15 Bloody Halloween Nails So Terrifying That They Will Scare Even Your Manicurist

The month of October is known for Halloween parties and it is normal to see supermarkets and shopping centers decorated with Halloween motifs. If you are one of those girls who love this celebration, you may like to decorate your nails to match the spirit of the season.

If you are not that fanatical but you like to be fashionable, then you can try some of the bloody nail ideas that you will see below. Some are so chic that they do not seem designed for Halloween , you will only need a red blood enamel and use your skills or take the photo to your favorite manicurist.

1. A reason to scream

2. Spill a few drops on a black background

3. Look for a finer finish

4. Or it may seem that you just fought with someone

5. Heart tips and spots

6. Blood red tips and nude base

7. Splash your nails with confidence

8. Drops of blood on a metallic background

9. It can be magical blood of glitters

10. The nails you need to make spells

11. Draw a small hand to give it a special touch

12. For lovers of stiletto

13. You can also draw a bloody claw

14. Help!

15. Or smear your perfect French


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