23+ Best Outdoor Patio Door Decorating Ideas

Last Updated on July 1, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Enjoying backyard pool parties and the barbeques never get exciting when your household lacks the right patio door. If you invest in the wrong one, you’re going to screw everything up.

Since you’re going to live in your house for the longest time then you have no option to get the perfect patio. Here are some ideas to help you out.

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best patio door ideas

1. Get sliding doors

Get sliding doors

In case you need something with tremendous market influence and using it is never that difficult, then sliding doors suit you pretty well. Opening it is very easy since you slide open the glass window as you allow in the fresh air and also will enable any entry in case of an outside occasion

The door makes your door more appealing and large. The sliding door acts as a window when closed, allowing the needed natural light in your home. The sliding glasses also protect your carpet and furniture from fading since some of the mirrors are energy efficient.

2. Try Folding Patio Doors

Try Folding Patio Doors

To put folding patio doors, you need to have some good cash plus an appropriate wall space. Your home impression matters a lot, and this type of patio door ensures you get that. They provide glass windows on each side well spread on your back wall.

Their folding style allows air and sunlight inside the house. This also ensures there is enough space in the living room. Their glass panels complete the entire wall and look like a window. You can try out a frosted look if you want a simple design that gives you perfect privacy.

3. Invest in French Patio Doors

Invest in French Patio Doors

Look for something that can bring different styles to your home. The functions of French patio doors are very appealing. That aesthetic and efficient welcoming you’re looking for while at outdoor spaces can only be experienced in this patio door type.

Of course, you will love the attraction that comes with this patio door. With or without any utility in it, a French patio door is plain attractive. The styles, colors and appealing nature makes it look great.

4. A Hinged Patio Door Works Great

A Hinged Patio Door Works Great

Do not run out of options if you want to upgrade and make your entry and outdoor exit look much efficient and elegant. The hinged patio door provides a comprehensive and easy to open entryway. Try out a simple, single hinged door that provides a better way of dealing with the outdoor traffic.

Hinged patio doors come in various designs. There are those of traditional design, modern design, and lastly, ones with contemporary appearance. It would help if you based your decision on the one that matches your home best and the size you intend to install.

5. Choose Multi-slide Patio Door

Choose Multi-slide Patio Door

This type of patio will give you an expensive panoramic plus the elegant transition that is found outdoor. They create a vast open space for homes that have a large deck. In a multi-slide patio door, you can design your ideal view.

You can achieve the ideal view by thoroughly mixing and matching the panel configurations while moving in different ways. There is maximum airflow. These types of doors are found in the Architect Series and Pella Reserve product lines.

6. Build Concrete Enclosure Patio

Build Concrete Enclosure Patio

If you want a patio door that will take you for long without incurring any expense on repair, then a concrete enclosure patio is ideal. It is very versatile. It is very smooth and clean.

Besides the features mentioned above, it is also permanent and not entirely expensive compared to other patio door ideas. Putting it requires more than one hand. Therefore you can tackle it yourself or hire a specialized contractor to help you out.

7. Get Pivot Doors

Get Pivot Doors

It is the most common patio door. Try it out if you are looking for a patio door that can pivot back and forth. The functionality nature of it is that I don’t slide but rather swing.

To ensure the door moves back and forth, it has a pivot mechanism that enhances that move. The door’s full weight is at the pivot located directly below the center of the door, making it easy to open and shut by use of a hand.

8. Bifold Patio Door is the Ideal

8 patio door ideas

They fold up against themselves.  The bifold patio doesn’t require much space. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your tiny room if you intend to put a patio door. What do you need for a patio door if you already have an excellent looking door? I guess it is the modern look.

The design and style of the Bifold patio give it the exact modern and appealing look. So you would not want to miss out on the great outdoor aspect.

9. Try out Pocket Sliding Doors

Try out Pocket Sliding Doors

Go for this kind of door if you have very little space. The pocket sliding door disappears into the wall, thanks to its single-panel feature. Whenever you open it, it slides into the right wall space. It is very convenient in case you’re in a low space.

Apart from outdoor experience, pocket sliding doors can perfectly fit in the pantries and even bedroom doors. You can slide the entrance to the available space in the wall if you are working on a limited space.

