32+ Best Towel Storage Ideas & Projects

Do not throw in the towel; use it for wiping the sweat off your face. As inspirational as it may sound, towels can cause menace in your bathrooms when they are placed haphazardly. Anything that has structure and anything that is organised has a charm to it. We believe we can embolden you with some of these ideas for towel storage.

Is it ok to store towels in the bathroom?

Bathrooms aren’t the best places to store towels in since they are damp and dampness breeds mildew; a fungal organism. Fungi can be unhealthy and in that, life-threatening. It is advisable to store towels in a dry cupboard or airy shelf. Having said that, bathrooms can be safe to store towels in if they are dried and cleaned regularly.

What is the best way to store towels?

Create floating shelves in your bedrooms or place your clean towels in a cupboard that has ample air supply and is devoid of dampness. These are some of the best ways of storing towels as they keep them free of fungi. 

How do I organise my bath towels?

Towels need to be given the same importance that your Armani suit is. Towels can be breeding grounds for diseases and hence need to be organised well. Fold them well or roll them up and place them in a clean and dry place; preferably floating shelves or clean cupboards.

Here are 20 best towel storage ideas:

1. Hanging box

You could store your towels along with your bath essentials to save space and organise them well.

2. Bedroom cupboards

A clean and dry bedroom cupboard could be your best choice to store towels. These ensure hygiene and keep you disease-free.


3. Closed stack

You could try something like this as well in your bedrooms. Make sure the shelves are cleaned from time-to-time.

4. A simple floating shelf

Floating shelves like these are simple to create and towels find good clean homes in them.

5. A multipurpose cupboard stack

Another idea to store your towels would be to arrange them well along with other bathroom essentials.


6. Creative shelves

How about floating shelves oozing creativity? Such storage shelves make you drool.


7. Bathroom cabinets

This one’s for you if you like your bathrooms to be as organised as this. Make sure your bathrooms are dry and clean before you store your towels in them.


8. Rustic wooden boxes

If you are running out of ideas, keep it simple like this by using rustic boxes and throwing in a dash of decor.

9. Basket shelves

If you like storing them in baskets, try a shelf like this. Looks pleasing to the eye as well.

10. Hanging baskets

Sometimes beauty lies in simplicity. This idea is so simple yet elegant. You can also store so much. This accommodates a few bath essentials too.

11. An open stack

An open stack like this can store towels for a month. Looks simple and elegant too.

12. Triple-decker box rack

These floating shelves are simple to make and can accommodate over a dozen towels.

13. Rustic box-shelves

Use the bedroom walls to good effect. These racks are super-efficient and can accommodate so many towels. Add some decor if you like.

14. Standing basket

This basket looks good in the corner of your room and can hold a considerable number of towels. You just got lucky with that decor element on top as well.


15. The circular basket

Ah! Towels below and a book on top. So much panache!


16. The ladder shelf

This looks good anywhere in your room and can accommodate a basket for more storage.

17. The classic closet

When in doubt, revert to classic. This classic closet lets you fold them the way you want to and gives you ample storage. This also keeps them clean and dry.


18. The vertical column

This is simple to make at home, looks classy and can house a dozen towels rolled up.

19. Another variant of the vertical column

You could try this as well. This vertical column is sturdier.

20.The rectangles

These shelves are simple to make at home and install. Look how beautiful they look and efficient they are. Store bath essentials and towels together.


21. Rustic bathroom towel

22. Recycled pallets as towels


23. DIY Wood Towel Rack


24. Glass towel


25. Built-in wall towel

26. Tiered bathroom stand


27. Cabinet bathroom shelf


28. Wardrobe

29. Basket towel

30. Woven towel basket

31. Over the toilet towel

32. Wood pallet bathroom shelf


While towels don’t get their due and are ignored most of the times, it is essential to understand that they play a vital role in personal hygiene. Storing them in bathrooms may not be best suggested but if bathrooms are kept clean and dry, they aren’t the worst places either. We hope these brilliant towel storage ideas got you thinking about revamping your storage spaces at home.



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