Top 5 Best Cordless Grass Shears For Your Lawn (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Last Updated on October 13, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Whoever said that gardening was easy has not truly got down to do the heavy garden tasks. One of the handiest tools that would save any gardener especially during the growing and trimming season would be grass shears.

Well, you can always use your mower but it does not always guarantee that all hard-to-reach areas in the lawn are trimmed. For this, a cordless grass shear is essential. 

However, not all cordless grass shears are made the same. In this post, we look at some of the best cordless grass shears out there. We look at their pros, cons and their best features for you to get to the right choice. 

top best cordless grass shears reviews

What are grass shears?

As the term implies, grass shears are used for trimming grass. This gardening tool is usually interchanged with the pruning shear but really, they are two different things. Grass shears basically look like a large pair of scissor blades.

The handle of the grass shears is then attached to the blade at an angled placing compared to the straight angled handle of pruning shears. 

The angled placement of the grass shear handles is beneficial in trimming grasses in delicate flower beds as well as in walkways. This way, grass shears offer an upright trimming as the blades of the grass shears are angled parallel to the ground. 

Types of grass shears

The other good thing about grass shears is that they come in two types: manual and powered grass shears. Here is some of the most basic information that you should know about the two major types of grass shears.  

1. Manual Grass Shears

This one highly resembles ordinary scissors. This means that you operate this by manually opening, clipping, and closing the handles.

Some manual grass shears even feature a spring in the middle for it to be more open. However, an extra squeeze is needed for them to blade through. If you need some extra workout for the arms, this is the best grass shears for you. 

2. Powered Grass Shears

This one, as the term implies, is equipped with a motor which sharpens the blades of the grass shears automatically. As such, you can depend on this for a more convenient grass trimming experience. As for the power, it is either battery or electricity operated. Other than this, this one is also very portable. 

Best cordless grass shears 

And now we are done to the best cordless grass shears out there. Here, we look at the top five cordless grass shears along with their pros, cons, and best features. Although we shall round it up in a verdict later on, it is still up to you to decide later on if which of these is the best fit for you. 

1. EVEAGE Light Duty Cordless Grass Shears

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EVEAGE  (,  wipe out in a flash to make your gardening work easier.

This one has got to be the most lightweight battery powered cordless grass shear in this lineup. It features a dual-action blade (4-inch cordless grass shears and 5-inch power hedge trimmer).

One of its most considerable upside would be its double lock design (one child safety lock and an overall security key). It is also very lightweight at just 1.5lbs. 

It is powered by an 8V, quick charging battery, portable, and a cushioned, rotatable handle for easy maneuvering.

You can have this one at a 30% discounted price or you can also use their 10% coupon + 20% discount when you claim it using the code 20WPIGKD. You can also look for discount details using their SNS sites at Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit. You can also follow them at TikTok (@eveagetools) or contact them on their WhatsApp (+8618806644993). 

What we like about itProsCons
Multifunctional. Battery is not that powerful. 
Double-action blades. Discounted prices. 
Rotatable handles. Lightweight and compact. 
Safety features. Ergonomic designs. 

2. Sun Joe HJ604C Cordless Grass Shear

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If you are working on a large garden, with overgrown shrubs and weeds, this one is the perfect choice for you. It functions as both a hedger and grass shear which, by the way, you can interchange immediately whenever you are on the lawn.

It works on a 7.2V battery which allows trimming of harder shrubs and bushier lawns. 

One of its best features would be its power saver mode. In spite of its heavy performance, it is relatively lightweight, compact, and portable. It comes with two blades: a 6-inch-long hedger trimmer and a 4-inch shorter grass cutter. This also comes with a 2-year warranty. 

What we like about itProsCons
Affordable choice.  Multifunctional. Issues on over-vibration. 
Wireless operation. Powerful battery. Battery is not replaceable.
Battery and charger included. Easy to maneuver. 
Dual-action blades. Ergonomic handle. 

3. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools LSS10272PS

This brand is certainly one of the most reputable when it comes to outdoor power tools including garden equipment such as cordless garden shears.

This one comes with free 7.2V lithium batteries, a charger, a 6.5-inch hedge blade and 4-inches interchangeable blade. It is also very lightweight and portable with its 1.6lbs weight. 

Other upsides would be its adjustable cutting head to go for hard-to-reach areas in the lawn. It is also perfect for both grass edging and hedge trimming. It is also very easy to maneuver with its soft-cushioned grip. However, it only comes with a 2-year warranty. 

What we like about itProsCons
Battery and charger included. Ergonomic design. Battery cannot be replaced. 
Adjustable cutting head. Lightweight and compact.  Not good for thicker shrubs. 
2 interchangeable blades. Easy to maneuver. Cannot take on branches. 
Cushioned grip. 

