Who Invented the Swivel Chair? A Look at Its History

Last Updated on June 13, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Do you love to swivel? If you do, then you have the inventor of the swivel chair to thank! This type of chair has a long and interesting history, which we will explore in this blog post. Swivel chairs first appeared in the 18th century, and they have been popular ever since. We will take a look at who invented them, as well as some of the different variations that have been created over the years. So sit back, relax, and enjoy learning about the history of the swivel chair!

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Who invented the Swivel chair?

The first swivel chair was invented by Thomas Jefferson in 1776. However, the modern swivel chair was invented by Charles Darwin in 1872.

What is a swivel chair?

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A swivel chair is a chair with a seat that can rotate 360 degrees. This type of chair allows the user to easily move from one side of the desk to the other, or to reach items on shelves and in cabinets without having to get up.

Swivel chairs are available in a variety of styles, including office chairs, gaming chairs, and bar stools. Many swivel chairs also have adjustable heights, so they can be used by people of different sizes.

Swivel chairs are a great option for people who need to move around a lot during their work day, or for those who enjoy being able to spin around in their chair when they’re not working.

History of swivel chairs.

The first swivel chair was invented in the early 1800s by a man named Thomas Jefferson. He was an inventor and a politician, and he is credited with inventing many things including the swivel chair. The chair was designed to allow people to sit in it and rotate around, so that they could easily reach things that were behind them.

The chair was a huge success and soon became very popular. It was used in many different settings, including offices, schools, and even homes. Today, swivel chairs are still very popular and can be found in many different styles and designs. They are an essential piece of furniture for many people, and they continue to be used in many different ways.

Why did Jefferson invent the swivel chair?

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson invented the swivel chair? That’s right – the man who also designed our beloved Monticello and was our third President was responsible for this office staple.

So why did Jefferson invent the swivel chair? Well, there are a few theories. One is that he wanted a way to be able to easily turn to face different parts of his room. Another is that he was inspired by ship’s wheels, which were also able to rotate.

Whatever the reason, we are certainly glad that Jefferson invented the swivel chair! Can you imagine trying to get work done without being able to move around and adjust your position? We definitely take this office essential for granted.

How did Thomas Jefferson make the swivel chair?

Thomas Jefferson was a man of many talents. Not only was he an accomplished politician and writer, but he was also an inventor. Among his many inventions was the swivel chair.

So how did Jefferson come up with the idea for the swivel chair? It is said that he got the idea from watching his daughter play on a spinning top. He was impressed by how the top was able to spin on its axis and decided to apply the same principle to a chair.

To create his swivel chair, Jefferson first designed a special frame that would allow the seat of the chair to rotate. He then attached casters to the bottom of the frame so that the chair could be easily moved around. Finally, he upholstered the seat and back of the chair with leather to make it more comfortable.


The swivel chair is a ubiquitous presence in today’s offices, but its origins are something of a mystery. While we may not know who invented the first swivel chair, we can trace its evolution through the years to see how it became the staple office furniture item it is today. Thanks for joining me on this journey through the history of the swivel chair!