20 Best Privacy Trees For Your Backyard

Last Updated on July 9, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

For the privacy of your backyard and the sake of your mind, trees are such an eco-friendly way to create some coverage. Depending on the soil and the free area of your landscape, you can prefer different species. Here we address 20 different tree species that you can use to create some privacy in your backyard!

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best plants for backyard privacy 1

1. Eastern Red cedar

1 backyard privacy trees

The Eastern Red cedar is a flowering plant that provides full coverage. The dark, aromatic wood and dense leaves will add a natural scent to your backyard and become a nice spot for local birds. The plant can reach up to 40-60 feet. It needs 3-6 hours of direct sun per day.

2. Green Giant Thuja (Arborvitae)

2 backyard privacy trees

Thujas are quite popular as backyard trees. They can grow quickly and are resistant to a multitude of climates and different diseases. With their cone-like shape, they will also add a style to your garden besides keeping the wandering eyes away.

3. Camellia Japonica

3 backyard privacy trees
Evergreen Camellia has a beautiful pink flower in spring that will add a lot of joy to your backyard. This lovely plant is not for big gardens, but it will be more than enough for small spaces. They can reach up to 12 feet.

4. Spartan Juniper

4 backyard privacy trees
If you don’t have a giant area to cover, this mid-size plant will be better for your backyard. Besides supporting your privacy, they will also block your garden from the wind. They can reach until 15 feet, and they will need at least 6-7 hours of sunlight per day.

5. Sky Pencil Holly

5 backyard privacy trees
Sky Pencil Holly is ideal for tiny areas. The mature plant reaches 8-10 feet length and 2 feet thickness. It needs at least 3-6 hours of sunlight every day.

6. Hybrid Willow Tree

6 backyard privacy trees
If you have an urgent curious neighbor situation, this one’s for you! The hybrid Willow tree is one of the fast-growing trees. It can grow 6-12 feet per year. They are very resistant to cold weather and diseases. They are also good for marshy ground as they have good drying potential for the area.

7. Zuni Crape Myrtle

7 backyard privacy trees
This one is ideal for small country backyards. Pink flowers of the Zuni bloom in summer and will add a nice color to your garden. The plant can reach up to 12 feet so that It won’t create a full coverage but some privacy.

8. Flowering Dogwood Trees

8 backyard privacy trees
These trees will create seasonal coverage for your backyard as you might prefer to cover your garden when you are sunbathing or swimming. They have a variety of nice colors, like pink, white, etc. Furthermore, you can enjoy the fruits of them.

9. Weeping Podocarpus

9 backyard privacy trees
This one is a fast-growing evergreen tree that can be used for backyard privacy. They can reach up to 35-45 feet. They can make the right candidate for a big backyard.

10. Red Oak

10 backyard privacy trees
This lovely tree will reach up to 75 feet tall when they get mature. During the fall, their leaves will turn to a beautiful orange color, which will also add a lot of romance to your backyard.

11. Leyland Cypress

11 backyard privacy trees
This evergreen tree is a very solid way to create some privacy in your backyard, especially for significant areas. They can reach 50 feet in 15 years of time. With their vast trunk, they can even block wind, snow, and noise.

12. Tulip Tree

12 backyard privacy trees
With the tulip-shaped flowers of the tree, It will create a pleasant atmosphere in your backyard. They have a fast-growing nature; however, you have to be in control of pests as they can be sensitive to them.

13. Saucer Magnolia

13 backyard privacy trees
Beautiful smell and fancy look of the magnolia can also provide you with seasonal coverage for your backyard. They can reach up to 20-30 feet.

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14. Sugar Maple

14 backyard privacy trees
These lovely trees can reach up to 60-70 feet. They will also provide you with a beautiful autumn feeling as their leaves will turn to a caramel color. It is one of the most popular backyard trees.

15. Silver Maple

15 backyard privacy trees
As silver Maple can create a lot of shady areas in your backyard, it is not only useful to stay away from particular people but also will create UV protection during hot summers. They have a full trunk.

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16. Pine Tree

16 backyard privacy trees
This is such a classic and beautiful way to cover your garden. These cute and classy trees can reach up to 12-14 feet, which makes them great candidates for a mid-size backyard.

17. Weeping Cherry

17 backyard privacy trees
This one is the most romantic way to cover unattractive views. With the pink blossoms they bloom in the springtime, this plant can reach up to 20-30 feet, which is ideal for a small to the mid-sized backyard.

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18. Goldspire Ginkgo

18 backyard privacy trees
Ginkgos are not only protective but also create a zen and nice atmosphere as they have such delicate shaped leaves. In the autumn season, those green leaves will turn to a lovely golden brown that will look very artsy!

19. American Holly

19 backyard privacy trees
This evergreen plant is perfect as a decorative plant and for coverage. During the springtime, white blooms of the tree will start to become reddish, and during the fall, they will become entirely red, which will add a lot of color to your garden. It will also invite birds to your backyard.

20. Eastern Redburn

20 backyard privacy trees
This 20-30 feet tree will provide you with seasonal coverage as there will be nice blossoms in your backyard during spring and summer.


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best plants for backyard privacy 3

As there are many more trees in the world, these are some of the top 20 trees you can use to cover your back yard. It will be glorious, and It will give you the shade and privacy you need.