Why Is My Refrigerator Leaking Water? (Here’s How To Fix)

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A little puddle is simple to clear up, but having to keep cleaning it every moment you enter into the kitchen is one duty you do not wish to be incorporated into the to-do list.

Besides, the water you cannot see and clean up rests on the floor. Although it is harmless at first, over time, it leads to mold growth and will ultimately cause damage to any sub-floor or wood flooring underneath.

Whether you wish to prevent costly long-term damage or stop cleaning up the puddle, you desire your cooler to stop trickling. Unluckily, as coolers work with water, condensation, and ice, a leak can result from many things. Luckily, not all of them need serious repairs, and you can easily investigate them. You must clean up a leak once you see it.

Nonetheless, you should not do any other thing for now. This way, you’ll discover whether the leak returns, how often, and if the leak is from the back or front of your refrigerator. Being aware of these two things can assist you in rapidly directing a home appliance repair expert to the issue and with your troubleshooting efforts. Below are some reasons why your refrigerator is leaking.

Water Inlet Valve

refrigerator water inlet valve

If there’s a leak coming from the hide of your cooler, and you find it instantly, you use the water function, or if the ice producer has just been filled, there is a water inlet valve leak. This portion is the link from your house’s waterline to your cooler.

While it is likely that the water pipe between your home and the machine itself is trickling, that’d mean it has been damaged. It’s more probable that a water inlet regulator has just broken by itself and began leaking.

Replacing the valve is more straightforward than it appears. After the compartment wrap is off and the water distribution line is cut off, the regulator will have a rising bracket protecting it. After eradicating the rising bracket, the inlet regulator will pull out.

All you should do now is separate the cable harness and make the substitution. If you’re unsure whether the valve isn’t functioning, it can be checked with a multimeter.

If the water comes out at the back of your appliance, but the inlet appears to be functioning well, chances are, the tubing inside the cooler has gone bad. In case it has been damaged in some way, trickles can manifest.

Unluckily, the reality is that removing the tubing and placing a new one in can be a tiresome undertaking. It needs considerable disassembly to your device and maybe work simpler left to experts.

Defrost Drain

If you see a puddle pooling in front of your cooler see water seeping out the fresh food section when you open it, there’s a drain line problem. A refrigerator unsurprisingly produces condensation that solidifies.

The defrost function in all latest refrigerators liquefies this frosty build-up. The water dashes down from the evaporator inside the freezer to the drain hose in the underside of the fresh food section.

The water will penetrate a drip pan and safely evaporate. Nonetheless, if the drain hose becomes congested with any food elements it collected up on the trip, then the water will accumulate on the apex of it until it begins to drip out the door.

You’ll desire to pick up a set of cleaners and run one via the pipe to clear out any obstructions. In some instances, food elements might just sit at the doorway. In such a case, you only have to sweep them away to resume appropriate drainage.

Drip Pan

Just like the defrost drainpipe, water can amass in the drip pan. In such instances, the water will run over the bottom of the cooler but not the fresh food section since the drip pan is located beneath.

If this is the case, just empty the drip pan. However, you should also examine why it was full. For example, if you just mended your defrost, a large melt-off might cause this.

Nonetheless, if you’re yet to change any defrost settings, then you have excess ice for some reason, and you need to look into why. It’s likely that your defrost function is beginning to malfunction. This might imply it under-functions, leading to excess ice build-up and dissolving abruptly or over-functions, which can make the freezer compartment exceedingly warm.

Door Gasket

broken refrigerator door gasket

Have you seen only a little water in a line in frontage of your refrigerator? Have you seen little drops of condensation on the outer surface of your cooler? These are signs of a defective gasket.

The gasket of your appliance is the bendable plastic that encloses the inner periphery of the door. When the door shuts, the plastic constricts and forms a seal in order to keep warm air out and cold air in.

If your refrigerator’s door gasket is physically spoilt or has lost flexibility due to age, it allows the chilly air and the hot air to meet. This leads to condensation that can merge and appear like a leak. You’ll see huger puddles on hotter days.

