20+ Cheap and Easy DIY Projects That Will Vastly Improve Your Home

If you are planning to improve the conditions of your home without consulting anyone else, well here you have the 20 cheap and easy do it yourself tasks which you can to do enhance the condition of your home.

1. Build a wainscoting

So, if you want your walls to look decent and changed than before, you certainly can do this by buying frames from a craft store and then you can paint them according to the color of your walls. So that they match perfectly with it.


2. Peel-and-stick tiles at the service to cover leaked-on-cabinets

Like every other household you may also have any damaged or leaked-on cabinet bottoms, well here is the fun fact that they can be covered by just a little action. What you can do is get some peel-and-stick tiles and use them to cover up the leakage. The tiles are capable enough to sort out your situation without anyone else’s help.


3. Give your living room sofa a fresh look by re-stuffing the cushions

It is quite noticeable that after some years the sofa’s in your house leave their actual shape. You can give them a new look just by re-stuffing the cushions of the sofa. To do so you need to open up the zips and stuff the cushions with cotton or any other material.


4. Customize the address plate into a planter

The scarcity of the plants is getting more day by day, you can use your address plate to gain some environmental benefits. Just take your address plate, drill it a bit and customize it in such a way that a plant can grow.


5. You can coat kitchen countertop into an expensive stone

It’s obvious that everyone can’t afford an expensive countertop kitchen stone, so what you can do is that you can coat your countertop to make it look much more mesmerizing.

Source: thespruce.com, amazon

6. Make your dining room table same as new

The dining table gets rough after a while, you can change the dynamics of your dining table and make it new in no time. Some of the modifications can turn the table into a new one.


7. Utilize copper pipes and fittings to make curtain rods

Copper pipes serve several purposes but using them as curtain rods and fittings is just one of those. You can cut the copper pipe into the required length for your ease and purpose.


8. Change the old air grill with new attracting metal sheet

The air grill doesn’t come with such attractive patterns, so what you can do is replace your old boring air grill with any of the metal sheet you like from the hardware store nearby.


9. Make vents colorful with spray paint

The vents become dusty in a very short time period, to tackle the dirty looking vents you can just remove them off and then spray them with a preferable paint.


10. Use hooks instead of rods

Replacing the rod in the closet with hooks can literally attract guests to hang up their coats on it. You just need a little effort to change the rod with hooks to make it catchy.


11. Caulk and repaint your moldings to maintain their look

The cracked moldings surely take the spark out of a room, so caulking the cracks and repainting them can surely give your moldings and room a perk.


12. Install vintage shutter on a bookcase

To make your bookcase an eye catcher, you can add vintage shutters to it. Vintage shutters will give it a unique look like never before.

13. Use square molding to make mirror beautiful

A mirror without a frame usually gives an untidy look, in this situation you can use a square molding to frame the mirror at home. You can frame it in no time, and give it a pretty look.


14. Use Glue tiles around the mirror

If not the molding frame, then you can use glue tiles to stick them around the mirror to give it an antique look. Sticking the tiles with glue consumes very less time.


15. Customize closet doors with hang mirrors

When talking about mirrors, there are multiple options. You can hang mirrors on your bifold closet doors to watch yourself put on the attire and clothes.


16. Tackle dirt of shoes with pebble tray

Dirty and rainy shoes from outside destroy the floor in no time. So, you can create a pebble tray to keep those shoes at the right place.


17. You can use a bookcase as a headboard

Don’t let your bookcase just serve one purpose, use it as a headboard to give yourself comfort. Utilizing it in such a way takes very few moments.

18. Enhance the charm of your balcony with a bar

You can utilize your kitchen countertop piece and table legs to create an amazing bar on your balcony to have a beautiful sight.


19. Utilize quarter-round molding to make glass shelving

You can create glass shelving with quarter-round molding to avoid any causality created due to poor shelving of the glass in future.


20. Use curtains to make your shower look like a window

If you are fond of taking long showers, two curtains can create a window like shower for you and it can certainly please you with decency.


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