35+ Best Bathroom Cabinet Ideas and Designs For Storages

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Are you searching for bathroom cabinet solutions that are both creative and functional? Bathroom cabinets are a terrific way to bring individuality into your house while also being a functional location to store bathing supplies, toothpaste, and medicines.

Cabinets and sinks can set the standard for the whole area, whether you choose to create a statement with a vibrant wall cabinet or to go basic with an inconspicuous floating vanity.

Continue reading for some tips on how to improve the decor of your bathroom also while adding some much-needed space.

Take a look at some of our greatest bathroom cabinet designs that may be used in any bathroom decor.

beautiful bathroom cabinet ideas designs

1. Cabinets made to order

1 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

It may go beyond saying, but custom cabinets are the finest way to create a one-of-a-kind, customized bathroom.

A custom cabinet is important to consider if you’re dealing with a tight area or just want to locate the ultimate bathroom storage system.

If you have the financial means, having your cabinets constructed to order can ensure that you obtain the greatest parts for the space.

This might be helpful if you have a large master bathroom and aren’t sure how to fill it. A custom-made vanity can run the entire course of the wall or sit between two adjacent cabinets.

It may also be stopped halfway down a wall, allowing for a spectacular piece of gigantic wall art to be shown.

2. Vanity that floats

2 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

Choose a hovering bathroom vanity for a sleek, minimalist style. This fixture may go with any kind of décor based on the shade and composition of your vanity.

For a sleek, monochrome aesthetic, a white vanity can fit in beautifully with white walls. Dark accents and exquisite illustration on the walls can be added to the mix. 

You may also opt for a rustic look by combining a hardwood vanity plus natural components such as wood floors and lots of plants.

Even while the absence of legs just frees up a little amount of floor space in the bathroom, it would be enough to free up the area and reduce visual clutter.

3. Cabinet that stands alone

3 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

A freestanding cabinet might be the answer if you need to fill an uncomfortable vacant position in your bathroom or need more storage space.

They are available in a multitude of varieties, which may be both a benefit and a curse.

It may seem tough to choose the ideal cabinet, but with so much alternatives, there are plenty of good choices. Decide on the vibe you wish for your bathroom to communicate first.

Do you need it to be contemporary or classic? Are you an extrovert or a skeptic? Determine which characteristics will assist you in setting the appropriate mood and proceed from there.

4. Tucked Away Cabinet 

4 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

Check out these undiscovered jewels if you’re seeking for the pinnacle of minimalist design. A concealed cabinet offers much-needed space in an out-of-the-way location.

An opaque door also implies that none of your stored objects are visible. You’ll have a spot to put your miscellaneous items—towels, soap refills, and toilet paper —without having to look at them.

It may be used in any bathroom because of the seamless integration of hidden cabinets, but it looks particularly well in clean, contemporary rooms.

It might be a simple panel that glides open to display your toiletries or a reflective medicine cabinet which slides up to reveal your amenities. The mystery of a secret chamber adds some James Bond flare to the atmosphere.

5. Cabinet on the Wall

5 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

What’s a man to do when he’s faced with a cramped bathroom in serious need of space to store? Of course, hang a cupboard on the wall. It isn’t the most innovative bathroom storage solution, but it is a timeless classic for a purpose.

Installing your cabinets on the wall lifts the attention upward, spreading the apparent weight of the room equally and freeing up valuable floor space.

Like any other tradition, you may keep it traditional or experiment to create a one-of-a-kind style. For a peaceful, mid-century contemporary atmosphere, combine a mid-tone wooden cabinet featuring off white walls with neutral furnishings.

Adding candles and foliage to the area will soften it and provide a sense of elegance.

6. Cabinet with a tall height

6 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

Tall cabinets allow you to maximize vertical space while also functioning as utilitarian decor. Since they do occupy some floor space, purchasing a slender one would reduce this impediment and provide a much-needed storage space.

These cabinets might have see-through doors, opaque doors, or no doors whatsoever, and each form has its own personality.