10. Consider Your Patio Door Material Choice

Consider Your Patio Door Material Choice

Some of the best patio door materials include steel, vinyl, wood, fiberglass, aluminum, and clad wood. These materials vary in cost and perform differently in different environments.

But always stick to your plan, which is to enhance your outdoors. In this case, the low-E glass is important because it can maintain the temperature around your home.

11. You Can Never Go Wrong With Vinyl

You Can Never Go Wrong With Vinyl

This is the type of patio door material you cannot afford to miss out on. It comes with the complete package. Vinyl is very durable. You also don’t need to paint it. Also, it can withstand any weather and all other temperature stressors. You can also clad in metal over wood to improve the durability of your patio door.

12. Consider Aluminum for Easy Maintenance

Consider Aluminum for Easy Maintenance

Considering the lightweight aluminum, you will love it. The cost is far much better compared to other patio door materials. And aluminum can survive in any weather, and it also comes with its paint. Therefore maintaining it will not be an uphill task.

13. Consider Fiberglass for a Woody Look

Consider Fiberglass for a Woody Look

If you love woody looks, you don’t have to use the exact material. Fiberglass can still be manufactured to resemble wood. Fiberglass doesn’t need any painting, therefore cutting off the unnecessary cost when putting in the patio door.

14. How About You Just Go For Wood

How About You Just Go For Wood

The patio door cannot be made from one piece of wood. There are several types of wood that come with their characteristics. You will find some wood weightier than the others.

In this case, stick to your preferred wood and don’t get confused. You can use this wood material if you don’t have other options since it is a bit expensive.

15.  Do not Forget Steel

15 steel patio door ideas

The most crucial factor you should consider when putting the patio door should be how long it will last. This depends on how strong it is, and whether it can withstand some weather-related stressors such as rusts.

Steel plays a very significant role when it comes to how strong and resistant your patio door is. Though it is quite expensive, the maintenance cost is free.

16. Go for Moving Glass Wall

Go for Moving Glass Wall

If you want to enjoy indoor-outdoor living, do not hesitate to take up moving glass wall systems. It also creates a huge impression around your home. Using moving glass walls is a statement of your class. You enjoy a sweeping outdoor view and natural daylight when closed. You are also able to entertain when the door opens as it invites people inside.

17. Try out Black Framed Patio Doors

Try out Black Framed Patio Doors

Do not miss out on this. Matching both the interior and exterior brings in a fabulous look, making it trendier. Nobody hates something modern, so make sure you are not left out. The look of black-framed patios perfectly matches the farm style and contemporary homes.

18. Consider Patio Door Replacement

Consider Patio Door Replacement

As time moves by, you have to consider replacing your patio door to keep up with the current trends. Don’t be too traditional. Learn to change the appearance of your patio door whenever the need arises. You can use vinyl sliding glass doors since they are the best in new patio doors and replacement.

19. Make Patio Door Accessible

Make Patio Door Accessible

You will be entirely using your patio door. Make sure you have a smooth interaction with your garden. You can enhance this by including a master door that can be opened individually.

This can help you, especially during the winter period. You can separate a pivot door or have a single bifold.

20. Set Your Patio Door in Alternative Places

Set Your Patio Door in Alternative Places

Make sure you work with your available space to discover alternative places to trap the sun. Apart from the living room, you can add a patio door in the kitchen. Make sure the patio allows in enough natural light.

21. Come up With Industrial Style Your Patio Door

Come up With Industrial Style Your Patio Door

You can incorporate the industrial window style in your patio door ideas. This patio door idea gives your house the much-desired flexibility and style. Try it and see what you can get.

22. Add a Whole House Remodel to Patio Door

Add a Whole House Remodel to Patio Door

Make sure you plan the entire look of your house, including the patio door. This will ensure you don’t get stranded shortly.  Also, ensure you have stunning French patio doors that can lead to anywhere within the compound, whether at the pool or patio area.

23. Add Fabulous Pivot Patio Doors

Add Fabulous Pivot Patio Doors

Try this idea out, and you probably will love it. Adding it to contemporary extension brings a perfect feature outside. They require very minimal framing. They can also turn on an asymmetrical axis to an asymmetrical one.


To determine which kind of patio door is suitable for you, you have to consider your available space.  The open space will select the type of patio door that is right for you. Do not also exclude the required materials since they play a very vital part in patio door ideas.