33+ Best Fireplace Ideas and Designs

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Christmas is coming and the season of love and giving beckons. In many places across the globe, the winters are harsh and you ought to have the warmth to keep you in good spirits.

How about some alluring fireplace ideas? Well, before that though, let’s get some understanding on the types of fireplaces.

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Types of fireplaces:

Fireplaces are largely categorised as below:

  • Wood-Burning Fireplace
  • Gas-Burning Fireplace
  • Electric Fireplaces
  • Ethanol-Burning Fireplaces

However, you could improvise on these with the resources available.

Typical size of a fireplace:

Well, proportionality is important for aesthetics and effectiveness. Ideally, for smaller sized rooms ranging from 140 to 240 sq.ft., the fireplace openings could vary between 24 and 32 inches and for bigger roles ranging from 390 to 520 sq.ft. the fireplace opening could be between 40 and 72 inches.

What to do with a non-working fireplace?

This depends completely on one’s imagination and creativity. However, Our suggestions would help add to that extra zing to your living rooms.

You could convert it into a mini bar for the connoisseurs, a mini-library for the ones who believe in the book being one’s best friend, a showcase to place artefacts or even a kennel if you love you little doggies.

What is the best tile to use around a fireplace?

Choosing the right set tiles is very important for a fireplace as they need to be resistant to high temperatures. The best pick from us would be stone. These are extremely heat resistant and if you like ‘vintage’, no better option. Brick is another awesome choice for you.

In case you like it a bit more classy, you could go for ceramic or glass. These would be in order categorical when it comes to the resistance of heat, but the style quotient entirely depends on individual taste.

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What is a good material to use for a hearth on a fireplace?

Prevention is better than cure and we suggest you go for either brick or stone that extends slightly into the room cutting off hazards.

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Can I drywall over the brick fireplace?

Drywalls are subject to regulations and you might want to consider some of those before choosing to go for one. However, you can drywall your fireplace if the brick wall surface is smooth and is considerably away from getting heated too much.

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Here are the 20 best fireplace design ideas:

1). For the ones that love grandeur, this fireplace is going to make you drop.

1 fireplace design ideas

2). If you like it a bit rustic, woody and savage, go for something like this.

2 fireplace design ideas

3). This one is for the minimalistic in you.

If you like it simple and elegant, this one is perfect for you.

3 fireplace design ideas

4). This one is for the intellect.

Sit back, read a book and cozy up around your vintage fireplace.

4 fireplace design ideas

5). And if you like it a bit more mainstream, go for a look something like this.

5 fireplace design ideas

6). You think pastels are your thing, you have a palatial home, try this one out.

Perfect for the holiday season.

6 fireplace design ideas


7). This one is perfect to compliment the festive season.

7 fireplace design ideas

Customise it the way you like, since Santa Claus is coming to town.

8). Fireplaces generally have a history to them.

8 fireplace design ideas

This again is vintage at its silken best.

9). And if you are a studio person, try this look for your fireplace.

9 fireplace design ideas

You’ll fall in love with it and have your guests love your aesthetics.

10). If you like a bit of experimentation, why not try this?

10 fireplace design ideas

11). Sunday brunches never got this classy.

11 fireplace design ideas

Display you lavish cutlery and savour the flavour while your fireplace has heads turn.

12). Go for all stone of you like the robust look.

12 fireplace design ideas

This one isn’t going to disappoint you for sure.

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13). Simplicity at its best.

13 fireplace design ideas

You like it this way, so be it.

14). How about something out of the box?

14 fireplace design ideas

For the creative genius from within.

15). This one is best suited for the sophisticated ones.

15 fireplace design ideas

16). And for some more sophistication, this look blends perfectly well for any occasion.

16 fireplace design ideas

17). Enhance that luxurious condominium with some warmth.

17 fireplace design ideas

This one is classy.

18). And if you like it more creative, try this corner fireplace.

18 fireplace design ideas

19). One more for you, the luxurious diner, while you swirl that glass of wine.

19 fireplace design ideas

20). Combine stone and wood to give it a grand library look with this fireplace.

20 fireplace design ideas

21). Pink living room with black fireplace

21 fireplace design ideas


Traditional fireplace designs

22 fireplace design ideas
28 fireplace design ideas
27 fireplace design ideas
26 fireplace design ideas
25 fireplace design ideas
24 fireplace design ideas
23 fireplace design ideas


Rustic fireplace designs

29 fireplace design ideas
33 fireplace design ideas
32 fireplace design ideas
31 fireplace design ideas
30 fireplace design ideas


You can allow the creative juices flow while you design your next home especially when you choose your fireplace. Stay cosy, loved and warm while you try our suggestions and you will love what you produce in your homes. Fireplaces don’t need to be mundane. If any, they need to add value to your homes and we are sure we helped add some value there.