13+ Landing Lighting Ideas and Designs

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Stairway landing lighting ideas

1 Landing lighting ideas

Choosing the lighting position has a lot to offer in accentuating the design of your staircase landing. Opt for stairway lighting evenly spaced on the side of stairway steps. Appropriate switching at the bottom and top of the stairs (on the wall) has to be ensured. Pendant lights can also add shimmer to your stairway if white color lights are selected.


Upstairs landing lighting ideas

2 Landing lighting ideas


Illuminated photos/paintings heaped on a wooden bench can lead to an ensemble of wall paintings. Family trees can also be built on the stairway wall leading to upstairs landing. Modern ideas such as doing murals on ‘upstairs landing’ also adds to the design essence of the landing.


Wall landing lighting ideas

3 Landing lighting ideas

Inverted lamps can be used as a source of lighting as well as wall landing décor. Wall scones themed on ‘early London-Era lamps’ can also be fixed on the walls. Ambient lighting is always preferred here.


Narrow landing lighting ideas

4 Landing lighting ideas

Warmer lighting with low CRI is preferred. Because warm lighting will provide un-obstructed view of your space and compliment the overall design. Another option is to provide a mirror on the hallway and illuminate it from behind. Illuminating the balustrade also is a good way to brighten narrow landing lighting.


Modern landing lighting ideas

5 Landing lighting ideas

Pale yellow color scheme can be used for curtains complemented with light brown carpets. Complement this with small lamb shades and incandescent lights that pop out from the wall. Cluster lighting can be adopted between the spaces in your stairway landing.


Hallway landing lighting ideas

6 Landing lighting ideas

Wooden or metallic chairs can add to the rustic look of your hallway landing. Decorating hallway walls using illuminated painting pieces, string lights, and family tree are also innovative ideas to brighten your hallway landing.


Ceiling landing lighting ideas

7 Landing lighting ideas

Ceiling landing can be decorated using mirrors, chandeliers, wall scones, pendant lights. Track lighting can also be employed on your ceiling. Lamp baskets are also a worthwhile option to consider.


Small landing lighting ideas

8 Landing lighting ideas

Ceiling lights, Table lamps, and string lights can be used here. Certain upscale designs matching the scale of your ‘landing area’ can be used as well. Contemporary designs like 6-light pendant, Wide swirl scones, and round ceiling fixtures can be used.


Victorian landing lighting ideas

9 Landing lighting ideas

Inverted pyramid-shaped lamps, globe-shaped lamps with enclosures that cast a shadow on the ceiling, and picture/painting frames illuminated with recessed lighting are all contemporary ways to represent the Victorian era lighting.


Farmhouse landing lighting ideas

10 Landing lighting ideas

A warm-toned light source with lower CRI rating will complement the white and brown hues of your landing area. Stairways can also be designed in wrap-around styles where there is a window at the landing area. Wooden accents can be given to the handles of the stairway with recessed lighting provided on the sharp corners of stairways. Farmhouse styled chandeliers are an added variety to the overall home décor.



The lighting design of a house is incomplete without designing the lighting of the landing area. To anyone who is entering the house and deciding to take a stroll inside, landing is an unavoidable space which cannot be left empty. In the current market, ideas such as standalone centerpieces with extruded bulbs have caught on to the modern-day trends. Pebble shaped wall scones, hanging pendants, ultraviolet colored center-stands, brown and pearl-white pendants, sea-shell themed wall scones, and elongated glass tubes are some of the ways the ‘landing’ area can be decorated.

Landing lighting ideas

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