What Color Curtain Goes With Blue Walls? (25 Ideas)

Last Updated on December 2, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

If you think that choosing the color of curtains that would best match your walls is an easy feat, think again because you would find that there are many great choices that are available out there.

Choosing the best color of curtains for walls could already be daunting. What more if you are specifically choosing the best color of curtains for blue walls. 

If you are currently caught up in a dilemma of what color curtain to go for when it comes to your blue walls and its different shades, you have come to the right post because we have listed them all here for you. 

best color curtains for blue walls

25 Color Curtain Goes With Blue Walls 

So, back to the question, what color of curtains would go best with blue walls? Whatever the shade of blue we are talking about, there are specific colors of curtains that would truly pop out the best of blue shades. Hence, without much ado, let us dive straight into what this color of curtains must be. 

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1. Navy blue wall and white curtains

1 white curtain with blue wall 1
Source: Sicara Design
1 white curtain with blue wall

Of course, everything starts with the classic and homey color of white. When it comes to darker toned walls, the contrast of bright colors like white is an ideal choice.

This one here proves just how seamless white is with deep, cool colors. The entire look of this one is very neat, streamlined, airy, and calm. One would really love to stay in a room like this all day. 

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2. Navy blue curtains for grayish blue walls

2 navy blue curtain with blue wall

If you have a more complex shade of blue like this one here sporting a grayish blue wall, you can opt for bolder and deeper tones like navy blue curtains.

It is striking and stylish at the same time. Plus, the contrast of blue on blue is always a timeless choice. This look here is a prime example as to why. 

3. Striped blue curtains on sky blue walls

3 striped blue curtain with blue wall

Here is another take on a blue against blue contrast. The soft blue walls would really benefit from the color layers and the added angle of striped blue curtains.

This is one of the trendiest ways to give visual interest and tonal depth to a room without being too overwhelming or too busy looking. It all looks so cohesive. 

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4. Blue walls and taupe

4 taupe curtain with blue wall

This one is a very underrated combo when it comes to blue walls. Taupe is a neutral and organic shade that keeps the cool blue grounded when contrasted with it.

In this look, the silky look of the curtain makes the bedroom upscale and very relaxing thanks to the tonal and earthy balance of subtle blue and the taupe curtains. Overall, this one is a neat choice. 

5. Blush pink

5 blush pink curtain with blue wall
Source: Roselind Wilson Design
71yBHAvHsGL. AC SL1500

When it comes to baby colors, blue and pink never go together because they represent two poles. But when it comes to interior design, a blush pink curtain looks very up and trendy against the cool, calm, and collected shade of blue.

If you want your living space to look playful and youthful, using a blush pink curtain to embolden your blue wall is always a good idea. 

6. Dusty pink

6 dusty pink curtain with blue wall
71kEcM0okbL. AC SL1500

If you want a more formal, subdued look that would look best with powder blue walls, dusty pink curtains would be a fine choice for your living room. This one offers a neat and cohesive look with all the well-chosen elements arranged in here.

It gives off that suburban formality especially thanks to the neutrality of the pale blue walls and the warmer tone of the dusty pink curtains. It is just a phenomenal look. 

7. Light gray

81r19khP2aL. AC SL1500

There is no questioning as to the versatility of gray as a color even for window treatments like this curtain right here, working beautifully against a duck egg blue wall.

The straight and wide pleats of these light gray curtains add to the polished arrangement of this classic looking living room. It also provides a wider sense of space and a good transition for the neutral elements. 

8. Checked cream

8 checked cream curtain with blue wall

A modern farmhouse look is always a good design scheme for any living space. For one, these cream-colored checkered curtains look phenomenal against this very cool tone of blue walls.

The plaid curtains give depth, angles, and interesting visuals to a supposed plain look. It is refreshing to look at and the neutral color seamlessly works with all the elements that are here. 

9. Printed rust orange

9 printed rust orange curtain with blue wall

There is no questioning the effect of prints on curtains when it comes to the visual dynamism that they give to a room.

In this look, not only are the curtains layered with interesting prints but the rust orange color very much complements the subdued blue color of the walls. The honeycomb prints and the power combo of orange and blue are very on point in this look. 

10. Desert Orange

10 desert orange curtain with blue wall
71Pg5aVuIfL. AC SL1500

If you want a bolder flair for your living room, go for the effect of desert orange against a deep shade of blue.

