Best Ways to Educate Young Children

Last Updated on December 9, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

To help set your children up for a good academic career, as well as for future life in general, it’s essential that you do all you can to help them with their early education. The issue here is that children can be very difficult to teach when they’re at a young age, due to how many lack the attention span and concentration required.

Some of the early lessons that young children should be exposed to, even before they reach pre-school age is stuff such as basic reading, speech and potentially some numeracy skills as well.

Daycare sessions can be really effective at helping parents instill this early development into their children, but until they go to school their early education is mostly in the parents’ hands. To make sure you do the best job you can, here are a few good ways you can educate your young children.

best ways to educate young children

Education Through Play

learn through play

Young children learn best when they’re active and engaged in what they’re doing; they are actually remarkably good at picking things up through experience and observation. This is demonstrated well when children first learn to walk, as there has been no form of traditional education before this point.

It’s this visual and active learning that makes playtime really important, as it’s here where young children cannot just workout their bodies, but also their mind. This means it’s a good thing to get various educational toys and games for them to mess around with and figure things out on their own.

This idea of active education is the main bases of Montessori learning, which is becoming a more and more popular educational style in schools and early learning centers for children.

Read Together

reading with children

Spending time to read with your children is particularly important and effective in helping them develop skills in speech and reading, helping them to develop their language skills at a good pace. If you already read stories to your children regularly, it’s a good idea to make sure they’re able to see the page and encourage them to try and say the words with you as well.

It’s also good to get visual books, as this will help them build associations between words and images. For example, if you repetitively read the word ‘cow’ and they see an image of one, they’ll be able to identify cows after time, which improves their understanding of the world.

Broaden Their Horizons

Children are going to learn better if they’ve been exposed to various different environments and situations, which means that it’s important to regularly take them to interesting locations and activity centers, so that they can engage in something new and stimulating. That’s why it’s a great thing to take young children to places such as zoos, farms, museums and all the other best places to take children and to let them explore and engage with activities.

A child won’t be able to grow and develop as well if they’re constantly cooped up at home, so as a parent make sure to broaden their horizons, as it can also introduce you to a few neat things as well, plus it also creates memories for the whole family to savor, strengthening your family bond.