74+ Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas and Designs

Compact or not, bathrooms need a lot of storage. Most often than not, the over the toilet space can be an extra space for toiletries or towels but it is not that exhausting because maybe, we were just so used to seeing it bare. But fret not because there are a lot of ideas which you can explore when it comes to toilet storage. 

In this post, we shall cover some of the most notable over the toilet storage ideas out there. From floating shelves to more ingenious ones, we shall give a rundown of them for you.  

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What should I put above my toilet? 

We suggest anything subtle. But the most beautiful options to discover would be rustic floating shelves. They give you creative liberty to produce magic in your bathrooms

How high should a shelf be above a toilet?

We suggest anything that meets the eye comfortably. This also depends on what goes above the toilet. If they are double-decker floating shelves, begin from 5 feet above the ground with a gap ranging from a foot to two feet between the two shelves.

If it is a single floating shelf, place it around 5.5 to 6 feet above the ground. But this entirely depends on what kind of floating shelves you choose to place and hence, there is no fixed condition.

How do you make an over the toilet shelf?

You may like it rustic or classy, but there are simple methods to fix them. The most popular being to drill them directly into the walls. You might also want to use a bracket to place the shelf or just plain adhesive strips, depending on the weight of the shelf is likely to hold.

35 Over The Toilet Storage Ideas

Without much ado, let us look at some of the best over the toilet storage ideas which you can consider. Again, from the simple, default ones to more crafty, high-end looks, we shall cover them for you. 

1. Over the toilet shelves

Of course, we will start with the basics. In this one, we go for the traditional over the toilet shelves. To keep it looking tidy and on point, align the shelves with the coverage of the toilet.

Depending on how much tier the wall can accommodate, you can put in extra towels, lotion, soap, and even small plants if you would want to. 

2. Chicken wire shelf

If you want to go down the unorthodox, yet very rustic road, you can draw inspiration from this chicken wire shelf.

It is perfect for farmhouse homes, and retro or vintage style arrangement because its down to earth look does not drown out the shine and gloss of those porcelain toilet. You just have to see it for yourself to believe it. 

3. Bathroom ladder

Speaking of the farmhouse, rustic look, setting up a wooden bathroom ladder at the back of the toilet, towering over it at a good height is very minimal yet very aesthetic.

You can also have a convenient way to hang the towels and more so function-wise, it does not disappoint. It is one way to save space and a very inexpensive choice at that. Overall, this is a prime over the toilet storage idea. 

4. Reclaimed wood floating shelves

Source: Fueling Mamahood

This is another over the toilet storage that shall surely give you lots of rustic charm. If you have spare wood pallets there, this is one of the beautiful ways to repurpose that reclaimed wood.

Resting on pipes, this one is very minimalist to look at. The extra tin cubby directly on the toilet also adds to that vintage beauty of this arrangement. 

5. Decorative shelving support

Source: A Home To Grow Old In

And if you really are into floating shelves, you can veer away from the traditional pipe supporting by installing a decorative shelving bracket instead.

The aesthetic value of this one is strong with those silver curved brackets. It makes the shelves the focal point of the bathroom which is good for compact ones. 

6. Crate shelving

Source: Soul Style

For that farmhouse charm, crate shelving is not just inexpensive but also unique and very functional. Crates have always been popular for being alternative materials for quick storage.

If you have sufficient space over the toilet, you can install a number of crates, arranged asymmetrically for more layer and depth. This one is something to take inspiration from. 

Source: Sea the moment

And if you want a more contemporary and chic look for the crate shelving especially for a smaller bathroom, this one is a very stylish crate shelving over the toilet which you can adopt.

Its open shelf system, with a simple white paint, is perfect for storing basic toiletries and toilet paper on the bottom. 

8. Baker’s rack bathroom shelf

Source: Hudson Farmhouse

If you have an extra baker’s rack there and you want to repurpose it into a functional shelving, you can do so by putting it behind the toilet.

Aside from its spacious storage on at least three tiers, it also adds another layer to a plain bathroom. It is perfect for compact bathrooms as it really is space-saving and very functional. 

9. Wicker baskets

Instead of just installing floating shelves over the toilet, you can maximize the space by arranging a few wicker baskets on it for better item categorization.

You can also use the separate wicker baskets and assign each for individual members of the household for more privacy and liberty to choose their toiletries. 