Bold on bold color is an underrated choice and this complementing combo gives off that moody look and an intimate feel altogether. These blackout curtains and the color combo would work best for bedrooms and living rooms. 

11. Geometric white and midnight blue walls

61ioCo8J2cS. AC SL1500

This is another fine example of the simple yet powerful effect of white and deep colored walls like midnight blue.

In this look, we are not just talking about white curtains but of geometric printed curtains that truly add a layer to this broody living room. This combination truly keeps the room bright, cool and just very comfortable and endearing. 

12. Silvery gray curtains

7100S6bXQkL. AC SL1500

We are not yet done with the series of printed curtains against blue walls. For a boho, angled look, you should consider this silver-gray curtain. The silver herringbone pattern and the gray linen are just very angled and luxe looking.

The dark blue walls as backdrop emphasize the modern beauty of this curtain. It is perfect for those who love a contemporary or modern design scheme for their living rooms. 

13. Banana yellow

81UHzXKZ1LL. AC SL1500

Here is another trendy and playful choice to use for your grayish blue walls. Like orange, you have to know that yellow is a complementary color to blue.

The moody look of this grayish blue wall is elevated by the banana yellow, printed curtain. Individually, yellow and blue are interesting already. But together, they are just a very perfect combo and this one does not disappoint. 

14. Midnight blue walls and navy-blue curtains

14 navy blue curtain with dark blue wall
81hC1HpqwmL. AC SL1500

Dark blue against dark blue is something unorthodox and an uncharted territory but this one truly looks cozy and dramatic at the same time. It is very angled, masculine on one hand and opulently feminine on the other.

If you want to have a moody and intimate feel in your living room, this one should be on your priority list. 

15. Electric blue walls and white and blue polka dotted curtains

15 polka dot curtain with dark blue wall
polka dot curtain

There is something youthful and industrial about electric blue walls. But when you add white and blue polka dot curtains in there, it just becomes very playful and refreshing. 

This one here proves how the effect of white-dominant decorative elements could add to the collected playfulness of these electric blue walls. We love how everything works in this compact living room. 

16. Gold curtains

71jAMHvQFaL. AC SL1500

We have already established how yellow and blue are a powerful combo and the bolder yellow glow of gold curtains in this look is just oh so fine. The turquoise blue walls as backdrop emphasizes that golden glow.

If you want a fresh coastal look or a two-toned suburban living room with an informal, yet angled look, you can take inspiration from this one. 

17. Golden supernova

17 Golden supernova curtain with dark blue wall
Source: S+H Construction

And if you want to go Victorian and over the top, you can go more decorative for your curtains like this retro inspired, golden and glossy blackout curtain apt for this Victorian living room and receiving room.

The complementing gold decors and the soft blue walls offer this room a very luxurious look which cannot just be missed. 

18. Pink and blue against blue-gray walls

18 rose and navy curtain with dark blue wall
Source: LGB Interiors
81kPuntRfSL. AC SL1500

When it comes to blue walls, mixing and matching is also a fun way to keep it spruced up. For one, this modern chic living room here went for it and incorporated a pink and blue design scheme for this living room’s interior.

Anchoring the look on a blue gray wall and accentuating it with the complementing hues of blush pink and navy blue truly give it a modern vibe. Everything in this living room is on point. 

19. Sunny yellow and light teal

19 sunny yellow curtain with teal wall
Source: B.Design
81 VjTDKitS. AC SL1500

We have been accustomed to the deep shade of teal and how moody it could get. But complementing a lighter tone of teal with the color of sunshine is the brightest and funkiest combination that you could get.

The textured feel and look of the curtain plus the textured blue couch add to the dynamics of this living room. If you just want to hangout somewhere fun, this living room arrangement is enough. 

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20. Peach and blue patterned curtains

20 peach blue curtain with blue wall 1
91E5S+Z7bEL. AC SL1500

If you have a patterned blue wallpaper, it would be fitting to go for two-toned, equally patterned curtains like this one here. If you have a flair for the contemporary, wavy and trendy design scheme, this would simply not disappoint.

Working around with other patterned decorative elements keeps this bedroom a very refreshing and at the same time, a calm and youthful look. 

