What Color Wood Floor With Dark Cabinets? (25 Ideas)

Last Updated on July 7, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

In a home, the proper matching of furniture to the colors of the wall and flooring is necessary. The flooring should be durable and striking because it receives the weight of every material put inside the home.

With this, the flooring must be secured and fine to stand for years. However, it is not only durability which matters when deciding the best flooring. The colors and texture of the flooring is equally important. 

If you are specifically wondering what color of wood floor goes best with dark cabinets, this list shall run them down for you. Dark cabinets offer a useful contrast to various wood floorings but it is always a plus to know which ones standout. 

best colors of wood floor with dark cabinets

25 Colors of Wood Floor Go With Dark Cabinets 

Without much ado, let us dive straight into some of the most notable colors of wood flooring which go best with dark cabinets. So, if you are currently in a dilemma about what to go for the flooring, you can take inspiration from the ideas in this list. 

1. White

1 white wood floor goes with dark cabinets
Source: Flo-Dar Inc

White is always a go-to color, in any respect, when it comes to dark colors including cabinets.

In a home, black and white are always the one of the most preferred colors by homeowners because it is timeless and gives a sophisticated look in the home.

Though a common and safe combination, homeowners find it beautiful and simple. Other than that, it keeps the space bright, inviting, and neat.  

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2. Grey

2 grey wood floor goes with dark cabinets
Source: Ammel Construction Corp

Going for a polished brick grey flooring is also very commendable when it comes to dark cabinets. It is a very cool neutral color so it is understandable that this space looks airy but with lots of depth.

Though many perceive grey as a dull color, homeowners prefer this color because they are easy to work with, decoratively speaking. And they truly look stunning when paired with the right elements. 

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3. Natural Wood

3 natural wood floor goes with dark cabinets
Source: B.O.B. – Beyond Ordinary Boundaries Architecture, Modern Style Construction LLC

The natural caramel brown wood color is the most popular and most used color when it comes to dark cabinet pairing. Natural wood flooring and dark cabinets make a good contrast.

This specially becomes more eye-catching when it has a polished texture and glossy look. It gives a lighter feel and it gives a refreshing view to this kitchen design, giving off a very organic and warm look to this laidback kitchen. 

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4. Dark Brown

4 dark wood floor goes with dark cabinets
Source: Sturman Architects

Dark brown against dark brown is always a classy touch. Monochromatic designs have in them a certain luxurious and sleek look and it is very evident in this transitional kitchen. 

In a kitchen design like this where both the flooring and the cabinets are dark, it is best to put on some accent colors to separate them.

One of the easiest ways to do that would be getting creative with the area rugs and other decorative elements. Putting the same dark tones together is a little dark but ones accented with a different color makes it a whole new vibe.

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5. Black flooring

5 black wood floor goes with dark cabinets
Source: Habachy Designs

In this modern contemporary style of kitchen, the dark grey color of the cabinets matches well with the black flooring.

With these two dark tones paired together, it pays to give it a little light like the white ones and the glossy backsplash that gives it little shimmers. 

5 black wood floor goes with dark cabinets 1

Going with black and dark grey can be a very good pairing because aside from them bringing out a strong aura, they are seen as sophisticated, classy, and do not go out of style in time.

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6. Maple Wood

6 maple wood floor goes with dark cabinets 1
Source: Green Apple Design

As bright as it can be, combining your dark cabinets to a maple wood flooring shall surely give a positive vibe and larger view of the space.

The texture of the flooring and its multi-streaked light color give this one a defined separation, emphasizing the rich and deep brown tones of the cabinets.

Two colors in a room do not really look dull with the textured maple wood flooring and a lighting that creates the mood of this room.

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7. Light wood

7 light wood floor goes with dark cabinets 1
Source: Nathan C Chambers/Abodian

A black cabinetry is a very exciting idea. It brings out elegance in the room and is looking really expensive.

7 light wood floor goes with dark cabinets 2

Deciding for a glassy black cabinetry paired with a light wood flooring is something that a homeowner would want for a longer time where renovation is no longer a thing in mind. 