10. Partitioned over the toilet cubby

This one here is the crossover between the spa look and the farmhouse style. It might just be a wooden cubby but the partitioned look of this one makes it very aesthetic and functional.

This one has three partitions for toiletries and toilet paper. A secret partition in the middle makes it more efficient. 

11. Boho style wood and twine above shelving

The bathroom is a sanctuary for relaxation. Going for a boho or zen style is not that complicated. Here, a simple wood and twine shelving hanging above the toilet was all it took to make this compact bathroom very relaxing.

Added with those scented candles, gem light and diffuser and the bamboo toilet paper stand on the side, everything just makes sense. 

12. Storage station

This one is one of the easiest storages to install. All you need is a stable, sturdy surface, some hooks and metal baskets to attach and you are good to go.

This one is very handy for small bathrooms because they literally just take up the wall space without being obstructive to the side and front spaces of where it is installed. Here is what it can look like. 

13. Over the toilet shelf system

This takes inspiration from previously mentioned repurposed ladder and rack shelving. But if you want to make it look tailor-fitted for your bathroom aesthetics and complement the toilet itself, an over the toilet shelf system is a good choice for you.

Four wide shelves are integrated here and the open sides as well as the back make it airy and not bulky. 

14. Hanging shelf with towel rack

There is nothing very special about this hanging shelf at first glance but the metal pipe below which is craftily incorporated as a towel rack gives it all the standout look.

This works well with industrial and contemporary bathroom designs but that twine hanger makes it versatile for any bathroom aesthetic too. Putting it at a strategic height would make it more functional. 

15. Hanging basket shelves

When it comes to over the toilet storage ideas, it is always a good idea to mix and match. In this idea, the floating shelf is complemented with hanging wicker baskets.

Enforced with wires to keep it more stable and sturdier, they give off a lot of old school charm that would keep up with any type of bathroom design. It is easy to set up and very inexpensive too. 

Source: Simply DIY 2

Speaking of hanging baskets, you do not need wicker baskets all the time to have an over the toilet storage.

Here, a simple department store bought baskets with attached garters, poled in metal rods, and tilted at an angle to provide a lot of storage for toiletries and other bathroom stuff. The overall look does not disappoint too. 

17. Shadow box bathroom organizer

Source: The Inspiration Board

If you are into the shabby chic, modern rustic design, this distressed shadow box bathroom organizer is something to take inspiration from.

You would not imagine that shadow box organizers could work well with bathrooms but this one, installed over the toilet proves how versatile it is as a storage system. 

And if you do not want the full partition of a shadow box storage, you can always opt for the horizontal shadowbox design.

Source: The 36th Avenue

It is made not only for toiletries but also for other decorative items such as scented candles, bathroom potpourris and ornamental plants. This one is just so contemporary looking with a vintage, farmhouse charm. 

19. Full storage cabinet

This is another unorthodox way to add storage over the toilet because they are usually seen, well, in kitchens but as you can see, it works in bathrooms too.

If you need more than just a storage for towels, you need a spacious one and this would be a fine choice for that purpose. Complemented with vanity mirrors, clean choice in tiles and wall paint, overall, it is a focal point in the bathroom. 

Source: Houzz

This is another built-in full-scale cabinet which you can customize for your bathroom. Again, the faux finish of the cabinet works well with the all-white look of this compact bathroom.

The addition of ambient lighting makes it more airy than bulky. Let us just allow this one to speak for itself. 

21. Decorative towel rack

Sometimes, you just do not need to look further. Sometimes, all you need to install is this decorative towel rack where you can display rows of towels but in a fun, decorative way.

It can look both casual and vintage with that metal material. Plus, it can be easily accessed from the shower area so it is a major plus for small bathrooms. 

22. Wire baskets

This is not your ordinary chicken wire basket. These lined-up cubbies here are made of industrial wire to make them more stable and durable.

You can choose from an array of sizes and heights but opt for those as tall as these so you can maximize the height and depth for many bathroom items to be stored. 

23. Customized storage unit

This one here is a very witty design and at a customized level at that. The open storage unit makes it a space-saving shelving, with its central cabinet plus smaller side cabinets for extra storage.

It also comes with a customized toilet paper holder so it really is very multi-functional. You sure should have this in your bathroom. 

If there is such a thing as a fireplace surround, there is also a toilet surround which you can install for extra horizontal shelving.