4. Worx WG801 20V Power Share Shrubber Trimmer

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If you are looking for a tool to slightly touch-up your shrubbery and hedges, this one is the perfect cordless grass shear for you. It features dual-action blades (an 8-inch shrub trimmer and a 4-inch grass shear), for efficient trimming and professional shearing. It is perfect for compact to medium size lawns and gardens. 

As for the make, it is slim in build and a vertically held battery. Aside from its powerful 20V operation, it also features a power share platform which means that you can interchange its battery with other Worx products with the same voltage. The soft grip feature and its slim handle allows you to use it while standing upright too. 

What we like about itProsCons
High power battery. Power share platform for other Worx products.Weak batteries because of sharing. 
Comes with dual-action blades. Lightweight and compact. Needs regular oiling. 
Fast, smooth and sharp cuts. Has a free sheath guard for blade protection. Only for small to medium lawns. 
3-year warranty. Switchable, dual-action blades. 

5. Ryobi P2900B ONE+ Cordless Grass Shear and Shrubber

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The Ryobi brand has a reputable standing in all types of outdoor tools. This one in particular features an 18V quick charging battery, offering an uninterrupted run of 90mins.

It also comes with a dual-action blade (shearing and shrubbing) with an easy replacement mechanism thanks to its quick blade connect system. 

Like Worx, Ryobi offers a ONE+ battery which means that you can use just one battery for all Ryobi products. This one is heavier compared to the others on this list with its 4lbs weight.

Nonetheless, it features a cushioned handle to make it more ergonomic plus good control. The cutting capacity of this one is also very commendable. Plus, it comes with a 3-year warranty too. 

What we like about itProsCons
For heavy duty tasks. Battery capacity is commendable. Quite bulky and heavyweight. 
Quick charging. Good warranty coverage. Expensive. 
Dual-action blades. 18V power. 
Over mold handles. One+ battery feature. 
3-year warranty. 

Things to consider when buying a cordless grass shear

Before buying a cordless grass shear, it is imperative that you know the most important factors to consider.

This would help you in not only landing on the best brand but it will also help you in getting the right choice that would suit your needs and preferences especially that we do not have the same gardens or lawns to shear. With these, here are some of the things to consider when buying a cordless grass shear. 

1. Blade length

This one should be the first factor to consider because it determines the area covered by the grass shear with one swipe. Of course, the longer the blade length, the more bundles of grass are trimmed in one swing. Typically, cordless grass shears come in 6 and 4 inches of blades. 

2. Adjustable cutting height

Keeping a specific grass length is essential in keeping the lawn healthy. Too short and you would have a patchy lawn. The best grass height would be at 1/3 tall. To achieve this, you have to choose a cordless grass shear with a flexible adjustable cutting head. 

3. Weight

This is also a very important factor to consider when it comes to cordless grass shears. This one determines how workable and easy to maneuver the grass shear would be.

Most of the time, it is the battery of the grass shears which determines how lightweight it would be. The good thing is that most cordless grass shears are lightweight and compact. 

4. Handle

At best, you have to choose the one with the most ergonomic handles. This means that it should be well-cushioned but with enough traction for good grip. At the same time, it should be well-angled to get to hard-to-reach areas.

Using non-slip or vinyl handles are perfect in this case as it gives the wrist enough rest in between and less pressure or force while you work on the grass cutting. 

5. Battery

This one is another major factor to consider when it comes to cordless grass shears. Ideally, you would want one with rechargeable batteries.

Lithium-ion ones are the most common rechargeable batteries and for good reasons. They are fast charging, accessible in the market, and deliver optimum performance. 

If you are looking for a voltage range, note that the ideal one should be in between 3.5V and higher. The base volt range up to 5V is already sufficient for medium size gardens. You have to note too that the higher the voltage of the battery, the heavier the cordless grass shear would be. 

6. Attachments

Most often than not, you would need more than the grass shear to make sure that your garden or lawn is healthy. In this case, the right attachments are important. Thankfully, the ones we featured here are all dual-action grass shears. 

This means that aside from the trimmer, there are also extra blades or features for shrubbing, edging and other garden functions. Not only do attachments increase functionality but also portability since you would no longer need a lot of tools to carry at once just to do different gardening jobs. 

7. Price and warranty

The last factor to consider should always be the budget and at the upkeep side, product warranty. The usual range for cordless grass shears, notwithstanding the brand, features, and other specifications would be at $35-300. For this, consider how often you will use the tool.

If it is on a regular basis, you might want to consider buying the more high-end ones. But if you only need to use it a couple of times in a year, you could get yourself a decent brand under $100. As for the warranty, good brands usually offer a 2-year warranty with guaranteed replacement if it does not work. 

How to use cordless grass shears

In this section, we will not enumerate the steps in using a cordless grass shear per se. The steps are already found in the product manual so here are just some tips that you should be aware of to get the most out of your cordless grass shear. 

