How to Reset a Garage Door Opener?

Last Updated on November 24, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

People have many reasons for resetting garage door openers. For instance, if you have recently bought a garage door opener or remote, or your previous opener was stolen or got lost, you may want to look for the ideal way of resetting your garage door opener.

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What To Know About Garage Door Openers

Most garage door openers are easy to reset or reprogram and insert the new codes. But it will help to keep in mind that the resetting process can vary depending on the lifetime of your machine, model, and brand. When you follow the correct steps of resetting, you will be enjoying safer and more efficient garage door functions.

Most garage door openers are operating with audio frequency or telecommunication-tech, based on the type and lifetime of the opener, to acknowledge remotes. To begin reprogramming your garage door opener, you will want to pinpoint your machine’s learn button, and it is most probably located on the back panel of your garage door opener. 

When it comes to most machines, the learn button will be a circular button in yellow, red, green, orange, or purple, embedded near an LED light or colorful square. 

Additionally, when purchasing an existing family home, or a business premise, it will help if you choose the best garage door services from a reputable garage door repair company. As a wise folk, there is also a list of things you should consider before you move in. First, it will help if you consider changing the gadget that controls your garage door opener. 

Just as crucial as changing your home’s door keys or locks, this security measure will help prevent unauthorized access to your property. It will also help protect everything in the garage, including the entire boxes that you may have placed there as you are completing your move and getting organized. Chances are, the previous owner of the home or business had already set up the keypad locks and remote controls long ago.

Besides, they may have been shared with many friends, neighbors, relatives, the service provider, and possibly the real estate agency that took care of the home or business purchase.

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Dive Deeper And Discover How To Reset A Garage Door Opener

Delete Old Codes on the Opener

delete old keycode garage door

It is critical to consider erasing your opener’s entire programming for security reasons. As stated earlier, it will help protect your home from buglers and thieves. You can only make sure that this is achieved by erasing the old codes already set up by the property’s former owner and other people who may have had the keywords of the opener.

To delete all the previous settings, you need to locate the button on the opener. It is usually positioned on the motor housing, fronting the garage door. Based on the model of the opener, it may be designed with a color LED light near it.

You will have to look for a ladder or step button to get to the learning bottom. Moreover, to ensure that the old codes are erased, it will help to press and hold the button for at least 5 seconds.

Reset At Least One Remote Control

You should always note that, before pairing your opener with cars, it will help if you look for an operating hand-held remote control that has already been programmed to the current settings of your opener. Once the remote is reset, it will then be used in pairing the opener with your vehicles.

Using a remote control to open garage doors will help you understand that they vary in programming and configuration details. For instance, there is 3-button control. Below are practical steps of using this remote:

  • Long press the remote-control button until the red lights turn on the LED lights. When it comes to a device, that button is positioned under the visor clip.
  • Select an open or close button to use for your garage door. You should press the button several times corresponding to the type of garage door opener you are using.
  • It would help if you pressed any button to assist in exiting this step of programming.
  • Press and free the learn button on the opener. The openers learn button indicator light will be glowing for 30 seconds, the duration you have for reprogramming the remote control.
  • You will be pressing and holding the button on your remote control while the indicator light on the opener glows. You will hear two clicks, or the garage door opener lights will flash.
  • You also need to test the program button on your remote. It is best for the garage door to activate.
  • Finally, you will rebuild the visor clip on your device.                

Program Your Vehicle Correctly

It is significant to note that the steps below apply to the vehicles with the most popular systems in both conventional and modern models. These vehicles are equipped with Home-link buttons.

  • First, when programming your vehicle correctly, you must press and hold the two outside Home-link buttons on the remote. You only need to release your hand when the indicator light starts to flash speedily. When it comes to some vehicles, they may need the ignition to be in the operating position during the whole process of programming.
  • Secondly, you should concurrently press and hold both the designated Home-link button and the hand-held transmitter button in the vehicle. It would be best if you released both the buttons only when the light from the indicator changes from a moderate to a fast blink.
  • Another step you must follow when programming your vehicle is pressing the learn button on the Rayner opener for a second and freeing your hand. It will help to note that you only have 30 seconds to use in the initiation of step four.
  • Finally, it would help if you went back to the vehicle and systematically pressed the programmed Home-link button in the car twice. You need to press and hold each time for a couple of seconds. There should have been an activation of the garage door openers at the second press of the Home-link button.

Reset the Keypad 

When it comes to keypads, the fundamental programming steps are outlined on the underside of the cover. It will help if you consider resetting personal code and creating a temporary code for service providers.

These include painters, plumbers, cable technicians, carpet cleaners, among other individuals who would like to offer access to your home at this moment. How can you go about this? Here are the steps:

Reset Your Private Code

Start by pressing the learn button on the opener on the keypad in 30 minutes. Then hold * and # for some time until the keypad stops blinking. Enter new 4-digit codes. Press and hold, then ENTER. When entering, the opener light needs to flash, and if not, you need to press again. Finally, press zero to exit programming mode.

Set a Temporary Code for Others if Necessary

The first step is to enter your PIN then hold:  This will enable the opener light to blink three times. Enter temporary code of 4-digits. The keypad will blink thrice. Press, ENTER again to complete the step.

If you want to reset your garage door opener successfully, it will help if you consider working with a reputable garage door repair company. The guidelines mentioned below will guide you on how to hire a professional garage door repair company.