This one is a focal point because of the two side toilet paper holders concealing the rods. It is beautiful and refined to look at and its choice of paint also gives it a versatile look. 

24. Over the toilet freestanding cabinet

Another customized over the toilet storage would be this freestanding cabinet. It is tailor-fitted for the dimension of the toilet, with an open storage design and one closed partition.

Its faux finish is very endearing plus it becomes decorative in itself, making it a standout, focal point in the bathroom. 

24. Recessed shelving

This one is a complicated project but if you can incorporate it well behind and over the toilet, you will have a seamless, clean look for a corner toilet and added toiletries’ storage.

As brilliant as it may seem, you would have to consider the plumbing because you will have to move some pipes on the side. For this, you might need the aid of a professional to make it happen. 

25. Locker style over the toilet storage

Speaking of ingenious ways to install an over the toilet storage, a locker storage style would be a fine choice. Aside from the open partitions, you can benefit well with the locker storage which you can lock for added security.

If you have toiletries and other items which you want untouched or keep private, this is the perfect choice for you. Plus, it is sleek and very space-saving so you can never go wrong with this. 

25. Metal tray with side toilet paper holder

This one is very inexpensive and easy to install because you just have to literally place it over the toilet storage.

It is made of chrome metal so you can depend on it for its durability plus it would not rust or corrode. The toilet paper on the side is a thoughtful addition so as simple as it may seem, it really is very functional. 

And if you want a subtle glam in your bathroom, here is something that you can whip up. It is very feminine, easy to install, and the brass lining and large gaps in between, gives it a luxe feel which any woman would love. 

27. Playful toilet paper holder

If you want your powder room to have a layer of funkiness, a wall-mounted toilet paper with a customized frame can give you all the needed storage that you need.

With the wavy frame, and the equally wavy arrangement of the toilet paper, you can even give your small powder room a decorative look. 

28. Simple glass shelf

And if you want to add an opulent, luxe touch, a simple floating glass shelf would suffice. It offers the classic and clean look where you can arrange your favorite body wash, perfume bottles, or even your fancy lotions.

You can also wall-mount them in tiers if the space is large enough. Plus, using brass or gold brackets would add to the upscale look of a simple glass shelf. Here is something to refer to. 

And for a more formal, stable looking, and organized shelf system, you can always go for the tiered glass shelf with metal rods as frame. It is perfect for a unisex, contemporary design bathroom.

A four-tier glass shelf is enough since you still have to take note that glass material could only take so much weight. Nonetheless, it is very classy looking and very flashy too. 

30. Built-in ledge

If you have enough space behind and over the toilet, you can make a built-in ledge instead of recessed storage.

This one is more uncomplicated to build especially if your toilet is a wall-mounted one. The horizontal shelving is already a plus but if you can incorporate more tiered shelving by the ledge then it would be better. 

31. Glass jars

This is one of the more minimal ways for over the toilet storage. As has been said, we do not need much for bathroom storage and the use of glass jars above the toilet for basic toiletries like hand soap or sanitizer would suffice.

It works well with any type of bathroom aesthetic and it just adds a different, upscale look for this bathroom. 

32. Freestyle hooks and towel bars

Sometimes, you do not even need a solid shelf or tray to add an over the toilet storage. In this arrangement, the homeowner only made use of large hooks and towel bars.

Of course, this is not for toiletry storage but if you want a stylish towel storage and a decorative touch over the toilet, this makes a fine choice. 

33. Pipe and wood shelves

Pipe and wood shelves | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom


34. Plumbing pipes Shelves

Plumbing pipes Shelves | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom


35. Bathroom Ladder

Bathroom Ladder | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom


36. Storage Shelf Makeover

Storage Shelf Makeover | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom


37. Wooden shelves with keep calm sign

Wooden shelves with keep calm sign | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom

38. Black and red shelves

Black and red shelves | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom

38. Creative Shelves with love sign and hanging planter

Creative Shelves with love sign and hanging planter | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom


39. Wooden Floating Shelves

Wooden Floating Shelves | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom


40. Hanging Baskets and shelf

Hanging Baskets and shelf | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom


41. Bathroom Storage Makeover

Bathroom Storage Makeover | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom


42. Vintage Wood Shelves

Vintage Wood Shelves | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom


43. Crate Wall Shelf with Polka Dots

Crate Wall Shelf with Polka Dots | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom


