16+ Best Wood Sign Ideas For Christmas Decorating

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Wooden Christmas signs are part of home/work Christmas décor. It can add a traditional aesthetic feature to the surrounding. Several designs and DIY methods exist for making a Christmas wood sign.

best christmas wood sign ideas

Christmas wood sign patterns

Plain, Matte, Rustic, Vintage, Multi-variant, and farmhouse type patterns are commonly used in making a traditional style wooden sign for Christmas.

16 best Christmas wood sign ideas

1. Custom screen print sign

1 christmas wood sign ideas

This kind of ‘Do-It-Yourself’ design can go with the Christmas décor

For your home or workplace. They can be reused as well. It is relatively easier to make one of these designs as it requires a stencil alone to carve out the message on to a wooden/stone/hard plastic board. The board needs to be painted beforehand.

2- Rustic Christmas wood sign

2 christmas wood sign ideas

Paint your old wooden piece or use a slab of ceramic sheet as the base plate for this design. Paint it to a creamy white hue. You can use a paint brush and stencil for the calligraphy required if you choose to.

Use contrasting colors such as jet-black for writing the message. A sky-blue snowflake can also be drawn on the board.


3- Countdown timer

3 christmas wood sign ideas

This design serves as more than just the décor. It consists of a slab of wood painted red. This can be either a single piece or two long wooden pieces nailed or glued together.

Writing exclamatory messages such as ‘Santa stops here in’ followed by the no. of days before Christmas as ‘No. of days to go’ will go very well on the front side porch.

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4- Plain slate and white tree

4 christmas wood sign ideas

In this design, a blank slate of black stone with brown wooden border is used as the base plate. A carefully drawn Christmas tree in white paint adds contrast against the black background. Use the blank space inside the tree to write messages in black paint.


5- Vertical Christmas wood sign for the front door

5 christmas wood sign ideas

This particular design aesthetic can be achieved using a single horizontal slate of wooden piece, painted in a bright red color.

One can also nail together multiple wooden pieces to increase the scale of the design. Writing a simple word such as ‘Christmas’ in the appropriate size can add charm to the design. This design can be comfortably placed beside the door of your main entrance, welcoming guests.

6- Chisel and ribbon design

6 christmas wood sign ideas

In this design, few layers of the wooden baseboard can be chiseled away and painted using a contrasting color such as black.

The base portion can be painted in vintage brown color to add texture. One can write Christmas message sin varying fonts and scales on this design. Match the entire wood board with a suiting jute ribbon.


7- Joy Board using wooden plank

7 christmas wood sign ideas

You can make this design using a wide wooden plank or multiple narrow planks of wood, glued together. The final product should look like a white baseboard over which the letters ‘Joy’ is highlighted.

One can also use Christmas ornaments, made of cotton and cloth, for stitching together the second letter of the word ‘Joy’. Use contrasting colors such as red, brown pattern, and dotted pink.

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8- Multi-frame design

This design consists of multiple wooden frames, akin to photo frames, glued side by side. The color palette follows a creamy-white base plate coupled with brown borders for each frame. One can write a mix of Christmas messages and drawings alternatively, on these frames. This design will suit your fireplace very well, against a brick wall.

9- Cloth and Paper design

9 christmas wood sign ideas

Here, a wooden/cardboard board is embossed with matte-white hard paper. On the paper, an outline for a reindeer is drawn. Inside the outline, red paint is applied. Once the paint is dried, brown cloth is glued across the design to create this amazing minimal design aesthetic.


10- Multi plank Scrap wood design

10 christmas wood sign ideas

In this design, multiple sizes of old wooden planks are arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree. Paint the vertical piece, that acts as the supporting plank, with pearl white paint.

The top plank can be painted with a yellow star. Inside each of the other planks, blessing messages can be written. At the bottom part, a black painted wooden plank can be attached as well.


11. Country Christmas sign

11 christmas wood sign ideas


12. Reclaimed Wood Christmas Sign

12 christmas wood sign ideas


13. DIY Pallet Sign

13 christmas wood sign ideas


14. Wood Ornaments

14 christmas wood sign ideas


15. DIY Joy Pallet Sign

15 christmas wood sign ideas


16. Christmas Tree Sign

16 christmas wood sign ideas



A variety of materials are used for building Christmas wood signs. Though readymade options are available in the market, a beautiful sign can easily be made at the comfort of your home, with available material.