What You Can Eat During Magnetic Therapy?

Last Updated on November 20, 2022 by Jason Nguyen

Magnetic therapy has been around for many years. This treatment helps to heal your body using magnetic power. The best part about this therapy is that it works naturally. Many people want to get this therapy but they do not know how this works. Our planet has its magnetic field. It means that the magnetic field has a great impact on you as it is found in nature. Apart from that, your body also has a magnetic field. Magnetic therapy helps to balance out your natural field to ensure good health. Keep reading to learn more.

Types of Magnetic Therapy

There are three ways to get this therapy.

1.  Static Magnetic Therapy

This is a minor form of therapy. In this, you put a magnet in contact with your body. Small magnets in the form of a bracelet, chain, or even a bandage are used to get this therapy.

2. Acupuncture Therapy

You might be familiar with this therapy. Asians first introduced this treatment many years ago. People still get this treatment for its remarkable health benefits. During this treatment, needles are placed on your body.

3. Electromagnetic Therapy

The magnetic field produces an electric field. During this therapy, your body is exposed to electromagnetic pulses. The electromagnetic field provides energy to your cells and cures them. Electromagnetic therapy is one of the most innovative treatments. This therapy is given through PEMF.

What is PEMF and How it works?

PEMF is an acronym for the pulsed electromagnetic field. As mentioned earlier, your body has a natural electromagnetic field. The smallest cell of your body has energy in them. When a cell is diseased or damaged, its magnetic field is out of balance. That is when PEMF therapy comes into action.

During this therapy, electromagnetic pulses of low frequency enter your body. They interact with the natural magnetic field to heal it. In this way, this therapy boosts the natural healing process of your body.

You can also consider it in the sense that energy is stored in a cell in the form of electromagnetic therapy. The PEMF recharges the cell to help it heal.

How to get PEMF therapy?

Long ago, this therapy was only available in hospitals. Today, anyone can get this treatment at home. How? You may ask. This is through portable PEMF devices. There is a huge variety of PEMF devices available in the market. These machines come in various shapes and sizes to provide service according to your requirements. Here are some PEMF devices you can try.

●       PEMF Mat

●       PEMF Pad

●       PEMF Cushion/pillow

This therapy usually takes 20 minutes or more depending on the condition you have. The PEMF devices have an adjustable frequency. Also, these are portable and easy to use.

Why should you get this therapy?

This therapy is a risk-free way of pain management. You can use it for


Arthritis is a common condition in older men and women. People with arthritis experience pain in their joints. There is no easy treatment for it. Arthritis affects the daily life of the patient.  PEMF therapy soothes the pain and strengthens the joints and muscles.

Injury Treatment

If you have an injury, you can use PEMF therapy as an alternative to a painkiller. Painkillers have a lot of side effects. PEMF on the other hand cuts down the healing duration and reduces pain. Moreover, it is helpful to promote post-surgery health.

Chronic Pain

This treatment soothes chronic pain in the knees, joints, back, and shoulders. PEMF cures the main cause of the pain and soothes it.


Insomnia is a condition in which patients find it hard to fall asleep. Sleep is important for mental and physical health. Sleeping pills are addictive and bad for you. PEMF provides a natural solution for that. This therapy calms your mind and induces sleep. Also, it can help to treat stress and anxiety.

What are the side effects of Magnetic therapy?

Magnetic therapy is generally safe and does not have any extreme side effects. If you are pregnant, you should avoid this therapy. It is best to consult a doctor before starting this treatment. The minor side effects of this treatment include nausea, pain, and dizziness.

What to eat during this therapy?

It is advised to not eat anything for at least half an hour before getting the PEMF treatment as it can cause nausea. After getting the treatment, you can eat anything you want.

Final Thought

To conclude, magnetic therapy can be a game changer for your body. It heals your body naturally and reduces pain without any risks or side effects. PEMF devices enable you to get this treatment yourself.