44. Towel Wine Rack

Towel Wine Rack | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom


45. Floating Shelves for master bathroom

Floating Shelves for master bathroom | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom


46. Dollar Tree Bathroom Organizers from bucket

Dollar Tree Bathroom Organizers from bucket | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom


47. Dark brown cabinet

Dark brown cabinet | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom


48. Wood Crate Shelf

Wood Crate Shelf | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom

49. Vintage Basket

Vintage Basket | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom


50. Repurposed Wood Crate

Repurposed Wood Crate | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom


51. Ladder for hanging towels

Ladder for hanging towels | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom


52. Wood shelves

Wood shelves | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom

53. Rope Hanging Shelf

Rope Hanging Shelf | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom


54. Shadow box organizer

Shadow box organizer | Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas for Bathroom


55. Natural touch

This over the toilet storage idea looks so subtle and beautiful because of the natural flavour added to it, you could spend your entire day looking at it.

56. Baskets on the wall

Toilets can be transformed into lovely spaces by adding subtlety to it. Look how simple this idea is. The ‘herbs in a jar’ concept is just so perfect.

57. The basket towel rack

Place rolled-up towels above you toilet in baskets like this.


58. The lavish triple-decker

When you have plenty to store you could utilise this space above your toilet this way.


59. The pattern

The zig-zag pattern adds to the look of this floating shelf.

60. Compact

Even a small toilet can have an exalted look with floating shelves like these.

61. Add a frame

In addition to floating shelves, you can add a frame with inspirational quotes to enhance the look of your bathroom.

62. Hanging shelf

While this floating shelf isn’t hanging, you could create an illusion like that. It also gives you a house-like look.


63. The circle

Enhance the look of a simple floating shelf by adding elements that are so easy to procure or make at home.

64. The ladder above the toilet

Create a shelf that looks oh so creative. Place your stuff on a ladder-like shelf, add a dash of nature to it and you are all set.

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65. Single strip

You could create a single strip floating shelf for storage above your toilet like this that looks rustic.

66. Use plants

Floating shelves above the toilet is also a decor opportunity. Use plants like these to give it a natural look.


67. The double-sided shelf

This double-sided floating shelf above the toilet is all you need to have this season. Looks classy and vibrant.

68. Little boxes

This is a simple and beautiful design made from rustic wood that fits perfectly above your toilet. Try this next.


69. The cupboard above the toilet

How about a cupboard right above your toilet? his unique design is sure getting all the attention. With plenty of storage space, this one is a masterpiece.

70. Mini cupboard

Here’s a variant of the cupboard above the toilet. This mini cupboard allows you to store your toilet essentials and has a drawer too.

71. Basket stand above the toilet

This stand gives your toilet a great look with baskets to hold your essentials. You could add you twists to this to make it look beautiful.


72. More storage

This over the toilet shelf as so much storage, it can put your cupboard to shame. Looks beautiful and gives you options to add creative value.

73. Hanging gardens

If you love nature, try this look. It adds zing to the bathroom. Add multiple baskets to increase storage as.

74. The classy look

This over the toilet idea looks so sophisticated, one could mistake this for a living room. Extremely attractive!

Factors to consider when planning a bathroom storage

This is a general rundown of what to consider if you are planning a bathroom storage. Be it over the toilet or elsewhere in the bathroom, you should ask these questions first before officially going for one. 

1. Know what you need to store

Of course, you have to list first the items that you want to store in the bathroom. To do this, you have to declutter the bathroom first.

After you have discarded the empty bottles, you can make a list of what would make it to the bathroom storage thereafter. If there is too much to put in, go for a full-sized cabinet but if it is minimal, perhaps, a tray, bin or cubby would do. 

2. Group the items

After knowing the items to store, it is also important that you have a space to group them. This way, you can easily access the things you need whenever you are having your me-time in the bathroom.

For this, you might need different storage bins around the bathroom. This is especially beneficial if it is a shared bathroom so that each member of the household could have their own bathroom storage. 

3. Needed partitions

Anent to the first two, the number of partitions in the bathroom storage is also important. It is helpful in categorizing items and in the easy access of toiletries.

The number of partitions is however, dependent on the size of the bathroom. From here, you can decide if you would opt for floating shelves, recessed storage, ledging, and more storage types. 