Traditional bathroom décor looks great with a dark brown or black corner cabinet featuring glass doors. Combine it with candles, books, and cologne in gorgeous glass bottles to get a classic, vintage look.

7. Brown And Bright

7 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

Many restrooms have teeny-tiny windows, while others have none at all. If you have a restroom with two huge parallel windows, look for décor options that take use of the natural light. This set of vibrant brown drawers is an excellent example.

The bathroom evaporates quicker and the moisture level is reduced due to the large windows. As a result, mold, mildew, and decay are less likely to affect your wooden vanity drawers.

A double porcelain sink stands over your shelves behind a wide inset mirror, finishing your sleek style.

8. Knock knock

8 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

The tub is generally crushed against one wall in small bathrooms, totally occupying one half of the room. The bathtub is enclosed behind its very own wall in this case, creating a nook opposing the entryway.

The chocolate bathroom vanity slipped into this corner, completely filling it. The mirror is the width of the countertop and faces the entrance immediately.

As a result, the bathroom appears to be twice as big. The dark wood chosen to frame the mirror is like the vanity cabinet.

The countertop is white, featuring a gray tile backsplash, and glistening metallic faucets and closet door knobs.

9. Bathroom Cabinet Arrangement

9 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

Every owner expects a well-organized bathroom, and the same can be said for a cupboard. You can supply different containers for keeping your tools to turn it into orderly storage.

Additionally, attempt to organize them inside and divide your belongings according to their sorts and uses.

Arrange cosmetics and hair care items, for example, in distinct containers. In short, you’ll have a higher chance of finding them within the cabinet.

10. Small Bathroom Storage Cabinet

10 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

It’s a good idea to use one of the numerous bathroom storage solutions for tiny spaces in this area. The owner of this tiny bathroom idea uses the vacant wall just behind the toilet to build open storage, as seen above.

Inside this bathroom, there are three open shelves organized vertically, each of which is solid enough to keep certain items, such as bathrobes or even attractive plants.

Finally, the installation of baskets makes it easier to store towels and prevent them from falling.

11. Painted

11 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

It’s important to select the proper painting for a cabinet in the bathroom in order to revitalize the space. It also depicts the bathroom’s overall design and ambience.

A grey cabinet with a wood accent can be found in this bathroom. It had an overly simplistic design, with frameless mirror, sink, or ball tap.

However, it was ultimately completed with a gray hue, broad tap, framed mirror, as well as other modern accessories following the painting process.

The sink vanity units now have an entirely different appearance and alter the bathroom’s décor.

12. Black

12 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

This storage style may be the choice of those who prefer dark and neutral colors. When we examine this bathroom cabinet in black, it appears to be both basic and attractive. It has a solitary sink and a ceramic countertop that matches the room’s color scheme.

There are also four closed storage compartments and a wide open shelf in this closet. In conclusion, the entire storage design is appealing and current.

13. Use color to your advantage.

13 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

Bathroom color schemes may not be the only thing that comes to mind when considering cabinet plus storage options, but they should not be overlooked.

A suitable color scheme is necessary for achieving the desired look. You may use anything from cupboards to vanity cabinets to get a unique look. 

Applying a bright and attractive color to your bathroom can brighten your entire house and put this practical space in sync with the rest of your design.

Color-blocking is a terrific method for anyone who wants to experiment with bold paint colors before committing too much.

In contemporary bathrooms, an all-out technique is popular, with several slabs of pure color that frequently clash.

14. Vintage

14 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

In a rustic bathroom plan, all sorts of found objects find a home. The trick is to use bold colors and a minimalist approach to create a vivid yet coherent palette rather than slavishly replicating the style.

Your antique bathroom layout will blend together as much as one ornamental piece unites the color scheme.

This bathroom vanity was a repurposed item from the original 1970s building. The owner wanted to keep the cabinet (as well as its original fittings) but update it with a vibrant cilantro green finish. I wanted this area to be trendy and daring.

