The 5 Best Seaside Resorts in France

Last Updated on April 10, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

French vacations are a fantasy come true! Luxury and comfort, considerate vacation details, contemporary fashionable lodgings, excellent food from the country’s finest cooks, and breathtaking scenery are all part of the package. Let’s take a closer look at which resorts in France are particularly suggested for sunbathing.

These are well-known spots along the blue Mediterranean and colourful Atlantic coastlines: Corsica Island, Nice, Cannes, Cassis, etc. The resort cities captivate their visitors with breathtaking natural landscapes, incredible beaches, and an abundance of cultural and historical legacy. A wide range of amusement choices round out the picture of an ideal nation for a beach, contemplative, and thrilling seaside vacation.

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France is not the most affordable nation in Europe. As a result, we recommend that you plan your vacation well in preparation. You must use your imagination, do some study, and seek counsel from those who have already planned comparable trips. This will allow you to save a lot of money while still having a nice time.

You should consider transportation to the lodging after buying your plane reservations. The airport in Nice, for example, is quite large. Nice airport transfers service is the most convenient method to get from Nice airport to anywhere in the city. Using airport taxi service, you will be greeted with a sign directly in the arrival area and will not have to contend with any of the public transportation options.

You’ll know the total cost of the trip by airport transfer before you arrive in Nice, so you won’t have to haggle with taxi drivers or worry about them running up the metre by driving you in circles. You can learn everything you need to know about scheduling an airport taxi in preparation.


Is there anyone who adores France and hasn’t fantasised about visiting Nice? Life appears to be an utopia on Earth here. Nice is known as the “Pearl of the French Riviera” for good reason. This establishment is a hidden treasure in the neighbourhood. Everything here is slow and favourable to rest and enjoyment. Because of the mild Mediterranean environment, you can explore Nice even in the dead of winter.

The shores here are very distinct – both public and private. Many celebrities own homes in Nice. Do you want to learn more about the lifestyles of your favourite actors? Take a Nice airport transfer and make your way to the Promenade des Anglais.

In Nice, you’ll be welcomed with delectable Mediterranean-style meals like veggie ratatouille, salade niçoise with anchovies and tuna, and fish soup Bouillabaisse. Nice is also a fantastic destination for fresh shellfish.


Film enthusiasts are likely aware that Cannes holds a yearly film festival. Famous individuals from around the globe visit here. Come in May, book an airport transfer and you might run into some of your favourite performers and producers near the Palais des Festivals.

However, the film festival is not the only cause to visit Cannes for a vacation. Cannes used to be a tiny seaside town in Provence, surrounded by the enchanting Mediterranean Sea and the mountainous Esterel area.

It is now an opulent retreat frequented by the world’s wealthiest individuals. It has a port where costly contemporary yachts of the greatest calibre can be found. Here are the finest spots on the French Riviera. In the evening, you can hire an airport taxi to come here and view fireworks on the shore, which is common in this area.


Deauville is another popular location for celebs and millionaires. This small village on the Atlantic shore is known as the Pearl of Normandy. Deauville is the nearest seashore (i.e. oceanic) resort to Paris, so it is often referred to as the Paris Riviera or Côte Fleurie (Flower Island).

It is now one of France’s most renowned destinations. It has a harbour where the most luxurious vessels can always be seen. In addition, Deauville holds a yearly film event. Beautiful hotels, and opulent mansions – Deauville is worth a visit just to stroll the streets and admire the architecture. So, reserve AtoB airport taxi and drive here. The shores here are vast and sandy, and the water is cold – it is, after all, the ocean.


Another tiny hamlet on the Cote d’Azur in Provence that has grown into a popular resort. Cassis is situated near Marseille. You can easily get here directly from the airport using AtoB airport transfer. This is an enchanting spot where you can see everything: the breathtaking majesty of the sea, the cedar forest, the Cape Canaille rocks, and the fragrant vineyards. Cassis is well-known for its white wines, which are regarded as the finest in Provence.


Corsica will undoubtedly capture your heart. Do you recall the Corsicans and, in particular, Napoleon Bonaparte? Corsica is a location of brave people who have repelled assaults and fought pirates for a long time. It’s also an island with breathtaking natural beauty, with rocks, water, sand, peaceful harbours, and breathtaking vistas.

It’s worth visiting to appreciate the Mediterranean Sea, relax on an opulent shore, and sample…. meat. It may surprise you, but this seaside island is famous for its meat dishes, including sausages, veal, and even wild boars. Go to this place by airport taxi and try the stewed wild boar with vegetables and chestnuts. The dish will go well with a glass of red wine. You will be served sheep or goat cheese for dessert. We also suggest sampling some jams produced locally.

Most travellers have dreams of visiting French resorts. Everyone yearns to visit the seashore, which is understandable given that countless testimonials from the fortunate few who have been here demonstrate how breathtaking it is. France’s resorts are perfect for family vacations.

In addition to beaches and accompanying leisure options (golf clubs, casinos, night clubs and discos), French seaside resorts also provide health care procedures that, in the opinion of visitors, make them feel better in the case of a variety of, sometimes quite serious disorders.