It’s crucial to swap the gasket soonest possible, not only to prevent the puddles but also for your refrigerator’s better. That streaming air is increasing your energy bills and forcing your cooler to run longer and more frequently. The increase will decrease the overall life of your appliance.

Although you can address some refrigerator leaks yourself, some are serious, thus needing an expert for further diagnosis. However, fridge repair technicians are not the same, and to get quality services; you have to select the best. With refrigerator repair technicians being as numerous as they are in the market, how do you choose the most suitable? Make sure you pay closer attention to these tips.

Here Is How to Find the Right Fridge Repair Technician

repairman fixing refrigerator

The starting point for decent services is finding a fantastic repair service. Talk to your family members, workmates, and friends whose appliances have undergone repair. Were they contented with the services the technician offered and with the price?

Did the same issue occur, and after how long? Browse online to look for ratings and feedback of the technicians in question. Do not hesitate to evaluate their fridge repair background. Upon finding potential repair services, book an appointment for further questioning.

Understand The Price Of Repairs

There’s no set fixed cost for the cooler repair, meaning the repair technician will charge as little or as much as they decide. Ask the technicians about their approach to estimating the cost. The cost is often a mixture of components and labor.

Normally, a competent technician will make a preface diagnosis and carry the required elements on the first visit. This will save you the extra cost of time and labor used to spot the problem.

Additionally, you can obtain estimates from many technicians and compare the fees. There will be fair rates for specific repair technicians, and you can choose them, as long as they’re known for offering quality repairs.

Consider An Experienced Technician

You don’t wish to have your refrigerator being a piece of learning; the reason you should hire a veteran technician. Ensure the technician has been repairing units like yours for years.

This is assurance that the technician has what it takes to offer a rapid diagnosis and repair. Besides, long-existed technicians have a connection with spare part sellers and will thus get quality parts faster. In addition to getting quality repairs, you also save time.

Ask about warranties

One of the hardest things concerning maintenance is when a fridge breaks down again shortly after purchase. Always confirm that the fridge repair technicians assure their work, an indicator that the units are warranted and can endure for an extended time.

Several technicians out there are choosing one of them can challenge, especially when you need emergency repairs. Ensure the technicians are trustworthy and offer excellent support at a reasonable rate. If they offer warranties, you can be sure that the technician will be responsible if your appliance is damaged during repair work.

Look At The Past Projects

Before you appoint a cooler repair technician, you should look into their previous projects. Ask about what the technicians have been doing by checking the work the technician did. Looking at the technician’s past work will give you an idea of their skills.

Most crucial, you should communicate with some of the technician’s past customers. You should converse with the customers to obtain thorough information of how great these technicians are in their work. People who’ve hired the repair technician in question in the past are unlikely to mislead but offer genuine information.

Ensure The Repair Technician Is Insured

You’re highly encouraged to check if the fridge repair technician you’re about to hire has been insured. Always ensure you work with a technician with adequate coverage. As the technician does their work, there are chances of accidents occurring.

If the technician is insured, you’ll not be needed to compensate them when they are hurt or take care of the damages they cause you.

It is tiring to keep on handling DIY repairs and costly to keep on hiring a repair technician.

If your refrigerator demands regular repairs, it could be inferior in quality. Buying a quality fridge is, and say bye to regular maintenance. Purchasing a cooler is a huge decision. When you enter a fridge store, you’ll be amazed at the huge number of options regarding sizes, features, configurations, and more. Thus, to find the right fridge, you’ll have to take thoughtful considerations.

Here Are Some Useful Tips for Choosing A Cooler

Your Choice For Design Should Fit Your Needs

open refrigerator

Today, there are four fridge designs on the market.

A top-freezer over a fridge compartment is the most widespread type of cooler in the low to mid-price points. Many people grew up with this freezer. However, it has evolved. Nowadays, there are varieties of this style fridge with features in high-end models.

Coolers with bottom freezers are deemed a convenient layout for several homeowners as it makes foodstuff in both spaces effortless to reach. If you access your moisture-controlled refrigerator drawer many times on a daily basis, a bottom freezer might help you to evade all that stooping. Bottom freezer fridge problems mirror their pros. The handicapped and the elder may strain to access this kind of freezer.