8. Charcoal gray flooring

8 charcoal gray wood floor goes with dark cabinets 2

The black cabinets have been a trend for most homeowners because it can be paired with just any color and is so timeless that it would not go out of style easily. The black cabinets exude glam and class plus it is very modern and striking. 

Pairing it with different shading of grey flooring also creates a unique combination which pops out in this all-black kind of home design. Enigmatic and masculine, this is such a phenomenal look for any loft. 

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9. Bamboo Floor

9 bamboo wood floor goes with dark cabinets
Source: mademan design

Matching a dark wood cabinet with the lighter brown shade of bamboo flooring creates a design harmony that is truly unmatched.

9 bamboo wood floor goes with dark cabinets 1

In a small space, it pays to give attention to every little detail which include the choosing of furniture and the pairing of colors. 

When you want to create a positive and light look, go for this design plus add it with lighting that would complete the look. Going for a lighter flooring is already a good choice but having it paired with a dark cabinetry would surely make it better.

10. Textured beige

10 textured beige wood floor goes with dark cabinets 2
Source: KraftMaster Renovations

A plain flooring works but deciding for a textured one is much better. They give a different view and aura of the home especially when paired with the plain ones inside the area.

The dark cabinets and beige work well together and are seen beautifully together. This look is natural looking given the colors in this room plus the modern look is exceptionally making a statement. 

11. Island tile of yellows and blues

11 vintage wood effect wall and floor tiles with dark cabinets
Source: Tile Mountain

When having a dark cabinet, going for a colored tile like this flooring looks like an island and brings out the calmness and coolness of the area.

While all others look good in plains, a multi-toned tile has its own aesthetic perks. It looks so fresh and modern plus all the elements come in together to give it a look to remember. 

12. Textured White

12 white textured wood floor with dark cabinets
Source: Norton Design Studio

Having a textured white flooring paired to your dark bluish cabinetry also works. This look is very much interesting because of the shade of blue color of the cabinetry which is not so common in a home.

Going for unique and rare colors has always something to say in a combination and it even gives a new vibe to the home plus the textured flooring.

Given the dark cabinetry it is still lighter and cleaner to look at because of the presence of the white textured flooring.

13. Tortilla brown

13 tortilla brown wood floor with dark cabinets

Just like black, a dark brown colored cabinet also brings out the sophistication in an area. Pairing it with a tortilla brown flooring would give it more of a classy and elegant look.

These organic colors bring out the traditional look transitioning to a modern flush thanks to the assortment of furniture, cabinet design and glossy stainless-steel appliances. If you want an aged yet modern look, this is the idea for you. 

14. Light beige

14 light beige wood floor with dark cabinets
Source: Nicolaj Bo

This mahogany wood colored cabinetry looks natural and compelling. Paired with a light beige as a backsplash and flooring makes it a nice and cohesive view.

Mixing colors that are strong and soft creates a good pairing and with this style, it is looking traditional even with the modern materials infused. 

15. Copper tile

15 copper like wood floor with dark cabinets

If you want a space to look old and classy, go for dark cabinets and contrast it with a copper-colored tile flooring. This combination is very simple but overall, looks high-end and very expensive.

The elements put together are the ones making it lively and exciting. Putting these colors together seems very natural and classy. This is such a rustic, formal opulence to go for. 

16. Ash Grey

16 ash grey wood floor with dark cabinets

Some homeowners love grey because of the balance and coolness it brings to a space. Though a little dull, it gives the home a neutral but classic view that is why many would still want to go for ash grey.

When choosing an ash grey flooring to a darker grey cabinet, make sure to add a little shimmers and fun through different colors or adding a little light to make it dramatic though this monochrome look is still cozy. 

17. Cherry Oak

17 cherry oak wood floor with dark cabinets

Arranging an area into an all-cherry oak color is one of the best decisions you will make. This look here reveals how striking, warm and welcoming cherry oak is for both the cabinets and the flooring.

The addition of stainless-steel and the marble countertop make the kitchen more upend. Everything is on-point, glossy and fine in this overall kitchen look.

18. Patterned brown and white flooring design

18 patterned brown white wood floor with dark cabinets

Going for the unique ones is always a thing for homeowners. The more unique it is seen, the more it is loved. That is why going for geometric tile designs are a hit to homeowners especially when you want to achieve a modern contemporary kind of home.

