25+ Practical Tips To Easily Organize Your Baking Supplies

Last Updated on December 2, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

If you love baking, you know that you will need a lot of room to store your baking ingredients like sugar, flour, and containers.

You will need to organize them and you can organize them by not using a lot of expenses.

You can organize by using the regular things that you have with you. You will get to know some simple hack tips on keeping your baking organized.

kitchen organization hacks

1. Plastic Bins inside Kitchen Drawers

1 baking organization hacks


This tip is simple and straightforward. What you will have to do is to place a plastic bin inside your kitchen drawer along with scoop and fill them with flour, sugar and anything you might like.

2. Use Regular Wire basket in your Drawers

2 baking organization hacks


You can use the little space in your kitchen to organize your baking ingredients, what you will need is just. What you will need is just a wire basket, organize your baking ingredients in each section without mixing them.

3. Tackle Box.

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This is the best for storage, it has shallow divided layers, perfect for storing all those little jars of sprinkle and all your food colors.

4. Spice Rack

4 baking organization hacks

This is the best way to organize your baking ingredients without using much space in your room or your kitchen.

5. Use of Pegboard

5 baking organization ideas


You can turn your pegboard into a baker’s paradise. By organizing your cookie cutters, a vase in a row to hold parchment paper and lots of individual hooks for other baking equipment.

6. Load Up a Kitchen Cart

6 baking organization hacks


You can gather everything up on a rolling cart to pull out whenever you want to bake. You get to keep everything you will need in baking easily and whenever you want them.

7. Put Cupcake Liners in Mason jar

7 baking organization hacks


The little stacks of cupcakes that you may get whenever you purchase anything can be useful in keeping your cupcake liners. What you do is just the right size that may suit you.

8. Use IKEA Cart as Baking Station

8 baking organization ideas

Source: bemyguestwithdenise, iheartorganizing

This is the perfect way to make extra space for baking in your kitchen and help put away those things you are not using and the best part is, it has wheels.

9. Pullout Baking Sheet Drawer

9 baking organization ideas 1


You may have all your baking sheets in one place, drawer rather than a cabinet. All you have to do is to create a drawer for your baking equipment to stand up and in a way, you can easily see them.

10. Can Jars for Dry Ingredients

10 baking organization ideas

Source: thepaintedhive, 11magnolialane

There is no much usage of cab jars in our homes. With this, you may be in a good place to use your jars and at the same time saving up space and time in your kitchen. What you will do is to label them for easy identification.

11. Use of Command Hooks

11 baking organization ideas


There are so many equipments that are used in baking, you may want to keep some in the cabinet, others in the drawer, some you can even keep them using the command hook. It helps store bulk equipment that is used in baking.

12. Use of Pegboard

12 baking organization ideas


With this, you are able to store everything in place without sliding and spamming whenever you open and shut your drawers.

13. Bookshelf to Store Baking tools

13 baking organization ideas

It does help when you need more additional space to keep your baking tools and equipment. With this, you will save a lot of space and getting what you need when baking is also made easier.

14. Using your Toe Kicks

14 baking organization ideas


Toe kicks are little spaces that are found at the bottom of the kitchen cabinet near to the floor. This is the right place to store those things you don’t use every day, like baking tools.

15. Use a Corkboard for your Baking Tools.

15 baking organization hacks


You can use hooks and a corkboard in storing your baking tools. You can use hooks, pushpins or whatever you may light to use and place the tools straight on the board.

16. Use Spice Racks

16 baking organization hacks

You may want to use that small space you have in organizing your baking tools. It’s a perfect way to keep your tools visible.

17. Build Display Racks

17 baking organization ideas


With this, you are able to store your baking tool in a place you will easily retrieve them without problems.

18. Eye Hooks

18 baking organization hacks

Your baking tools are supposed to be kept in a place they will not interfere with anything. With this, you are able to organize your baking tools.

19. Hang your Pans Under the Island

19 baking organization hacks

If you don’t have space in your cupboard you may decide to hang your baking pans under the island. It’s a good solution. What you do is just anchor some S-hooks under your island and you will have saved some space too.

20. Label everything

20 baking organization ideas


The best way to organize your kitchen, baking tools and ingredients is by label everything you are using for easy retrieval.

21. DIY chalkboard measuring cabinet

21 baking organization ideas


22. Adding Cookie Sheet & Tray Storage Above the Oven

22 baking organization ideas

Source: thekitchn, takingontoday

23. Pegboard DIY Drawer Organizer

23 baking organization ideas


24. DIY drawers from toe kicks

24 baking organization ideas

25. Organized Kitchen Drawer

25 baking organization ideas



To make your kitchen and baking place a better place for baking, you will need to organize your tools and ingredients to save up space, to help retrieve things easily and make your working area organized.