4. Aesthetics

Of course, the bathroom storage that you choose should always be easy on the eyes. While it is not the main consideration in organizing a bathroom, the visual appeal of storage still has a great effect on our bathroom experience.

Make sure that everything is on point and that all items would complement each other. 


Of course, there are other things to consider when it comes to toilet storage. From the decorative aspect to the functional domain, here are some FAQs about over the toilet storage ideas that you should be aware of. 

How high should shelves be over the toilet? 

If you have finalized that you are going to install over the toilet shelves, you have to take note of the rule of thumb that it should be 2ft above the toilet tank. Nonetheless, you can go below and over the 2ft rule but just make sure that there is enough space for when you have to remove or lift the tank’s cover during maintenance checks. 

How long should shelves be above the toilet? 

Aside from thinking of the best setup and design to organize the toiletries and to have a neat bathroom, it is also beneficial to know the rule of thumb on how long shelves should be over the toilet. As per standard, 12-24-inches would be a good length for shelves above the toilet. 

How deep should bathroom shelves be? 

Of course, it is also important to know the standard depth for bathroom shelves. As per rule of thumb, a 14-inches shelf depth is recommended for efficient storage. You can always extend it into 19-24-inches.

The benefit of deeper bathroom shelves is neatness and organization. You would not see the items cramped up on the edges. Other than that, you can also store up extra items inside. 

Are wooden shelves recommended for bathrooms? 

Yes, but with caution. We have to understand that wood is still vulnerable to moisture. For this matter, you need to make amendments like staining or resin coating. Going for wood alternatives would also be a better choice if you do not want to risk it. 

Can I put a medicine cabinet over the toilet instead? 

Well, there is no stopping you in this but you just have to take note that a medicine cabinet over the toilet makes the aesthetics cold and unstylish. Other than that, medicine cabinet frames are too bulky aside from the fact that they are more expensive than other cabinets. 

Does putting medicine in a cabinet in the bathroom advisable? 

The truth is no. It is explicit in the labels of medicines that they have to be stored in dry and cool places. The bathroom is damp and full of moisture. Truth be told, the moisture damages the medicine and makes it less potent in time. So, if you are one who thinks that medicines belong in the bathroom medicine cabinet, you have to rethink your choices. 

What can be stored in over the toilet storage? 

Aside from basic toiletries, there are other items that you could put or arrange in over the toilet storages. If you are wondering what these could be, it would be the following: 

  • A complementing artwork. 
  • Towel racks. 
  • Shower gels, cosmetics, perfumes. 
  • Bathroom plants. 
  • Additional cubbies. 

What decorative alternatives should be placed over the toilet? 

If you are not high on storage, then you can always beautify the over the toilet space with the following decorative alternatives: 

  • 3D Art
  • Repurposed wine box
  • Stylish hats
  • A wall of glass
  • Woven fabric
  • Themed artwork
  • Eye-catching wallpaper
  • Gallery wall
  • Wainscoting
  • Succulents and other plants

What do you call an over the toilet storage? 

Generally, those built-in storage beneath and over the sink, and over the toilet are called bathroom cabinets. They are especially made for storing hygiene kits, extra towels, toilet papers and other basic toiletries. They are found in powder rooms and bathrooms. However, there are other types of over the toilet storage now and they can no longer be typified to just bathroom cabinets. 

Can you hang a bathroom cabinet without studs? 

Yes. In installing a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet, you can use the following as alternatives to studs: 

  • Drywall anchors
  • Toggle bolts
  • Expanding bolts

You have to know these alternatives if you are thinking of embarking on a DIY bathroom cabinet project. 

How high should an artwork be hung over the toilet? 

It should be at least 5-6ft from the floor. This way, it is not obtrusive to the person who shall use the toilet and at the same time, it could be given emphasis as you enter the room and could serve as the focal point of the entire space.


To conclude, there are a lot of ways to install over the toilet storage. With what we have covered here, it is clear that our storage needs and personal preference are still the top factors that we should consider when choosing an over the toilet storage.

From trays, simple basket and bin installments, to floating shelves and full cabinets, you can never go short with these types of storages. 

Of course, shelving remains to be the go-to over the toilet storage idea but going for more unconventional types like repurposed ladder, crates, and more, you can always spruce up any bathroom of any size.

23+ stunning & creative over the toilet storage ideas & designs for your bathroom


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