15. Make a symmetrical plan. 

15 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

An interior decorating technique for creating smart-looking spaces is symmetry, and it’s ideal for both small and large bathroom designs.

Symmetry creates harmony in a space, and it usually begins with the central focus, whether it’s a set of cupboards in the restroom or a cosmetic piece in a powder room.

It gives a place a feeling of comfort and rhythm, and it’s an important aspect of the design process. If you master symmetry, you’ll be able to establish harmony in every area of your home, as well as make small rooms appear larger and more orderly.

16. With wood cabinets, wow!

16 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

To produce a spa-like plan that is friendly and inviting, appeal to the elegance of natural wood.

The bathroom becomes a private refuge to help repair mental wellness, thanks to the dream of building a sanctuary at home. As a result, there will be a shift away from sterile bathroom cabinet designs.

For its beautiful nature, wood is currently the preferred material; it evokes the tranquil elegance of a spa. From modest vanities to complex built-in solutions, there are various ways to incorporate wood into your design. 

17. For a modern look, use modern materials. 

17 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

The trend for luxury bathroom designs that give a personalized experience opens up even more possibilities for creating an enjoyable sanctuary in your home.

Create a spa-like atmosphere with a variety of exquisite accents. The bathroom’s luxurious and non-traditional style is accomplished by using marble alongside polished nickel cabinetry.

Polished nickel and marble are two elements that may give a sense of grandeur in a contemporary bathroom design. This modern mix may be utilized to great advantage in the bathroom since it is elegant, subtle, and easily lovely.

18. Soft hues should be used.

18 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

There are a variety of creative, space-saving design ideas that may transform an ensuite as well as make a tiny bathroom appear larger. Good storage is critical for maintaining a bathroom’s general feel calm and tidy.

We developed a stretch of built-in cabinets inside this ensuite bathroom to give lots of surface space and storage, enabling the space to be used and styled in a variety of ways.

It’s finished in a soft neutral tone that fades into the background, enabling you to concentrate on the exquisite marble counter and smoothness of the mirror panels.

19. Utilize every square inch of the bathroom.

19 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

A well-designed family bathroom, which is generally the biggest in the house, even if just by a few inches, may make or break your daily routine.

The finest designs have plenty of storage, are simple to maintain, and are ideal for sharing. 

Choosing the appropriate closet for the bathroom may be difficult, since it depends on a combination of factors, including the room’s size, color palette, and resources, including who will use it.

20. Attempt Something New

Even if you need a ton of space in your restroom, a cupboard is not always big and cumbersome.

To give off a contemporary style, go for something sleek and stylish, with enough compartments to fit all you need to keep. To help tie the appearance together, use some attractive wallpaper.

21. Go for the bohemian look.

20 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

Here’s a cabinet concept that’s ideal for a relaxed boho look. The sleek, tiny cabinet underneath the sink, which is great for small areas, is one of our favorites.

The floating shelves just above the toilet give even more space and assist to keep the bathroom’s design consistent.

22. Choosing Storage That Combines In is a smart choice.

21 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

This charming bathroom not only has a Scandi-inspired hardwood vanity, however there is an ivory cabinet over the toilet that fits in with the background behind it.

Coloring your wall cupboard the very same shade as the entire room is a terrific technique to conceal storage.

23. Consider a Sleek Vanity.

22 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

Smaller bathrooms are better suited to floating cabinets with less equipment. This enables the storage to fit in with the remainder of the bathroom without appearing too heavy or excessive. The sense of greater floor space is created by hovering the vanity, which creates a little depth.

24. Extra Drawers are a good choice.

23 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

If you happen to have a lot of things to arrange, a bathroom cabinet or a vanity with a number of tiny drawers may be preferable to one with fewer bigger ones.

Smaller detachable drawers will provide you more options for separating and organizing your must-haves. Can’t seem to find what you’re looking for? Instead, consider doing it yourself.

25. Look for a Vanity that is Extra-Wide. 

24 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

This magnificent bathroom vanity is not only a great hue of dark blue, but also has an abundance of storage.

