27+ DIY Pallet Projects For Your Bathroom

Last Updated on January 22, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Bathrooms need to look impressive. Wood adds so much value in the overall look of a bathroom and in that, pallet wood gives it a rustic look. While maintaining it could be a bit of a challenge, we discuss a couple of simple dos for you that can protect the wood and maintain the look of your ‘Woodybathroom

diy bathroom pallet ideas

How can I use pallet wood for a bathroom without moisture getting to it?

We all know how impressive pallet wood is for a bathroom. The challenge though is, how to save it from moisture accumulation. One simple solution to this would be coating it with boiled linseed oil. This prevents moisture from damaging the pallet wood and ensures longevity. You should also ensure air circulation because of which, we recommend a fan in the bathroom that could immediately dry up the moisture

How to protect pallet wood for wall in the bathroom?

Like we discussed, moisture is the chief deterrent in the case of pallet wood. The walls of the bathroom once made up of pallet wood needs to be coated with boiled linseed oil that forms a protective layer and ensuring airy bathrooms help the cause to a large extent. 

How to frame bathroom mirrors with pallet wood?

This can be done in two ways. The first being, you create an entire wall using pallet wood and place the mirror on top of it which gives a ‘3D element’ look to it. The other being, using pallet wood as the mirror frame. This involves more carpentry since framing the mirror to its shape needs skill. You would be better off handing it over to a carpenter to help with this.

Here are the 20 best bathroom pallet projects that can blow your mind:

1. The designer corner

1 bathroom pallet projects

Sometimes symmetry doesn’t win. Creativity does. Look at this corner pallet installation.

2. Pallet toilet

2 bathroom pallet projects

This toilet wall looks so rustic and good, you wouldn’t mind spending hours in there.

3. A pallet wood station

3 bathroom pallet projects

Place bathroom essentials, magazines, mobile phones et. al. This station houses everything.

4. Rustic basin holder

4 bathroom pallet projects

This is another brilliant installation that aids in enhancing the look of your bathroom.

5. Multipurpose racks

5 bathroom pallet projects

This is a combo installation. One riveted to the wall and the other being a standalone structure. So much utility!

6. Pallet wood towel holder

6 bathroom pallet projects

Towels never felt more pampered. Check out this cosy towel holder with a sprinkle of decor.

7. The extremely rustic vanity

7 bathroom pallet projects

This bathroom vanity made out of pallet wood looks so rustic, it gives you such a vintage look.

8. The layered towel rack

8 bathroom pallet projects

This multi-layered towel rack is simple to DIY, looks classy and serves the purpose.

9. Pallet wood mirror frame and simple basin holder:

9 bathroom pallet projects

10. Multi-towel holder

10 bathroom pallet projects

If you are short on space, use pallet wood like this in your bathroom to create a simple towel holder that can hold half a dozen.


11. Elegant shelf

11 bathroom pallet projects

This shelf made of pallet wood looks slightly elegant with the touch-up it has received housing bathroom essentials by the dozen!

12. Concealed mini-bathroom vanity

12 bathroom pallet projects

Place your cosmetics and other essentials inside this mini-bathroom vanity.


13. The cabinet

13 bathroom pallet projects

This cabinet made of pallet wood gives you so much storage and looks shabby and rustic if you like it that way. The use of spotlights has added to its charm.


14. Bathroom wall

14 bathroom pallet projects

This one is for the ‘Wood romantic’! Covering the whole bathroom with pallet wood can be beautiful sometimes.

15. Compact shelf

15 bathroom pallet projects

If your bathroom is small, try creating a shelf like this with pallet wood. It houses all your essentials and maximises space.

16. Over the toilet pallet wood box

16 bathroom pallet projects

Pallet wood can be made into such boxes as well, that can be placed over the toilet.

17. Colorful wall

17 bathroom pallet projects

This wall made of pallet wood has a zing to with a few solid colours. Try this variant if you like colours.

18. The napkin box

18 bathroom pallet projects

Store your toilet papers or even towels in a pallet wood box like this. You could add wheels to it as well.

19. The graffiti wall

19 bathroom pallet projects

This is inspirational and looks beautiful in your bathroom adding value to your life every day! Change the writing every day using chalk and create inspiring graffiti.

20. A pallet stand

20 bathroom pallet projects

You could use this for anything you wish to place in your bathroom. Add a dash of decor to it and you are good to go!


21. Over the toilet shelf

21 bathroom pallet projects


22. Farmhouse shelf

22 bathroom pallet projects

23. DIY Industrial Pallet Towel Rack

23 bathroom pallet projects


24. Pallet Sign Art

24 bathroom pallet projects


25. DIY Reclaimed Wood Bath Caddy

25 bathroom pallet projects


26. Toilet Paper Holder

26 bathroom pallet projects

27. DIY Pallet Laundry Shelf

27 bathroom pallet projects


Pallet wood brings a combination of richness, a rustic feel and vintage glory. We have tried to help you draw some inspiration from all that could be done with pallet wood in your bathroom and believe, you can’t wait to refurbish your bathrooms this season!

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