20+ Creative DIY Clock Ideas & Projects

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Nowadays, DIY items are all in rage. They are easy to make because of the cheap and easily available equipment used to make them, along with their simple procedures. They are not only handy, but can prove themselves to be valuable at certain important situations. Here are 20 DIY clock ideas that are easy to make and are beautiful to look at:

20 Easy DIY Clocks

These DIY clocks can be made from the simplest materials found in your home or in the nearest shop. They are inexpensive and can help you in making some of the most wonderful clocks:

1. The family clock

1 Creative DIY Clocks


this DIY clock is easy to make and feels way more personal than the others. You just need to get a small wall-hanging clock and place it right onto your wall. Surround the small clock with some wonderful pictures of your family to give it an appeal. 


2. The wooden stick clock:

2 Creative DIY Clocks


For this clock, all you have to do is take a bunch of wooden sticks, small in size, and paste them onto the outsides of a small wall-hanging clock with glue or any other strong adhesive. 


3. Design a clock using old magazines

3 Creative DIY Clocks

Take some old magazines from your home, or any other place, and swirl them to form curled ribbon like structures. Take a small clock and style its surroundings using the swirled-up magazine pages. 


4. Tie it down

4 Creative DIY Clocks

You can easily make a DIY clock using ties. Just take a small clock and position it on your wall. Surround the clock using some of your most colorful ties it an outwardly manner. 


5. Picture clock:

5 Creative DIY Clocks

You can create this clock with a bunch of photo frames. Just place the clock in the center and surround it with photo frames all over your wall. You can keep the frames either empty or with pretty pictures.


6. 3D Clock

6 Creative DIY Clocks

To make this DIY clock, you just need to have some papers that you can turn into 3D structures. Design your clock using those 3D papers so that you can have a wonderful 3D clock for yourself. 


7. Old can clock:

7 Creative DIY Clocks

You can make this clock by using an old can made of tin or stainless steel. This clock idea is actually very unique. 


8. Vintage clock:

8 Creative DIY Clocks

You can sew some old buttons into a woolen mat, to give it a stunning vintage appeal. You can build a clock in the middle of it to create a wonderful vintage clock all by yourself. 


9. Wheel clock:

9 Creative DIY Clocks

All you need for this clock is a spare bicycle wheel. If you have one at home, then all you need to do is add the clock hands in the middle of it and you have a DIY wheel clock at home. 


10. Dice clock:

10 Creative DIY Clocks

You can create this DIY clock using some roll-playing dice. Just position the clock in the middle of the wall and surround it with some roll-playing dice. 


11. Drawings clock:

11 Creative DIY Clocks

You can make another beautiful DIY clock all by yourself using some beautiful artistic drawings. Just stick some colorful drawings onto the clock to give it a nice artistic appeal.


12. Silhouette clock:

12 Creative DIY Clocks

You can design a beautiful DIY clock for yourself by cutting a design off of a silhouette. This is not only beautiful but also environment-friendly. 

13. Bag clock:

13 Creative DIY Clocks

You can turn some of your old pieces of artwork into a clock by simply positioning the clock hands in the middle of your artwork, like a DIY bag.


14. Chrocheted clock:

14 Creative DIY Clocks

You can make yourself an adorable crocheted clock using some of your beautiful mats or mat cloths, and then styling it with a number of different products. You can use buttons, pictures, and several other pretty things. 


15. Clock made from kitchen utensils

15 Creative DIY Clocks

All you have to do to make it is to find a suitable utensil for yourself, like a frying pan or a boiling pan. Make sure that the utensil you choose can hang. Place the clock arms in the middle and you are done. 


16. Shoe clock

16 Creative DIY Clocks

This clock is quite similar to the photo frame clock. You just have to position the clock in the middle of the wall and then surround it with the shoes of your liking. You can choose some of your old pretty sandals to make it look more beautiful.


17. China clock:

17 Creative DIY Clocks

You can fashion a clock for yourself by placing the adorable clock hands in the center of your favorite china dish. It is classy, and unique in every way. 


18. Book clock:

18 Creative DIY Clocks

Book clocks are quite common, yet they are extremely pretty. All you need for this clock is a book of your choice, and choose a book that is sturdy and has a pretty cover. Place the clock hands in the middle and you’re done. 


19. Plastic bowl clock

19 Creative DIY Clocks

You can surround your clock with some adorable bowls and you’ve just made a beautiful DIY clock for yourself. 


20. Clock made with toilet paper rolls

20 Creative DIY Clocks

As the name suggests, you can make this clock using some colored toilet paper rolls. 



These clocks are beautiful and they are easy to make using household supplies. But the best thing about these clocks is the imagination you use to plan and design them. If you have a knack for crafts and want to gift someone a clock, this is how you can make it. 

Creative DIY Clocks


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