  • Attaching the blade to the battery unit is different for various brands. Make sure that you master how to put the attachment to the system before attempting for a quick blade change for your safety. 
  • Replacing the batteries is also quite easy. Most cordless grass shears work on a push and release system so you do not really have to worry about it. 
  • To avoid the accidental turning on of the tool, the safety feature or button should be released first before turning it on. Note that some brands or units require you to continually engage the safety while some would require you to just have it switched once. 
  • Once the grass shear has started running, make sure that you are at your desired comfort level. If used for edging, just tilt the blade at the preferred edge angle. If you want a more uniform cut, keep the tool in a parallel position relative to the ground. Pushing the cordless grass shear in a straight line is the ideal maneuvering for all other shearing jobs. 
  • After the shearing job or in cases when the device is already losing power, take out the battery and then charge it. Note that the charging time is always dependent on the battery type as well as the charger rating. 
  • If you do intend not to use the cordless grass shear frequently or at long intervals, remember to take the batteries out. 

If you need a visual on how to use cordless grass shears, check out this comprehensive tutorial

Final verdict

With everything that we have covered here, it would be impartial to just give the final verdict to one unit in the list because each sure has a significant set of pros and cons.

For those in need of dependable grass shears for their medium size gardens, the best choices would be Sun Joe and Scotts. If you have a more compact garden, go for EVEAGE. But if you are working on a large lawn, Ryobi is a fine consideration. 

As for some specific features, we give it to EVEAGE for its double safety feature. For power, operation and fast charging capacity, we give it to Ryobi. 

Given what we have listed here, it would be easy to deduce which unit is the best for you. Drawing from the buying guide list, you have to understand that there is no one fit for all cordless garden shear and it really all boils down 

Frequently Asked Questions About Cordless Grass Shears

Aside from the list of the best grass shears in the market along with their pros and cons, it is also quite essential to look at some FAQs about garden shears for future reference. 

Is it bad to leave grass clippings in the lawn after shearing? 

No. As a matter of fact, it can be used as natural fertilizer for the lawn to remain healthy. In their decomposition, they can be a source of organic matter and nitrogen which helps the soil be more fertile and good for the plants. 

How often should you shear grass? 

This one follows the rule on mowing. Too frequent grass shearing is not helpful in maintaining the health of your lawn. During the growing season, once a week should be the regular grass shearing schedule as it is for mowing. But during the cooler seasons, once or twice for the entire season would do. 

Can hedge trimmers be used to cut grass? 

Note that while hedge trimmers are usually the combo blade for the cutting grass blade in garden shears, they are not recommended to be used for cutting grass.

Hedge trimmers are reserved for trimming shrubs and as such, might be harsh on the low growing turf grasses. Controlling how much is clipped can also be a challenge when you use hedge trimmers to cut grasses. As such, if you have a choice not to use it for grass, don’t. 

What are the benefits of garden shears? 

There is a reason why garden shears, especially the cordless ones, are recommended. The following are the main benefits of garden shears: 

  • Versatility: Garden shears are not only good for trimming grasses in the lawn but also for indoor plants or out there in the greenhouse. With its designed compactness, you can easily trim out dead leaves and flowerheads to maintain the beautiful look of your indoor plants. 
  • Comfort: All cordless grass shears have ergonomic handles that make them viable for upright use. This gives you more liberty for movement especially if you have problems in getting to hard-to-reach areas in the lawn. 
  • Safety: Compared to other gardening tools, cordless garden shears are not only more portable but are also safer to use. This is not only because of their compact size but also because they have safety features which you can activate whenever you are using them. 

Can you use scissors instead of garden shears?

If you are working on softer stemmed plants or just small gardening jobs, then yes, you can use ordinary scissors instead of garden shears. But generally, garden shears can come in handy no matter the nature of the gardening job and would be better to have a multifunctional gardening tool like it around so might as well opt for investing in a garden shear than be content with just ordinary scissors. 

How do you maintain garden shears? 

Sure, we do not use garden shears every day but still, we need to employ concerted ways to maintain them in their pristine condition. Here are some of the most basic ways to maintain garden shears and to keep them going year-round. 

  • To remove rust, soak the shears in water and vinegar solution. After which, scrub it with steel wool. Make sure that it is fully rinsed and dried well. 
  • Soak it in a mixture of water and sanitizer to keep it away from molds and mildew. 
  • Rubbing it with boiled linseed oil is also a good maintenance tip to keep the blades sharp. If you are out of linseed oil, you can use tung oil, motor oil, lamp oil or even cooking oil as alternatives. 

What other cutting tools can be used in the garden? 

Other cutting tools for gardening jobs include garden pruners, loppers, and hedge shears. There are also axes and saws for thick shrubs and trees that need to be cut down for whatever purposes.

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