and high productivity for dealing with a wide variety and thick fabrics.

12. LED light

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The inbuilt LED light is a great advantage. This feature lits the work area perfectly and gives a better view of every stitch which results in quality sewing. This feature is highly helpful for one with weak vision or for a dark area.


The walking foot sewing machine is highly preferred by intermediate users, beginners, and professionals for many reasons. It is great to deal with tough fabrics without spoiling it, fast quilting, and also assist in pulling the ends of the fabric together.

Guide to find the best walking foot sewing machine is incredible that will make a commercial purpose sewing tasks a great comfort.  Checking out this guide before buying your appliance will give you the chance to choose the right mechanism for better sewing.