Organic Towels To Upgrade Your Bathing Experience

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When you’re looking at towels to buy, you’ll have many options. However, the recent popular trend consists of buying organic towels. Not only are they made from organic material, but they’re also soft on the skin.

Organic towels are also hypoallergenic, meaning you’ll never have to worry about having your allergies strike by the material of your cotton.

Without further ado, let’s discuss more popular organic towels as well as microfiber – the three best types of towels for your skin.


organic towel

A tiny white egg springs to mind when you hear about cotton: cotton is a plant that produces around 300,000 cotton fibers per plant. Each cotton fiber is unique in terms of its density, strength, and quality. Cotton fabrics of better quality last longer and are grown using techniques that improve power.

Even if a bath towel is made entirely of cotton, it will often shed or not absorb moisture. This is most definitely related to the shorter length of a cotton strand, which quickly falls off the fabric.

When searching for cotton bath towels, we suggest that you search for the best kind of long-staple cotton. Broad-staple cotton has cotton fibers that are between 1.1 and 1.4″ long, giving it additional absorption.

Spun fibers with a longer duration create a smoother surface, and fewer lost threads, resulting in less waste. As a consequence, each of these long-staple strands can become even cleaner in preparation for future applications.

Another factor to keep an eye out for when finding the best popular organic towels is the controversy about Egyptian cotton and Turkish cotton. While Egyptian or Turkish cotton towels are often extra soft and absorbent, the argument does not mean anything. Combining fiber lengths is a common choice for businesses making these claims.


Bamboo towels are incredibly beneficial if you use them right. They’re hypoallergenic, easy on the environment, and beneficial for your skin. We suggest keeping bamboo towels clean at all times. Bamboo is easily absorbent but still much longer to dry than towels.

Bamboo towel origin is often difficult to find. Several conservation organizations have addressed questions about the ethics of bamboo towels mass forest logging.


Although they’re not considered to be organic, some microfiber nowadays is made from organic material. Microfiber towels are mainly constructed of synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon. Towels with microfiber can be very lightweight. A full-size bath towel with microfiber will fold into a dictionary size.

Like bamboo, the microfiber tends to be absorbent, considering the broad region of these thin fibers. But despite the claim, most towels in microfiber remove moisture and do not absorb it. Although they can initially look fantastic, long-term absorption is not the greatest.

They are often challenging to produce and make a decent microfiber towel more expensive than a similar cotton towel.

Bath Towel Weight Determination:

GSM, or grams per square inch, is used to measure bath towels, which is the most effective method for comparing bath towels’ density.

When browsing, keep an eye out for bath towels with a GSM of 600 to 800. These towels usually are cleaner and more absorbent.

You can also avoid bath towels with a weight of more than 800 GSM. There is a point when a towel becomes so stiff and rough. This point differs based on the substance’s shape and sources, although it is typically greater than 800 GSM.

The average weight of a bath towel is between 1 and 1.5 pounds. Thick enough to allow for increased absorption without feeling hot.

Zero Twist Towels:

A strict thumb rule is that the bath towel uses a more inferior quality twisting process if it is not expressly mentioned.

The construction of the towel can be separated into two major categories: twist and nil twist.

The most significant distinction between nil twisting and twisted cotton is how it feels precisely—twisted cotton tweaks cheaper cotton threads to make fabrics more robust. Zero-twist towels start by using a longer and stronger string of cotton and must not twist fibers with each other.

As stated above, it is basic economics that not all towels are null and null. Manufacturers may use “Egyptian Cotton” towels of good quality, even if they use inexpensive twisted cotton processes.

Zero-twisting cotton often has the added advantage of absorbing it and drying it quickly. Since the cotton is looped, the cotton has more grain and can hold more water.

The fabrics could be more apt to dissipate the water with low-cost twisting cotton rather than contain it. These loops make tiny pockets with a zero-twist or looped cotton that better catches water and absorbs it faster.

Another advantage of exposure to more cotton surfaces? Faster drying. The wider surface area exposes more fiber to sunlight, which helps the water to evaporate faster.

Costing Of Organic Towels:

While price can tell you a lot about towel performance, it is not the only quality measure. Higher-priced towels can, in reality, be of an inferior standard. We recommend that you consider price, as well as material and construction details when making your decision.

We’ve noticed that a decent towel costs between $20 and $30. You can save money by purchasing towels from big-box retailers, but you will lose consistency.

Bath towels are a purchase that can be considered long-term. A high-quality towel can last for years, while a low-cost towel will start to deteriorate within a week of purchasing.

You can purchase towels for less than $100 each from any company. They are marginally higher than those at a lower cost, even though they are luxury.

When shopping online, look at companies that provide free returns and see whether shipping fees are refunded or refunded.


As a final thought, we’d like to suggest you all buy organic towels made from good quality GSM, have zero twist construction, and be a moderate size.

We hope you fall in love with the essence of organic towels as much as we do. Till the next time, be safe, and don’t forget to shift to organic towels!

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