4 Space Saving Tips for Small Bathrooms

Last Updated on November 25, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Find ways to maximize space in a cramped bathroom. These bathroom decorating tips will help create extra storage space in even the smallest bathroom.

Bathrooms, especially in older homes or rental units, can be small or strangely shaped. Luckily for homeowners or renters, there are many ways to maximize space in a small bathroom.

Use an Eterge

1 space saving tips for small bathrooms

An easy way to save space in a bathroom is to make use of wall space. An eterge, or etarge, is a tall shelving unit that often has space on its lower half to go up and over the back of a toilet. Eterges can be found in materials like wood or metal, and can be priced anywhere from $50 to $300. Some ways to use an eterge:

  • No linen closet? Roll or fold extra towels and place on an eterge shelf.
  • Create counter space. Use an eterge shelf for a toothbrush holder, soap dish or dispenser, and to hold toiletry items.
  • To complete a light cottage-style bathroom, opt for a crisp white wooden eterge. Chrome wire will give the space a modern, industrial feel. A dark wood eterge will provide a rich, elegant look to the bathroom.

Maximize Floor Space with a Shelving Unit

2 space saving tips for small bathrooms

When shopping for a bathroom shelving unit, make sure to choose one that suits the room’s scale. Many stores offer shelving units that are tall but with a small footprint, allowing users to maximize wall space without taking up precious floor space.

Shelves can serve as impromptu cupboards and cabinets if a bathroom does not have any. Use these shelving units to store extra towels and washcloths, makeup mirrors, and as storage for paper products.

Wall Racks and Over-the-Door Hooks

3 space saving tips for small bathrooms

Like standard shelving units, wall racks and shelves can be used to create extra storage space in a bathroom. Maximize wall space by hanging a wall rack to hold toiletries and paper products, and place a set of bars or hooks under it to hang towels.

Over-the-door hooks offer an instant space-saving storage solution. Available in styles to suit any bathroom’s decor, these hooks can hold as many as eight towels at once without using an inch of floor or wall space.

Corner Bathroom Shelving

4 space saving tips for small bathrooms

Corners are spaces that often get overlooked when it comes to decorating. Use shelving units or cabinets designed specifically for corners to get the most out of these spaces. These units can be used to store anything from medications to linens to paper products.

Avoid making a small bathroom feel like a storage closet by adding a handful of decorative touches:

  • Roll up guest towels and place them in a basket or in a colorful canvas bin.
  • Place one or two simple accessories on the top of an eterge or other shelving unit: a small vase; an old-fashioned alarm clock; a framed vintage advertisement.

With a few carefully-chosen pieces, a small bathroom can be configured to maximize space and get organized.

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