While a normal vanity may be up to 42 inches wide, you can have a bespoke piece tailored to accommodate your bathroom properly and give the storage you need.

26. Bathroom Cabinet in Stainless Steel

25 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

Whereas modern stainless steel bathroom cabinets give your bathroom a distinctive style, they go well with the shiny black flooring and clash nicely with the gray walls.

The steel cabinets are elevated to a new level by this great color combination. The design of the wash area is completed with a black tabletop with a crystal wash basin and a sleek tap.

27. Bathroom Cabinets Made of Glass

26 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

Isn’t glass a beautiful and sophisticated material? This glass bathroom cupboard is ideal for storing bathroom items while still maintaining the space’s aesthetic.

With elegant silver handles, the steel black surface nicely holds glass. Because the screen door is clearly visible, everything will appear crystal clear if you organize the storage materials carefully.

28. Bathroom Cabinets Made of Plastic

28 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

Plastic is a superb material that is utilized for a variety of purposes in our everyday lives. Plastic is one of the best materials to utilize as a cabinet since it is chemically resistant and acts as a heat and electrical insulator. Externally, the frameless cabinet has a stylish glass door. 

The cabinet here on the floor, on the other hand, has a straightforward and basic style with a marble surface that elegantly completes the aesthetic.

29. Bathroom Cabinets Made of PVC

29 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

PVC is a cost-effective and easy-to-maintain substance. Many individuals prefer PVC bathroom vanities because of this.

The basic design, along with the monochromatic color scheme, is an excellent method to transform an average place into something special. The white tabletop is complimented with a modest washbasin and a trendy tap.

30. Bathroom Cabinets of the Highest Quality

Luxury is no longer restricted to your home’s interiors. Because of the flair and elegance they give to a place, luxury bathroom drawers are becoming increasingly popular.

The black cabinets contrast with the bathroom’s all-white surroundings. The room’s illumination shines across the space, dramatically lifting the cabinets.

31. Cabinet with Mirrors 

30 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

Mirror cabinets in the bathroom are a great way to add flair and practicality to your bathroom. The mirror is nothing more than a door with concealed storage behind it, allowing you to store as many items as possible without having to look at the clutter. 

The inclusion of three rows apart for additional storage is another distinctive aspect of this layout. Although these sorts of mirror cabinets come in a variety of substances, a wooden treatment adds a touch of elegance to any room.

32. In a nook, add a cabinet.

32 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

If your bathroom has an additional storage alcove or a tiny linen closet, try replacing it with an uncovered cabinet to offer more aesthetic appeal and storage capacity.

Though a bespoke cabinet may be required to fit your area properly, the end effect is well worth the effort.

33. Farmhouse-style bathroom

33 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

Sure, this vanity doesn’t have a lot of storage, but it’s full of personality and character. An antique table-turned-vanity is a terrific concept to draw the eye to your room if you are building a guest bathroom or a corridor bath and do not have to add more storage.

34. Extend the Life of Your Vanity

34 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

Using cabinets to increase the size of the countertop and provide built-in storage around the room is a terrific method to gain much more space in your bathroom.

Besides the vanity, a higher cabinet for linens is installed, and it’s painted in the very same color and design as the vanity, blending in well.

35. Monochrome is best. 

35 bathroom cabinet ideas farmfoodfamily

For smaller bathrooms, choosing a vanity or cabinet that matches the rest of the space is a smart option. A monochrome theme offers your space more dimension and offers you more options when it comes to incorporating decorations.


When it comes to designing your bathroom cabinet, make the most of all that space by putting away any items you don’t need when you’re done with them. Decorative goods like reed diffusers, candles, cand beautiful perfume should be kept on your countertop for the most part.

Keep these products on a crystal tray to keep them looking neater than if you just placed them on the table. This minimalist aesthetic will make the bathroom look tidy and well-kept, and those good feelings will rub off on you. What’s your favorite idea in this list? Tell us at the comment section below!