Why You Should Protect Yourself against Mosquitoes

Last Updated on August 30, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

The summer season can be a lot of fun for many reasons. You get long and sunny days, spending time at the beaches, and having a lot of fun. Not to mention the festivals and 4th of July parties.

But this season is also well known for bringing mosquitoes. Although they start showing up mid-April, the summer season is the peak mosquito season. The best way to eliminate these pests is to call experts like Birmingham mosquito control by Waynes.

While the male mosquitoes feed on nectar, the females feed on human blood directly from the source. Even though they do it so they can lay eggs, it can still be incredibly frustrating and annoying. The buzzing sound alone can make people want to kill them immediately.

If you don’t have enough reasons already to follow this checklist and keep your home mosquito-free, then go through these three reasons why you should do everything on that list.

Transmit Many Diseases

mosquito trasmit diseases

The main reason why you need to protect yourself against mosquito is that they can transmit all kinds of diseases.

If you kept up with the news over the last few years, then you might be aware that these pests have transmitted many diseases. They ended up killing a large number of people in many countries. They can also bring deadly diseases like malaria, yellow fever, zika, or dengue into your home.

Mosquitoes have killed more humans through transmitting diseases than any other creature, and the number is still over half a million people a year. That is why they have been called the most deadly pests on the planet.

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Itching and Scratching

stitches mosquitoes

Unless you live in Antarctica, you have probably had a few encounters with mosquitoes.

That brings up the second reason why you need to keep your home mosquito-freeā€”the annoying itching and scratching.

No matter how hard you try to stay away, these pests will still find a way to suck blood from you. When they do bite, they release chemicals to stop your blood from clotting, and they get to suck for as long as they like. They also send a particular response to your body that makes the areas swell and itch.

When that feeling comes up, all you feel like doing is itching. But that can actually make the matter much worse. Fortunately, the reaction’s impact reduces on some people over time, making the bites much more bearable.


You might spend plenty of time outdoors during the summer. But you may also have plenty of fun at parties, whether you are the host or the guest. But these mosquitoes can be incredibly annoying party crashers.

They are the uninvited party crashers to everyone’s fun outdoor social gatherings. Since your yard is the perfect breeding site for these pests in the summer, you will surely have many of these around. They can ruin the food by sitting on it, and they can irritate you and your guests with the buzzing and biting.

That is why you need to look at that checklist mentioned in the beginning and get your home mosquito-free.