65+ Most Beautiful DIY Garden Path and Walkway Ideas

Garden Path Ideas

Consider these planting ideas to soften the appearance of a sidewalk or finish a pathway garden. Flowering plant groupings make beautiful landscaped walkways.

Growing short flowering plants along a pathway or at the edge of a sidewalk is an easy garden to create. This collection of ideas will prompt gardeners to add planting beds where none previously existed.

Cottage Garden Edging

Cottage gardens are traditionally filled with medium to tall plants inside a picket fence. An opening of ground between the garden and walkway provides an opportunity to add more plants.

Short plants such as petunias, although common, are a good idea for long pathways. Trailing petunia plants quickly spread and the flowers are available in many colors.

If the pathway is long, gardeners can edge the entire length of narrow garden space by repeating the same type of plant. Gardeners can add variety by growing a complimentary plant spaced every few feet.

Walkways where visitors are liable to brush against plants are good locations for scented flowers. This is another reason to grow vertical plants along pathways.

Annual Garden Plants for Walkways

Annual plants are easy to grow in any type of garden. However, for small walkway gardens they are a perfect fit.

The annual plant, marigold, can be grown by seeds or plugs and will fill in space. Economical and easy to use are two reasons annual plants are appropriate for any level of garden abilities.

Here is an annual plant combination for a container in a small front porch garden. Coleus, an angel wing begonia and a new lime green sweet potato vine is one idea.

The marigold blooms in yellow, orange, red or off white or in combinations of these colors and range in height from 10 inches to 36 inches tall. It is an example of an easy to grow flowering plant with much variety. Other easy to grow annuals include Lobeila, Alyssum and Nicotiana.

Dianthus Plants for an Evening Garden

Dianthus chinensis ‘Corona Cherry Magic Mix’ was named an All America Selection winner, in 2003. It grows seven to nine inches tall and has a mix of colors including solid red and solid lavender. The mix develops unpredictable patterns among the multi-colored blooms offering a varying display in the garden.

Rock Garden Planting Ideas

Rock gardens works well with sidewalk edges where summer heat is an issue. Plants with succulent leaves work best in hot temperatures and sun. Grassy edged gardens can be cooler and allows more options for gardeners.

Flowering plants with trailing growth habits will cover ground easily and offer massive color. Other flowering plants with feathery leaf structure and bold flowers can be considered where sun and temperatures are less intense.

Plants with vertical leaf structure or a spiky appearance can be considered for a rock garden. Gardeners value ornamental millet because it attracts birds that eat the seeds; some of the plant’s cultivars have dark purple leaves.

Festuca cinerea, commonly called blue fescue, has short bluish ornamental grass that gardeners find a challenge coordinating with other plants, but is popular anyway.

It is easy to create gardens along a pathway. Flowering plants soften the hard edges bordering a garden bed. Gardeners can consider edging plants for kitchen gardens, as well.

Looking for a garden path idea for your backyard?

Check out these 65+ most beautiful and inspiring DIY garden path ideas (including small and large ideas).

Decide what style you want for your outdoor space, or see if a particular style is suggested by the existing plant life and structures.

65+ Most Beautiful Pathway Ideas


Check out these 65+ most beautiful and inspiring DIY garden path ideas (including small and large ideas).


Modern And Minimalist Wood Decking

Romantic Aged Wood Parquet And Stone

Garden Path And Walkway Ideas Inspire Smart Use Of Space

Whimsical Waves Using Ombré Stone Pattern

Lush Lantern-lit Irregular Flagstone

Scandinavian-inspired Stone Circle Simplicity

Source: archdaily.com

Natural Beauty Of River Stones

Earthy Red Wood-grain Pops Against Green

Rustic Beams Offset For A Relaxed Look

Source: lushome.com

Semi-crushed Gravel For A Clean Effect

Source: indulgy.com

Pair Regular Angles With A Winding Walkway

Clean Modern Slabs Contrasted With Natural Stone

Clean Stone And Wood Ladder Effect

Simple Stone Pathway Sets Off Beautiful Plants

Traditional Red Brick With A Modern Design Twist

Source: homesfeed.com

Dramatic Mandala-inspired Stone And Brick Spiral

Source: houzz.com

Romantic Stone Walkway Embraces A Garden Fountain

Show Off Custom Tiles Against Dark Mulch

Show-stopping Intricate Stone Mosaic

Simple And Neutral Brick Chevron Understatement

Source: indulgy.com

Clean, Green, Asian-inspired Simplicity

Natural Flagstone For A Classic Look

Rough-hewn Stone Contrasts With Crisp Zigzag Lines

Source: coureg.com

Unexpected Vertical Placement Of Wooden Planks

Rustic Wood And Stone Accented With Thyme

Gravel Path

Grass Pathway

Grass Pathway

Planted Garden Path

Planted Garden Path

Via Notey.com

Paver Garden Path

Paver Garden Path

Wooden Garden Path

 Wooden Garden Path

Mulch and Stone Garden Path

Mulch and Stone Garden Path

Wood Chip Garden Path

Wood Chip Garden Path

Pebble Mosaic Garden Path

Pebble Mosaic Garden Path

Via Architectureartdesigns.com

Recycled Granite Garden Path

Recycled Granite Garden Path

Via Removeandreplace.com

33. Stepping Stone Garden Path

Stepping Stone Garden Path

Cake Pan Stepping Stone Garden Path

Cake Pan Stepping Stone Garden Path

Lettered Stone Garden Path

Lettered Stone Garden Path

 and many more…


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