Consider Team of Experts


It will help if you hire a reputable garage door repair company with professional technicians, online representatives, and team managers. When working with such a professional on your garage door, be sure of an excellent job. Also, the ideal company firmly believes that it is not only the effort of their technicians that enables them to move forward for several years. But it is also the integrated effort of every employee working in a specific garage door company.

It is crucial for every employee in a garage door company to know the value of their duties or roles and keep in mind that if they fail to take their part, every individual will suffer the consequences.

When you choose the right company, you will find skilled service providers that will handle the actual task of guiding you on how to reset the garage door opener. They have undergone excellent training to get the job done excellently and quickly. Besides, whether they do their tasks fast, they will still adhere to the company’s strict standards of top-notch service. 

Additionally, it is also vital for your preferred technicians to discuss with you the condition of your garage door and the kind of services it needs aside from resetting the opener. This will allow you to understand what is happening and why such repair is significant.

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Incredible Customer Support

Being with someone who is concerned, and you can reach them anytime in need, is one of the benefits of working with a reliable garage door repair company. That should be your primary experience with your chosen service provider. It will help if your potential company is in a position to answer all your entire possible questions.

Besides, it will be best to settle on a garage door repair company that offers free quotes. After hiring a professional to help you reset your garage door opener, you can proceed to contact your chosen company’s customer support for any clarification or anything you need to inquire about.

Any serious business or a reliable garage door repair company will make sure that they have a representative available to answer your call, emails, or text messages immediately. Most importantly, they should be working round the clock so that whenever you need their services, they will offer you help without delays.

Minimal Risks

Sometimes, finding a trusted and reliable garage door repair company can be a challenging task as there are many service providers. Besides, if it is your first time hiring or receiving the services of your chosen company, you may have doubts concerning the quality of the service they offer.

For that reason, it will help if you consider working with a garage door repair company operating for a couple of years and has experience matters. You also need to get a company with a team that can handle the latest tech-advanced garage door openers.

Another significant thing to keep in mind before settling on any garage door repair company is a company that guarantees to handle both installations, garage repair or guides you on resetting the garage door openers to the maximum standard possible.

The reputation of your potential garage repair company should not only come from the high-quality, but from experience they have in this industry. 

Finally, working with a garage door repair company that many business managers and homeowners have already trusted is crucial.

Quick Response on Emergency Services

It is essential to pick a garage door repair company that responds quickly to emergencies. For instance, when you relocate to a new home and need to reset your garage door opener on the very day, but you don’t know how to go about it, you will need the service of a professional as fast as possible. Also, you may find yourself in a big problem when your garage door fails, especially when you are rushing somewhere.

It will help if you settle on a garage door company that values your time. Find a company that is offering the best commercial door repair. You will not have to wait for extended hours before a service provider can get where you are.

All you are required to do is call your chosen company, and they will arrange for one of their technicians to check the problem with your garage door. After finding the problem, a reliable technician will explain the situation to you and understand what needs to be fixed.

Everything needed for the reprogramming, repair, or resetting will be delivered to your home or business as soon as possible. When working with experienced and skilled technicians, you should expect them to get the job done fast and incredibly. 

Here are the typical garage door issues:

When your garage door opener suddenly stops working correctly, the cause of the issue is typically straightforward to understand, and the solutions can also be relatively easy. It will help if you try applying those fixes, and if the problem is not solved, it is advisable to contact a trusted garage door repair company for help.

Faulty Wall Switch or Remote Control on the Opener

When the garage door does not open when you switch or press the remote or wall switch, the power source may be faulty. Among the many problems, the most prevalent issue is the simplest one. For instance, the vehicle unit has been unplugged. It will help to begin by checking the outlet where the door opener connects and ensuring the code is plugged in throughout.

Besides, it is also possible that the fuse, the GFCI, and the circuit breaker outlet that powers the door opener is burned out. If the other electrical circuits or other lights in the garage are not functioning, this might probably be the cause. Therefore, you will be required to reset the breaker or replace the burned-out fuse.

If the GFCI or the circulate breaker is tripping consistently, that could be a sign that there is a short circuit somewhere in the system. Sometimes the problem may be at the garage door opener itself.

Additionally, there is a possibility that the garage door openers motor is faulty and is not working at all. When it comes to such problems, you will be required to look for the services of a professional.

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No Response of Garage Door to Keypad or Remote

When a mounted keypad or a wireless remote control stops operating the opener, it may be a possible solution to this.

First, you should move closer to the garage. In most occurrences, you may be far from the antenna inside the garage. Technologically advanced garage door openers are significantly small radios operating at about 315mH, and when you are a few feet away from the garage, it can interfere with the signal.

It is best to ensure that the antenna on the vehicle unit is hanging downwards and is not faulty in any way. If the door is functioning correctly with the quality wired wall switch, it is probably the battery that needs to be replaced in the keypad or the remote control.

It is significant to reprogram the keypad or remote control, and the critical electronics in the keypad or remote control can lose their programming and may require resetting.

You should note that each garage door opener is created with a slightly different reprogramming method. For that reason, it will help if you consider checking online for detailed information and or reading the instructions on how this works on a specific garage door opener.

The Garage Door Won’t Close Completely

You may find that the garage door opens quickly but fails to close completely, and this may happen when the close-limit switch needs to be adjusted. Your garage door is designed with set-limit buttons instructing the car when to stop running, and this occurs both when the garage door is opening and closing. Having read the above guide will help you in choosing excellent garage door services when need be.