A Detailed Guide on How to Use an Electric Pressure Cooker

Last Updated on March 11, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

If you haven’t used an electric pressure cooker ever in your life, you will be a little confused as to how you can use it for your home cooking needs. We have all heard stories of pressure cookers being exploded the first time it is used. But, is it really happening in every home? Not necessary! It is for sure not possible to rely on these Internet experiences, rather become a pro in it. 

There are many using the cooker and they are so satisfied with the food being cooked in it. The product might look like it does have anything as safe, but there are many control options that can help you cook safely. The lid if locked properly won’t let the pressure in the cooker burst out. Thus, you will be left with no explosion properly. Until it doesn’t reach the safety level, don’t use it, and here is a guide on how to use an electric pressure cooker

If you are new, you must know the following points and kick start your cooking needs: 

A Guide to Its Releases

1. Natural Release 

It means that you let the pressure get down slowly from your electric cooker. In fact, in most circumstances, you need not have to do anything, it just happens automatically.

For foods that foam during the cooking process and dried beans, this seems to be the best option. Depending upon your model and the heat power you have kept, 10-15 minutes of cooking in it are appropriate. 

2. Quick Release 

You release the pressure as soon as you hear the sound of the cooker, by lifting, tilting, shaking or pressing the valve on the top.

Foods that don’t get benefited from extra cooking can be used for this type of cooker, e.g.: boiled eggs, potatoes that take about 1 to 2 minutes of cooking only.

A guide to its Pressure 

Best Electric Pressure Cooker

High, Medium, Low 

Depending upon what you have planned to cook in the cooker, you have to choose the mode appropriately. Not all electric cooker comes with a medium mode option with it.

There is a manual available in the cooker, follow that and you will get good information on the type of pressure provided to you. There is a great range of electricity available to you, choose accordingly.  

What about Pressure Indicators? 

Pressure indicators are mostly situated at the lid of your cooker. You can spot that tiny pin on it; it pops out when the pressure reaches to the right level of and it is correctly cooked. However, if the pressure gets down the lid gets down as well. 

Thus, whenever you cook food in it, always remember that you use appropriately the lid and see to it when it gets down or up. It gives you a clear idea of whether you are cooking in the electric cooker, in the right manner or no? 

Make Sure It Warm

Most electric cookers are kept on a default mode of being “keep warm” only. This is definitely great because it makes most of your food, cooked properly, in great flavor and not overcooked.

The function is a small light button situated on the cooker which you can spot easily. This can help you turn your cooking skills in a better way and enjoy having a great time.

Just in case you are worried whether you will burn or stick up your food on the bottom, you can rest assured when you buy this one.  

Pressure in the Cooking

The only thing we often ignore is the name itself that says the pressure in your cooking. The lock of the lid done by you after putting in the ingredient makes an airlock/ tight situation.

The situation of the pot inside is very hot, as your cook steams up and cook properly, the pressure gets to build up inside. 

This is one of the reasons why you see your food being prepared instantly without having to wait. The cooker uses hot steam and pressure properly to cook the most tempting cuisine. This is how you can make the most amazing cooking experience ever with your electric pressure cooker. 

Get Set Cook!

how to use electric pressure cooker

Today’s pressure cooker comes with safety things added to it, this is one of the reasons why we love modern products so much. They have all that is needed to make your cooking experience safe, quick and easy as well.

Cookers have been in the cooking business for a very long time, reasons are many, but one amongst the many is its speed. 

It can simply prepare your food instantly and give you a mouth-watering tempting cuisine ready in no time. So, now that you know the different functionalities of it, are you sure you are ready to use it? If yes! Don’t hesitate to follow the steps given here, and see it by yourself, how you cook food like never before.