21. Blue flurry

21 blue flurry curtain with blue wall 1

There is no doubt as to the preference of this bedroom owner for the color blue, leading us to this blue flurry from sheets, to walls, to curtains.

The multiple blue tones and different patterns in this room give that feel of structured chaos and it works. It is a perfect arrangement for a teen’s bedroom or for anyone who wants to make a statement of personality for their living spaces. 

22. Dusty rose

71yBHAvHsGL. AC SL1500

The shades of pink against blue truly never run out. This transitional living room here exudes a lot of femininity thanks to that soft blue walls and dusty rose, floor-to-ceiling blackout curtain.

Complementing it with neutrals and some blues and pink to combine with it surely kept it clean and grounded. We love the neatness of this compact living room. 

23. See-through silver

23 silver blue curtain with blue wall 1

In this compact, urban loft, the blue gray walls are well complemented by these see-through, silver curtains. We specifically love the metallic effect of these curtains since it gives this living room an edgy and industrial flair.

On the functional side, it keeps the room lighter and airy. Other than that, one could also benefit from its all-day scenic city view thanks to the see-through nature of the curtains. 

24. Periwinkle and blue walls

24 Periwinkle blue curtain with blue wall 1

Periwinkle is something that we could consider a complex hue as it is the combination of lilac and blue.

Although a bold color, it is interestingly a versatile one but one of its best combos would be lighter shades of blue. If you want something unorthodox or a statement color, periwinkle and soft blue should be in your design list. 

25. Navy blue walls and green curtains

25 green curtain with blue wall 1

If you want to go for a deeper, organic look, another good color combination would be navy blue walls and green curtains. This one here is truly an astonishing sight.

With a scenic farm view, large windows, navy-blue walls and bright green curtains, give this one a very homey, grounded and low-key feeling. Who knew that navy blue walls would work so beautifully with bright green curtains, right? 


Aside from the list of the colors of curtains that go with blue walls, there are also some tips in choosing the best colors of curtains that go with a blue wall. As such, here are some FAQs about blue walls which you could use as reference later on. 

What are the best colors of curtains for pale blue walls? 

Blue has its own extremes and they say that pale blue walls are more challenging to complement compared to the bolder, broody ones. When working around pale blue walls, the following are considered as their default color complements: 

  • Bright white/off-white or cream
  • Beige
  • Gray
  • Yellow or gold
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Orange

How can you make a blue-walled bedroom warm? 

Blue is considered as a cool color but there are simple ways to make a blue-walled bedroom warm. One of the simplest ways is to accentuate it with warm colors for the decorative elements including window treatments.

You can also opt for a warm colored flooring or ceiling. You may also incorporate plush or quilted throw pillows and throw blankets for the living room and beddings for the bedroom as well as textured seats for the dining room. 

Is blue a good color for the living room? 

Definitely. As a matter of fact, it is considered as the favorite living room color of the US. Thanks to its calming and cool look along with its versatility when it comes to what other colors would complement it, the blue color is indeed a good color for the living room. 

What color of carpets or rugs go well with blue walls? 

Knowing what color of carpet or rugs go well with blue walls is also important since, most often than not, a full interior design would always incorporate one. To create a cohesive look for the blue-walled living space, you can accentuate it with orange, white, pink, blue, brown, gray, and cream toned carpets. 

Does a blue wall make the room larger? 

Not only do blue walls make the room larger but also brighter, especially the softer toned ones. This is the reason why the blue color is not just used for walls but particularly to trims and moldings too. Complementing it with other bright tones like whites, yellows and greens, would ultimately give a sense of space. 

Must curtains have to always touch the floor? 

When it comes to living rooms and dining rooms, yes, it is a rule of thumb that the curtains must touch the floor. This is because it makes these living spaces more elegant and stylish. Nonetheless, exploring different curtain lengths is also acceptable. Just make sure that your curtains are always two times the width of your windows for them to look fitted. 

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There is a reason why a lot of homeowners are drawn to blue walls. With its many shades, it can be complemented with the whole color wheel. However, there are just some standout colors that would emphasize how grounded blue is for walls. As one of the go-to wall colors, it is fitting to know which colors work best with it to make the room a standout living space. 

With the list that we have scored here, you now have a working idea of what colors to play around or prioritize when confronted with the dilemma of what color curtain goes with blue walls.