20+ Toilet Paper Holder Ideas and Projects

Last Updated on November 23, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

How high should toilet paper holders be?

As per standard guidelines globally, the height needs to be 26 inches above the ground level. This measurement means the centre of the holder needs to be 26 inches above the ground level. 

How to install toilet paper holders?

Apart from aesthetic quotient, a standard holder is 26 inches above the ground level. Select a sweet spot at a comfortable distance of 8 to 10 inches from the toilet and mark the area you wish to install it in.

Now use brackets or clamps and install the toilet paper rods. You might need to drill a bit but make sure you use screws to ease the process of removal at a later stage.

How to remove the toilet paper holder?

Since we use screws and brackets, you would need a screwdriver to unscrew and remove the brackets of the toilet walls. 

Where to put toilet paper holders?

As discussed, the centre of the holder needs to be 26 inches above floor level and at a distance of 8 inches from the toilet to make it accessible. 

Here are the 20 toilet paper holder ideas you need to know:

1). Multipurpose:

1 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

This one allows you to place your mobile phone as well. 


2). The handcuff:

2 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

Rustic and creative, this toilet paper holder is all you need to enhance your toilet’s look.


3). The branch:

3 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

Another brilliant idea for you to place your toilet papers. A Good way to give back to its source – the tree.


4). Tic-tac-toe:

4 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

How creative and beautiful is this? Get rid of your phones for a while and play this game while you are in the loo. 


5). The bag:

5 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

This holds many rolls at a time. A Good way to save space as well.


6). The toilet man:

6 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

Haha we can’t stop laughing at this creative genius of a toilet paper holder idea.


7). The animal:

7 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

This is another that has us cracked upon first sight. 


8). The simple one:

8 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

This holder is so simple and elegant, we don’t need much drilling into the walls. 


9). The zig-zag holder:

9 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

Holds many in one and gives the toilet a rustic look.


10). Triangle:

10 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

This one provides space for some simple decor to enhance the look of toilet paper.


11). Standalone:

11 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

This one can house a mini-book, mobiles and of course toilet papers. What’s more? No drilling required. 


12). The magazine cum toilet paper holder:

12 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

Perfect for any toilet. Read your way through and don’t bother about creating a mess on your toilet walls.


13). Perpendiculars:

13 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

This one is for storing more for later. Well designed. 


14). The hanging man:

14 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

Yet another creative one. If Superman had competition, this was it!


15). The basket:

15 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

This basket keeps the rolls safe and can hold towels too. 

16). Grounded:

16 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas 1


This basket is placed on the ground to avoid drilling and can hold up to half a dozen toilet paper rolls.


17). The cute shelf:

17 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

Enhanced with some creativity, this shelf is the cutest thing you will see in your toilet.


18). The treasure chest:

18 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

If you have minimal space in your toilet, try DIY this rustic chest that can house close to a dozen toilet papers. Easily accessible as well.


19). The space-saver:

19 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

This one is again designed for smaller toilets where walls aren’t an option for holding toilet papers. This shelf is so well crafted utilising the space available brilliantly. 


20). The rustic holder:

20 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

Use old tin sheets, make a magazine bucket and hang your roll to its handle. A simple DIY holder that looks very impressive. 


We believe toilet papers are supposed to be at an accessible distance while you are in your seat. However, some of these ideas are so brilliant that they help save space and exalts the look of your toilet, we couldn’t help sharing it with you.

20 Toilet paper holder ideas