20 Creative DIY Balloon Ideas and Decorations

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Balloons can be a great way to pop your décor. It is also less expensive than your other decorating items. Well, if you now start decorating your own balloons; you might save extra money plus add your own personal touch too. No matter whatever occasion you are in, you can always rely on these amazing balloon decorations.

1. Colorful balloon clouds

1 Creative DIY Balloon Idea Decorations

What can be more majestic and out of the box at the same time than a group of balloons forming a cloud above the dining table? Scotch tape can be used to tape the balloons above the dining table.                                              

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2. Transparent balloons with beautiful confetti

2 Creative DIY Balloon Idea Decorations

Different balloons with different color pallets are recommended. The transparency of the balloons complements wonderfully the stark colors of the confetti. These helium balloons are generally fixed to the ground with a weight.

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3. Garland of balloons

3 Creative DIY Balloon Idea Decorations

Not necessarily the most tried diy, but very much unique, making a garland of balloons by passing a string through the mouth of each balloons sure does grab an eyeball or two.

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4.Pink transparent balloons with golden confetti 

4 Creative DIY Balloon Idea Decorations

Pink translucent balloons complement extravagantly golden confetti stored within and can cause a golden shower if burst. This is becoming the most popular combination of confetti balloons in parties.

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5. Popsicle balloons along with flowers

5 Creative DIY Balloon Idea Decorations

Probably born of the most outlandish thought, the Popsicle balloon is a translucent fabric-wrapped balloon adorned with flowers. If used, this is the most unique sight which the guests may see at your wedding!!

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6. Paper-heart balloons

6 Creative DIY Balloon Idea Decorations

Small paper hearts glued to the string of the balloons which are in turn filled with small paper hearts themselves form a dreamy hovering spectacle thanks to the helium contained.

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7. Exotic balloon décor

7 Creative DIY Balloon Idea Decorations

Balloon garlands can also be used to complement pieces of furniture resulting in an exotic admixture of the airy and the concrete. You could totally try it.                                         

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8. Gradient-colors in balloons

8 Creative DIY Balloon Idea Decorations

Several gradients of balloon-colors can also be used to signify a motif of a company or even nation! Creativity lies ahead! Even there are balloons available for each of the numbers and alphabets too. They would make your party look super stylish.

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9. Shape flower bouquets with balloons

9 Creative DIY Balloon Idea Decorations

Shaped like flower arrangements, balloons make for an interesting bouquet when placed at or near a dining table. They would look so pretty. You can make it look colourful too. 

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10. String lights on balloons

10 Creative DIY Balloon Idea Decorations

Like flowers and hearts, even lights can be placed at the strings of balloons to make for an illuminated and beautiful wedding.                                     

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11. Balloon photo area frame

11 Creative DIY Balloon Idea Decorations

These balloons can also be used as a physical frame against the perfect photography area to accentuate the beauty of the moment captured. The resultant photos are sure to be lauded by one and all!

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12. Balloon showers

12 Creative DIY Balloon Idea Decorations

Balloons placed on a vertical string at regular gaps or intervals can create the amazing illusion of frozen freefall. These balloon shower installations can magnify the impact of a formal setting many fold.

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13. Christmas tree balloons

13 Creative DIY Balloon Idea Decorations

No, not balloons atop Christmas trees. The entire Christmas tree is formed by balloons! Green helium balloons are used and placed in a conical arrangement to signify a Christmas tree complete with small red balloons or stars atop as tinsels! These would super look.

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14. Balloon columns

14 Creative DIY Balloon Idea Decorations

Much like the balloon shower, the balloon columns are also placed on a vertical string but are, however, placed close to each other to signify greater rigidity than the balloon showers.

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15. Artistic balloons

15 Creative DIY Balloon Idea Decorations

Artists rejoice! Balloons can now be arranged as an art form too. Copper finishes, matte black balloons with confetti in them, et al can affect the mood of the entire setting around them.                       

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16. Hula hoop balloon wreath

16 Creative DIY Balloon Idea Decorations

It is just a great idea for a birthday party. It can also make a perfect dessert table backdrop.

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17. Champagne bubble balloon

17 Creative DIY Balloon Idea Decorations

This can be a fantastic idea for an anniversary. This would be a total new idea. You could decorate balloons in the shape of the Champagne bottle.

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18. Floral balloon decoration ideas

18 Creative DIY Balloon Idea Decorations

This will give a pretty good look alongside the flowers. The garlands in pink and peach color might give you the best tropical feel you want.

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19. Emojis balloon decoration ideas

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19 Creative DIY Balloon Idea Decorations

Everyone loves emojis. In fact with the popularity of social media, emojis has become the greatest trend today. This would surely be a great idea.                                               

20. Ice cream cone balloons

20 Creative DIY Balloon Idea Decorations

This might be the best theme for someone’s birthday party or ice cream cone party. In fact this would also look super cute in a rice ceremony party too.

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You can now easily use your balloons decorations to decorate your own house or anyone else’s. You could also use them to decorate a birthday party or an anniversary party, or in someone’s marriage too. It would also be a great idea for your kids and they are easy to make too. You don’t have to work hard to make these. It would make your room look pretty and lovely. 

Creative DIY Balloon Idea Decorations