20+ Ikea Hack Ideas and Designs

Ikea Hack Ideas

IKEA Hack is basically the idea of how customers can customize, modify and personalize their IKEA furniture to create more versatile furniture that suits their needs.

How to Refurbish and paint IKEA Furniture

IKEA furniture offers limited styles and colors. But a good refurbishment and a paint job will bring out the best designs and transform them into décor of your liking. Refurbishment entails joining similar or different parts of the IKEA furniture to create anew but more versatile furniture.

Painting IKEA furniture is quite an easy task. Clean and wipe the furniture before painting. Roll your first coat of primer and let dry. Apply a second coat of primer to enhance complete coverage and allow it to dry. Now gently apply the first thin layer of your topcoat and let it dry. Apply a second layer of your topcoat again to ensure complete coverage. Lastly, cover the furniture with a sealer to acquire a nice smooth finish.

1. Under the Bed Storage Hack

1 Ikea Hack Ideas 1

With two simple IKEA RIBBA frames and four caster wheels, you make a trolley under the bed box where you can store your old photos and other important papers that you don’t use often but are still important.

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2. Ikea Simple Cabinet Hack

2 Ikea Hack Ideas

Are you having problems with storage in your bedroom closet? Look at this brilliant IKEA hack by Angela Marie Made, who turned an Ikea wardrobe into modern spacious armoire.

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3. IKEA Storage Wall Hack


3 Ikea Hack Ideas

Using rails, Racks, and shelves from IKEA, the Ikea group was able come up with this gorgeous epic storage wall for their client that had issues with her closet space.

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4. IKEA Shelf Hack Idea

4 Ikea Hack Ideas

This amazing hack will transform your limited shelf space into a double closet with enough space for all your personal items.

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5. IKEA Fashion Work Space

5 Ikea Hack Ideas


Dedicate a small portion of the room for your kids. Paint the panel section then mount two floating shelves to create a wall illusion. Enhance the wall with a wire memo rack and a chair and magnetic strip where they can store their personal items.

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6. IKEA Stylish 5Media Unit Idea


6 Ikea Hack Ideas

This simple but amazing wall unit made from two Fonnes wardrobe doors and Bekvam birch stool is such a clever idea. You should definitely try it.

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7. IKEA Handy Kitchen Roll Hack

7 Ikea Hack Ideas

Transform your kitchen with this stylish and unique leather cabinet handles and a simple homemade kitchen memo. You can use this holder to store your kitchen towels or roll of foil.

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8. IKEA Basket Bespoke Lampshade Hack 

8 Ikea Hack Ideas

This clever IKEA Hack turns a simple home storage basket into a gorgeous designer looking lampshade with very minimal effort. 

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9. DIY Houseplants Display Hack

9 Ikea Hack Ideas

This is definitely among the unique IKEA Hacks. Using the IKEA Racka curtain pole as a bespoke hanging plant rail where you display all your plants.

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10. IKEA Desk with a wall storage Hack

10 Ikea Hack Ideas

This is my personal best Ikea hacks that I have seen. The Ikea Kallax shelf has been used to create an extensive storage option for all office items, including books, files, and other accessories.

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11. IKEA BILLY Bookcase Hack

11 Ikea Hack Ideas

Are you a shoe lover with too many shoes for your closet? This gorgeous Ikea Billy bookcase hack is perfect for you. It gives you extra space to store your shoes. 

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12. The Ikea Luroy Hack Idea

12 Ikea Hack Ideas

This clever Ikea hack uses the slate base of a bed and allows you show off a collection of different stuff, making your bedroom look neat and tidy.

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13. Ikea Charging station Hack Idea

13 Ikea Hack Ideas

Try out this amazing and convenient Ikea phone charging station. This elegant looking charging station is made from simple Fintorp pieces. Amazing, right?

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14. The gorgeous IKEA Necklace Rack

14 Ikea Hack Ideas

This charming DIY necklace rack, which is pretty easy to create will go a long way in ve your delicate chains and other jewelry from tangling.

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15. A built-in Dresser Hack

15 Ikea Hack Ideas

This unique and interesting hack turns awkward corners of your small bedroom into a useful built-in dresser giving you more space to store your clothes and other items.

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16. The MALM Dresser Hack

16 Ikea Hack Ideas

Give you drawers a glam look by attaching a golden contact paper on the chest of the drawers to create an amazing expensive look.

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17. The IKEA Night Table Hack

17 Ikea Hack Ideas

This classy looking night table is simply created by attaching four hairpin legs to an IKEA IKET cabinet is just a brilliant hack that you should try.

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18. Mobile Herb garden Hack

18 Ikea Hack Ideas

This eye-catching indoor mobile garden is a fantastic idea for garden lovers. You can move your cart around the house for easier watering or to catch the best patches of lighting during the day.

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19. IKEA Wrapping paper storage

19 Ikea Hack Ideas

Get your wrapping paper collection in control by getting these elegant IKEA storage tubes at just a few dollars.

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20. A simple Tiered Corner Shelf

20 Ikea Hack Ideas

Create a tiered corner shelving unit using several Ikea tables, turning a corner in your room useful where you can display photos and other works of art.

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21. Simple Ribbon Organizer

21 Ikea Hack Ideas

Avoid tangling of your ribbon collection using the simple IKEA cheap utensils caddy. 

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Try out this IKEA Hack Ideas and have fun all the way!

Ikea Hack Ideas

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