5 Best ATV Sprayer 2021 for farmland

Last Updated on March 26, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Mesmerizing flowers, fruitful orchards, and lush green gardens do not grow in a few hours. Hand spraying needs extra input, lots of time, and a large amount of energy.

But in this fast-moving world, no one has much time to spend spraying gardens by using a hand sprayer to make them insect and pests-free.

Here comes the use of this useful human-friendly farming tool. ATV sprayer helps you in spraying herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizer over small plants and tall trees.

This equipment maintains the beauty of the yard by drizzling equal amounts of the chemical in all the parts of the plants where needed.

Many ATV sprayers can be used for this purpose, but here are the best ATV sprayer reviews that will help you in selecting the most suitable model.

5 Best ATV Sprayer for farmland

  1. Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer (8 Gallon Capacity)
  2. NorthStar ATV Spot Sprayer (16-Gallon Capacity, High pressure)
  3. Precision Products TCS15 Spot Sprayer (15 Gallon)
  4. Master Manufacturing ATV Broadcast & Spot Sprayer
  5. Chapin 97300 ATV Spot Sprayer (15 Gallon)

1. Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer Review (8 Gallon Capacity)

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For people who are looking for a low-capacity and reliable ATV spot sprayer, Ironton is the best choice. Its 8-gallon capacity makes it perfect for use in a home garden.

The tank material is durable, chemical, and UV resistant, so you can use it in misting all pesticides. Its wide lid of more than 3 inches helps in easy filling and proper drainage space.

This ATV spot sprayer gives 12 feet vertical and 20 feet horizontal coverage that makes wide-area spraying easy.


  • Affordable price
  • UV resistant, chemically compatible tank material
  • Adjustable stream and cone nozzle
  • Easy filling and drainage


  • Low capacity
  • Low pressure with no filter

2. NorthStar ATV Spot Sprayer Review (16-Gallon Capacity, High pressure)

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NorthStar is good to use for large projects and has a large capacity to spray chemicals over 1.5 acres of area. Its durable plastic tank is UV resistant, the material from which the tank is made to prevent it from sun damage.

It can cope with harsh environments and corrosive chemicals. The chemical-resistant nature of the tank prevents undesirable reactions of pesticides or other fertilizers inside the tank. It is suitable for use in pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and fertilizer misting.

The high-pressure pump provides 200 PSI that helps in covering a wide area. The powerful battery and extended hose help in misting over tall trees of 30 feet.


  • Large capacity, heavy-duty, durable tank
  • 2 GPM high-pressure pump
  • 35 feet hose
  • Large lid for easy filling


  • High-cost sprayer
  • Only suitable for commercial usage.

3. Precision Products TCS15 Spot Sprayer Review (15 Gallon)

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This ATV sprayer with outstanding performance is best known for its adjustable thumb control tips with 15 feet hose and can be attached to any battery of 12 volts that helps in spot spraying.

Its 15-gallon tank delivers one gallon of chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers, or water) in a minute. You can easily mount it with your ATVs and pull it all over the yard. This ATV sprayer gives 60 PSI pressure through the pump of 1 GPM.


  • Supplied with 12-volt battery for spot spraying
  • Can attach to any ATV
  • Adjustable tips


  • Few connection problems may occur

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4. Master Manufacturing ATV Broadcast & Spot Sprayer Review

For the lawn covered with food pots and trees, Master ATV broadcast and spot sprayer work with perfection. Its translucent polyethylene tank has a capacity of 15 gallons. It is ideal for pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides in an isolated area.

The reachability of its spray gun is 25 feet, in a vertical position and 30 feet horizontally. The 12 volt of 2 GPM pump helps in the fast flow of insecticides and herbicides.

It comes with a steel frame and boom kit. You can adjust the boom to use it in different terrains.


  • Easy to use pressure regulator and valves
  • Both broadcast and spot sprayer
  • Everflo 12 volt pump


  • Complicated assembly

5. Chapin 97300 ATV Spot Sprayer Review (15 Gallon)

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The Chapin ATV sprayer is a durable and good quality lawn care tool. It is perfect for in-house usage giving you easy traction and mounted with ATVs, UTVs, and other lawn tractors.

The heavy-duty translucent chemical-resistant tank comes with a wide mouth that gives ease in filling and has a 15-gallon capacity. This ATV spot sprayer is fitted with a filtration system that helps in delivering purified chemicals.

It is provided with two boom sprays of varied length 7 feet and 16 feet and 60 PSI of pump helps in covering large areas and tall trees of 26 feet.


  • Easy filling and mixing
  • Installed with double filters
  • Quickly mount with ATV, UTV, and other lawn tractors
  • Pressure gauge for monitoring pressure


  • Leaky connections

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All the above reviewed ATV sprayers work best in different conditions, but our top pick for small lawns is Ironton. It will make your work easy and will be a worthy investment that saves lots of your time.

For commercial uses, the Northstar ATV spot sprayer works efficiently. Its high-power pump provides a fast flow of chemicals, so you can wrap up your spraying task in a few hours.

Besides the other individual pros, these ATV sprayer saves your skin from chemical exposure that might hurt your skin, so it is best for farmers.