For a side-by-side fridge, both spaces are situated near one another and incorporate swing-out French doors. These models allow expediency for reaching items in the two areas.

Column refrigerators are similar to side-by-side models in that a column unit has the same rectangular shape. Nonetheless, column units serve just one purpose; they aren’t a combination unit like the side-by-side model. The freezer and fridge are sold as disjoined columns.

What Size Of The Fridge Should You Purchase?

refrigerator size

You can answer this question by considering the standard versus counter depth size, cubic capacity, and size of your kitchen.

1. Standard Versus Counter Depth

Irrespective of the other dimensions, fridges come in two sizes, namely, standard and counter depth. Standard-depth refrigerator models are the most common fridges found in everyday kitchens.

These fridges take up more space than counter-depth models, generally about 35-36 inches deep when handles and doors are included. The additional depth offers more space for leftovers and groceries. However, they are only good for people with big kitchens.

Counter-depth implies that the refrigerator’s depth is similar to that of your kitchen countertop. Thus, it will line up flush with cupboards, counters, and work surfaces. Counter-depth coolers appear modish and neat but provide reduced storage space.

2. Size of your Kitchen

Probably, a French door, the smart refrigerator will fit in your kitchen. However, are you certain it’ll fit through the frontage door, the corridor, and the kitchen door?

You should measure the entire openings your potential acquisition will penetrate on the way to your kitchen before you purchase. Also, ensure that there is sufficient aeration space around the refrigerator to avoid overheating once set up.

You will need about 0.5-1 inch just about the sides and 1-2 inches at the flipside. Additionally, ensure ample space to completely open the fridge’s doors once it is in place, particularly if your kitchen has an island.

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3. Cubic Capacity

A speedy Google search on the size of a fridge you need will disclose that you should allow 4-6 cubic feet of storage space per grown-up in the household. After completing this equation, it should grant you a good steer on the type of refrigerator to buy.

Top/bottom fridge models are great for smaller households, and French doors are fine for larger households. Also, don’t forget to bear in mind how frequently you host gatherings and allow some margin for this also.

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Consider Features You Will Use

It can be alluring to get swept away in the entire fun features that the latest fridges offer, particularly with intelligent integrated types. To not pay a hefty price for features you don’t require; it is essential to allocate time to determine the features you will make the most of every day.

That includes small things such as how technical your water and ice dispensers will be and vital queries like whether you need a mega-capacity refrigerator. Definitely, if you are a smart home fan, that isn’t to say you should not spend money on things that come in useful for you, for example, the capacity to obtain notifications to your smartphone when the unit door has been left unlocked.

On the other hand, people who aren’t much technologically inclined should consider using the money on other useful features such as a full-length pantry drawer.

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Brand Warranty

Although many brands offer a limited warranty period on their refrigerators, selecting brands that provide an extra warranty is wiser. Likely, you will not get an extended warranty free of charge. However, the warranty is worth the additional cost on an already expensive product.

The prices of extended warranties differ with different brands, and you can compare to get the fairest. Ensure you’re comparing apples to apples to avoid compromises.

A good warranty should cover the cost of replacing units with manufacturer defects and repairs for mechanical failures, drain failures, cooling/heating problems, and power failures. Also, ensure the brand offers excellent customer service and send you a technician soonest to fix your unit.

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Cost Is Another Crucial Factor

As much as you need the best fridge, you aren’t ready to spend your entire savings on the purchase. The prices of refrigerators vary by brand, and it is crucial to compare the cost of fridges of various brands. However, you should ensure you only compare the rates of fridges with similar features to make an informed decision.

Before picking potential brands, it’d be good to read reviews to see if they are worth the price regarding energy efficiency, durability, technological advancements, and more. Consider brands that offer the highest value at a reasonable rate.

A fridge is a very crucial constituent of your home. Fridges will develop leaks for various reasons. Though fridge leaks might not be harmful at first, leaving them for long can cause severe problems like mold growth.

While you can address some refrigerator problems, some require the help of a home appliance repair technician. Buying the best unit can help reduce the need for fridge repairs.