20+ Creative 3D Wall Art Decor Ideas & Designs

If you want to refresh your space, then you could look up for some wall decor ideas. You can fill those empty walls with your own new creative ideas and possibilities which can make your house feel like a home. If you want to turn those stark looking empty walls into something useful, then you could totally turn them into stylish centerpieces.

1. Asymmetric 3d wall panels

Not entirely symmetric, these asymmetric 3d wall panels give a sense of dynamism to the entire bedroom captivating the guests.                                 

2. Textured 3d floor tiles

Not often do we see the floor and the wall merging into one. Textured walls matching the texture of the floor tiles combine to produce a confusing and enigmatic effect of communion. 

3. Brilliant office 3d wall décor

The office wall can be subjected to majesty by painting the walls so as to allow the illusion of greater space. The office walls painted thus give a sense of confidence and freedom to the people.

4. Bedroom 3d wall paint

The bedroom wall can metamorphose into a canvas filled with texts and/or paint. These popup texts accentuate the style and beauty of the bedroom.

5. 3d wall textures

The wall textures

can be made so as to convey the illusion of popping out of the physical space; this can lead to enriched texture and beauty of the walls.

6. 3d mural ceiling design

The ceiling can sometimes be replicated as the Sistine chapel. This can dole an element of grandeur to the dining or bedroom space.

7. 3d wall stickers

Increasingly common, 3d wall stickers, however, are still fashionable as they complement an otherwise minimalistic wall beautifully.

8. The broken wall illusion

This grabs gazes effectively as the walls are painted so as to give the illusion of damage. Not used that much, the owner of these walls can be proud of the uniqueness of his/her walls.

9. Hexagonal 3d wall tiles

Made hexagonal, the 3d wall tiles complement uniquely the walls which convey the image of a beautiful honeycomb. It is one of the newest designs. It will give any interior a stylistic makeover. It combines the structure of honeycomb and molecules of chemical compounds. They are made of snow-white polystyrene. It is water resistant and falls within the budget. It has a brilliant white finish too. 

10. Bedroom 3d wall décor

The bedroom walls are here also made unique and interesting with different choices of color and shade. You can make 3d designs of whatever thing you like in your very own bedroom. 

11. Stunning 3d wall designs

The living space can be made more exquisite by painting stunning 3d wall designs and pop-up silhouettes of creatures and animals.

12. Floral 3d wall design

The wall can also be designed as an imaginary pond where flowers of various shapes and sizes are painted. This provides peace to the minds of people and is a unique decoration.

13. Decorative textures

3d walls designs can also complement various showpieces of the room to further enhance the unity and beauty of the room. If you are an artist, you would probably love this. You could totally create new ideas though these.  They would look very beautiful in your living room.

14. Living room 3d panel

An entire 3d panel can be fitted to the living room walls to contrast and complement the floor and furniture. It will modernize your empty space and would look so attractive. They are innovative wall materials that nowadays become more and more popular and attractive. 

15. Colorful blocks 3d wall

Probably the most unique on the list, these colorful 3d blocks produce a brilliant slideshow of dynamic colors alternating periodically. These blocks make for an interesting light show in the comforts of the bedroom!

16. 3d wall silver bar

Ever wanted to get the feel of a bar at the domesticated space of the kitchen?  Now it is possible with the 3d wall silver bar design which gives a glossy and chic look to your dining space even if you are a teetotaler.

17. Geometric wall designs

Let the magic of geometry shine forth from your walls! With geometric designs, the aesthetic of the walls is sure to be enhanced and elevated to a whole new level.

18. 3d sculpture design

This can increase the enigma of your living space and is ideal for sculpture enthusiasts. Mainly aimed at niche customers, the sculpture 3d walls is not to the tastes of everyone.

19. Cool 3d walls tiles texture

Exotic and amazing looking tiles give that premium look to your walls and also increase your reputation as a star home decorator.

20. Marble finish

The most premium finish in the list, the marble finish texture gives the walls in your home a new dimension of elegance altogether and is sure to attract lots of visitors!


You can make your walls look stylish and beautiful with your own creative ideas instead of them being bare and empty. Your walls can be customized into something which you like.



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