This pairing with dark grey is very much to your liking and is more highlighted because of the color white on top. Deciding for this combination is recommendable. 

19. Dark Oak

19 dark oak wood floor with dark cabinets

Traditional dark oak gives an old feeling that is why pairing it with your dark cabinets can be strikingly traditional.

A room of dark oaks has a warm, compact aura which makes everything feel very intimate, cozy and homier. The cohesive look of this kitchen here is just so striking. 

20. Wood floor undertones

20 gray wood floor with dark purple cabinets

A grayish deep purple color matches rich brown wood floor undertones. Individually, they are very much unique but together, they create a different aura which homeowners would want to try and see.

Going for this combination is unique and rare. If you are more of the adventurous type, this is an idea to take reference from.  

21. Bright Copper

21 bright copper floor with dark green cabinets
Source: Teddy Edwards

Having emerald toned cabinets must be perfectly contrasted with bright copper flooring to create an organic and elegant look in this well-lighted kitchen.

Putting a wooden element like the stool and a white countertop also makes the home lighter and fresher to see. Going with this combination is very simple but is elegant and classy.

22. Honey brown wood flooring

26 honey brown floor with dark cabinets 2

If you are going for a Craftsman style, black cabinets on a lighter tone of wood flooring would give a phenomenal look for the kitchen.

Complementing it with stainless-steel countertops, appliances, and other details offer a spacious and light look like this U-shaped kitchen here. 

23. Light oakwood

27 light oak wood floor with dark cabinets 2

Combining your dark colored cabinets to colors that are bold and bright like light oakwood offer a classy, airy and light vibe to a kitchen.

You would not even need a lot of decorative elements to fill the gaps because the contrast between the wood flooring and the dark cabinets already makes the kitchen full. 

24. Dark stained cedar wood flooring

28 dark stained oak wood floor with dark cabinets 2

This one here provides a high contrast thanks to the play of white walls, black cabinets and dark stained cedar wood flooring.

The glossy granite countertop is also striking in this play of neutrals. It is very neat and polished and everything just complements each other. It is a simple way to arrange a compact kitchen. 

25. Dark stained mahogany flooring

The darker stain in mahogany is also another fine choice when it comes to dark cabinets. This one here does not even need to be described in detail because the entire look already highly speaks for itself. 

Other materials

26. Patterned Black and White

22 patterned black and white floor with dark cabinets

If you are fond of prints and patterns, this is a very nice idea for you. This design is a plain Jane you might say, but the sophistication in the overall look cannot be denied.

An all-black cabinet to your patterned black and white flooring is very stylish and a standout look compared to other neutral mix and matches. 

27. Red and Black

23 black and red floor with dark cabinets 2

Combining your dark colored cabinets to colors that are bold and bright like the red one is very unexpected but can be a good combination.

For one, this one here gives off a lot of upend diner look and we love the pastel contrasts happening in this bright and airy kitchen. Having an unexpected color like this can be fun and can surprisingly look beautiful like this kitchen design.

23 black and red floor with dark cabinets

28. Stone Flooring

24 stone floor with dark cabinets 2

As hard as it may be, a stone flooring sets a grounded tone when combined with dark cabinets inside the home. The old color and the texture give off a 3D feel and matches well with the striking dark color of the cabinet.

When having this design, give it some points to remember so invest on the other elements that you put inside to maintain the old and simple look you are achieving. 

29. Printed tiles

25 printed floor with dark cabinets 2
Image credit: Ca’ Pietra

For a playful look, these printed tiles highlight well the warmth of these two-toned wooden cabinets. Unlike the common flooring colors, this one is very much modern and refreshing. Plain decorative elements would also look stunning in this type of flooring and cabinetry. 


Matching your flooring with your dark cabinets especially when it all comes down to a picturesque arrangement. Time and again, it has been proved that dark colors are versatile too.

However, this does not mean that the contrasts to be chosen should be callously installed. With the ideas that we have covered here, it should be clear now that at the end of the day, the main goal is to achieve a cohesive look for whatever living space you are matching a wood floor and dark cabinets on.